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Spring training 2011: Placido Polanco hurts elbow – ESPN

It’s just a day-to-day thing I think,” Polanco said. “When I’ve had it before, I never stopped playing. But since I had surgery, they took me out.

“Ummmm”. Does anyone have Jon Daniels on speed dial? I know the Phils are afraid Michael Young contract he is owed 48 million for the next couple of years but they might really need to start cracking at it right now. Rangers really could use some depth in there rotation so Blanton and prospects Colvin or Cosart for Young? I know they going to need the Rangers to eat some money though. With Utley and now Polly hurting this has to scare Amaro and i know he will never admit that. You can not take the Phils word for it either that Polly is just “day to day”, he just had surgery on that elbow. Remember Utley was just sore from “lifting weights”. You can not go into a season with your 2 hole and 3 hole hitters in the air along with 5 hole hitter being a question mark. Not with these expectations on this team. I think the Rangers would like to move him quick before his 10 and 5 kicks in. When has the right to veto any trade. Chris Davis might help the Rangers pain moving Young with his strong spring so far. With them trying to move Feliz to rotation, now they do not have a closer. So with Blanton there they solve that problem. I think my buddy has Daniels on speed dial. He works for AT&T




This is my first blog into the blogging world. I will be talking about all four major sports mostly Philly sports and what ever other stupid stuff might come up for my followers which is exactly one. Thanks Shawny!!! At times I really don’t know which one is my favorite. Please exuse my grammer at times because it sucks. I would like to thank my grade school B.V.M for that. Last thing, I promise not to get into a fight at any Phils game this year and get thrown down five rows of seats by a 40 year old construction worker. Well the landing should be softer this time considering its not the VET!! 15 minutes of fame baby!!