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Quick Tuggs


               With Plax going to the Jets day you can cross him off your list for the Eagles. Plax was asking for a 1 year deal worth 3 mill and was going to any team that offered that to him and the Jets did. Eagles have more of a need for a veteran  LB anyway. As I said before Nick Barnett is still out there and the Seahawks just cut Lofa Tatupu. Tatupu a 3 time Pro Bowler has nagged by injuries the past couple of seasons. He is just 28 years old. He is a very solid tackler and is decent cover guy and would bring veteran leadership to that position. 


                With Hunter Pence in the fold. There are talks that they are still in on Heath Bell. Bell is very good closer and it is always nice to have another extra bullet in the pen. I don’t see this happening after giving up our top hitting and pitching prospect already but never say never with Amaro. Also Giambi or Thome are rumored to come here in a Matt Stairs role for the Phils. Personally I would love to see Thome back here with a chance to win a ring. Thome is the one who started this love affair with the Phils when he decided to sign here back in 2003 putting the Phils back on the map in this city. Two hours left  and counting for the deadline. tic tic……..


P.S. Ooooo! Hmmm. I must be high. J-Roll just bunted for a base hit. Must be.

Eagles the “Dream Team”

        Joe Banner said about week or two ago that the eagles where going to be aggressive. Well aggressive might be to light of a word to say for them. More like full throttle. In a whirled wind of moves in the past couple days has the Eagles as the center of attention in the NFL. During Howie Rosemans press conference today a reporter asked him if he thought they had enough money uner the cap to spend  and would they try to do another move if they had it. Howie said “ask Joe about that”. Banner was standing in the back of the room as the reporter turned around to ask him he yelled “hell yes!” Wow. I truely believe that Banner is sick of taking a back seat to the Phillies in this town.

         So in comes Nnamdi for 5 years for 60 mill. With Nnamdi, DRC and Samuel that is easily the best secondary in the league and maybe in Eagles history. Nnamdi stats don’t jump out at you. He has a total of 3 picks in the last 3 seasons. Simply because QBs don’t even look his way. Quarterbacks had rating against him of 66.0 when throwing his way last season. He is a special talent he can play either cover two or press coverage. Has the speed to recover on almost any play. He also brings toughness that the Eagles lacked last year in the secondary. Samuel actually held quarterbacks to a 31.7 rating while throwing against him last season. DRC had 92.5 QB rating against him. In all fairness to DRC, that Arizona team to was a mess from top to bottom last year.

         We all knew about Babin coming in and I wrote about him earlier in the week. The Eagles still needed a DT who could supply pressure up the middle. Your anwser is Cullen Jenkins for 5 years 25 mill. Jenkins is known for being one of the most relentless pass-rushing defensive tackles in the league. And he is versatile enough to slide on the outside for a few snaps. He has been little injury-prone but when healthy he is a Pro Bowler. Right after the signing of Jenkins the Eagles sent Bunkley to the Browns for 5th round pick. Bunkley fell out of favor with Andy last year with his lack luster play. Overall the former first round pick was a disappointment in his Eagles career. With Jenkins in the fold Bunkley became expendable.

          Just when you think they don’t have anymore moves they quietly slip Vince Young through the back door of the Nova Care Center.  With a one year contract. Young a “Vick Clone” will bring a interesting skill set to the backup spot. Much like when Vick joined them 2 years ago Andy thinks he can fix the talented but troubled star. And why not? We saw what he did with Vick it could be done again with Young. With the available backups at there, Young easily had the most upside and only being 28 years old. He has been to the Pro Bowl twice and is 30 and 17 as a starter. Most likely Andy will make some packages up for him to be involved in especialy in the red zone. We all know that Andy loves his trick plays. And VY is the man who named the Eagles the “Dream Team”.

         Ok, now I want Nick Barnett roaming the middle of the field for me. I will sign him. Also Plaxico Burress for my redzone offense. Wait!  What? I am not playing My Madden Franchise?  I could of swore……


       Well, where to start. In one the craziest nights ever in Philly sports history Amaro got his man that he wanted all along in Hunter Pence. Phils gave up there top hitting prospect in Jonathan Singleton .282 with 9 bombs and 47 rbi and top pitching prospect Jarred Cosart 9-8 with 3.92 ERA in 20 games. Both are in Clearwater. Phils are also sending two prospects to be named later. Singleton is ranked 41 and Cosart is ranked 43 in baseball america top 50 prospects. So the phils did give up some talent but this trade is about now and the future.

      Hunter will become a fan favorite pretty quickly here with his all out style of play. He plays much like Utley does with his hair on fire. He is only 28 and is under contract thru the 2013. He will bring much needed balance to a team when most nights teams just need to bring in a lefty specialist to face them late in games. His numbers are .309 with 11 bombs and 62 rbi to go along with 7 stolen bases. Also has a slugging percentage of .472. He is batting .281 with 2 bombs and 16 rbi against lefties in 96 abats. A big key in this deal was that Phils did not have to give up Brown or Worely. As of early friday, the Astros where insisting on having pitcher Jesse Biddle the Phils first round pick from last year draft in the trade reported by Jason Stark. As usual Amaro works his magic again. Thanks Eddie. Also the Phils got 1 million dollars in the trade to stay under the luxary tax. Pence is owed 2.2 mill the rest of the way. Leaving them room if they wanted to add another player. Thanks Eddie.

      With Pence the under contract for next few seasons the Phils are set with Vic, Brown and Pence in the outfield. Most likely Brown will move to leftfield next year with Raul contract up because the Phils want to keep Pence in rightfield. You might see them send Brown down to the minors so he still can get his abats with Mayberry staying up. He would be back in September. They don’t want to use him as a platoon player they want him playing everyday. I would not be surprised to see them let go of Ben Francisco now. He does not fit here anymore. With Polly on a rehab assignment and he could be back at the start of next week if all goes well. Everything seems to be falling into place for the them now. Thanks Eddie.

     Last and foremost I would like to thank our best general manager we have ever had Mr. Ed Wade. For sending us Hunter Pence, Roy Oswalt, Brad Lidge and about 14 million dollars. And for taking Brett Myers, Geoff Geary and Jason Michaels. I wonder if Michaels is still dying his hair bleach blonde? Is Myers still married? Well at least we gave you Michael Bourn. Thanks Eddie


Phillies closer to Pence

Ken Ronsethal Is reporting that th Phils are getting closer to obtaining Hunter Pence. As of right now the trade does not include Domonic Brown. Which is a very big plus if this trade goes down this way. Come on Eddie, I promise that Ruben will have a job waiting for you after the season. I swear especially if you eat the rest of the money about 3 million. It will be a 5 year contract for you for 3 mill. Click on the link and check it out!

‪Dominique Rodgers Cromartie Highlights‬‏ – YouTube

Well its finally went through . Kolb for DRC and 2 round pick. Here is some highlights with some tunes with it. Check it out!!

Eagles backup QB?

     With Kolb sitting outside of Arizona practice just waiting for the gate to be open. With Kafka not ready to be the backup the question now for the Eagles is who will be there backup? Maybe Vince Young, Bulger, Gradkowski, or dare i say Brett Farve??? Here are some options:

     -Vince Young would be the most interesting and has the most upside of the bunch. Yes he is a head case at times well maybe most of the time. But we all know Andy loves projects. With Young just being 28 years old and with his skill set Andy would loved to dive in head first in this project. You would think right? Eagles do well with teaching quarterbacks since Big Red has been here. Vince actually had his best stat year last season with 10 touchdowns and 3 picks. Also had a quarterback rating of 98.6 in just 9 games in which he started 8 of them. Do you want a project as a backup?

    -Marc Bulger would make the most sense and the move I would make. He has always been underrated. With him having prior success and being veteran he seems like a perfect fit here. He has 84.4 career quarterback rating with a 64.1 comp percentage. Which is solid numbers that you like to see in a backup. He actually would be older version of Kolb. With his quick release and accuracy. Question is that does he think he can still get a starting job out there? I don’t think he can but plenty of teams are always looking for an upgrade at QB.

     -Bruce Gradkowski is west coast system guy playing it under Gruden at Tampa. He has never been more than just backup. He would be more of fill in the gap guy for a year until the Eagles think Kafka is ready for that role. Not really crazy about him. has a career 65.9 quarterback rating. Has never thrown more than 9 touchdown in a season. Could maybe fill in for game or two because of the Eagles weapon around him. Can move a little bit in the pocket.

     -Brett Favre. Ok dare I say it. In all honesty he would never taken on a backup role his ego is to big for that even if he has good relatioship with Andy. Well he might change his mind if the Eagles could put a peep hole in there cheerleaders locker room like the VET used to have. We all know Farve likes to have his boys all out. I know that was a cheap shot but could not help myself.

      A few other names are out there Chris Simms, David Carr, Todd Collins, Matt Moore ect. None of them in which catch my eye. Hey is A.J. Feely out there?

Eagles bring back Babin

       The Eagles have signed Defensive End Jason Babin to a 5 year contarct reported 30 mill. It was first reported by Jay Glazer of Fox Sports. Babin is a solid signing and will help to take some pressure off of Cole who tends to where down as the season goes on. The key was Washburn who made Babin into a pro bowler last season. With Washburn here you should see better results overall with the defensive line. Though they still need help at DT. Cross Haynesworth off the list he was traded to the Pats this morning. I would haved loved to see Haynesworth with Washburn again. How about Cullen Jenkins? Had 7 sacks in just 11 games last year.

        Babin had 12.5 sacks last year and had 2 FF. He played in 60 percent of the snaps last year for the Titans. Cole played in 89 percent for the Eagles. Cole’s number will most likely come down this year. In other birds news Howard Eskin is reporting that only thing left for the Kold trade is that he works out contract with Arizona. All signs pointing for it to be done today. So someone tell the Eagles website that they can put DRC jersey back up. My daughter needs a new jersey.


Phils Bullpen

         With all the talk of the Phils trying aquire a righthanded bat,I am still hearing calls for another bullpen option. I just don’t get all the talk for another arm. I know the Phils have had alot of injuries in the pen this year especially in the back end. With having three different closers this year Madson, Bastardo and Contraes. And what is amazing is that they have combined to go for 30 saves and just 1 blown save.                                                                                                                                        Madson is just back from the DL and he looks in midseason form as he never missed a beat. And his ninth inning mind games are a thing of the past. Bastardo and Stutes have been so impressive.They come in fearless and ready to face any challenge thrown there way. Both have very good fastballs and just as good sliders. With Lidge, Contraes and Madson all on the DL at the same time the kids came in and said “we got this”. Well Bastardo’s was most likely said in spanish. Man I like taco’s. Focus Joseph! Also Contreras is on his way back feeling better everyday. 

        With Lidge coming back this week and looking good also just gives the them more bullets in the pen. Perz has even looked solid in the few chances he has gotten.Once the playoffs start Kendrick and Worely will be in the pen. Some may argue about Worley  but if Oswalt is health he will get the node over him because of his past playoffs peformances. Speaking of Oswalt he is making a rehab start tonight for the Iron Pigs. He was clocked at 91mph which is a good sign. With Madson, Stutes, Basterdo, Lidge, Perez, Worley and Contreras making his way back they will have a very solid bullpen.  And all honesty with Halladay, Lee, Hamels and Oswalt on the rubber do really need to worry about a bullpen? Really? So Mike Adams, Heath Bell and Brandon League I am not wasting my prospects on you!


Chase Utley’s inside-the-park homerun

Here is Utley’s inside the park homerun. Just in case you missed it. Vintage Utley. Just click on the link.

‪Chase Utley making fun of Wheeler

Even Utley likes to take shots at Chris Wheeler. That is why Philly loves him so much. It is always fun taking shots at Captain Obvious! Chase you are the man!