Monthly Archives: April, 2011

Sixers Chances

 When it comes to down to Sixers playing you know they will go down swinging. We have learned that much from them this year. There is a toughness to this team that people are starting to realize and enjoy from them. It starts with Collins, he brings so much energy  and positive attitude to them everyday they walk in that gym. He actually texts every player after a game to see where they are at mentally. He does fablous job of relating to the guys.

  One reason why I like the Sixers chances are kind of like I said earlier they don’t care about the name on the back of the other teams jersey they just play. They have advantage at point guard with Holiday. The Heat point guards are Bibby and Chalmers. Bibby is to slow to guard Holiday and he still can knock down a shot or two but he just does not have the same effect on the game anymore. Chalmers is not a bad player but he has been injured alot this year. Holiday is better talent than him.

 Second is our bench. With Thad and Lou I honestly don’t think there is another team in  the NBA that can bring that much fire power off the bench. Both them will finish in the top five in voting for sixth man award this year. Thad brings his rentless attitude and just attacks the rim. He is an offseason away on working on his jump shot from being an all-star. Lou is flat out scorer. He uses his craftness and his quick for step to scorer. He has one of the best pump fakes in the league catching guys off balance almost every time. Thanks Andre Miller! And hopefully Turner and Noci can give them soild minutes off the bench. I think they will.

  Then there is Wade and LeBron. Superstars make a huge difference in playoff time. The key is let Lebron get his but stop Wade. I know it is easier said then done. But from what I have seen this year is when you stop Wade you stop the Heat. Oh ya, there is Bosh too. Well like Durant said “Bosh is the fakess tough guy in the league”. I could not agree more. I think Sixers have the advantage there also. I would take Brand over Bosh anyday of the week. Brand is just hard-nose oldschool player that is perfect for the playoffs. Sixers stop Wade this could get interesting if not Miami will roll.