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History Time: Germany Schaefer, Who?



    I am at work today just sitting there talking sports (not doing my job) with my co-workers, my one buddy brings up Ty Cobb out of nowhere. Cobb is probably the biggest asshole ever in any sport. We were talking how he used to choke guys and girls out during games. Always sliding with his spikes up and punching umps in the face. He also was a big-time racist. Then my buddy said to me there was this dude who used to steal first base on purpose back in the early 1900’s. How in the hell can you steal first base? Well, you are about to find out.

    His name is Germany Schaefer, the original Chad Johnson/ Ochocinco. His offical name is Herman A. Schaefer . He played in the MLB from 1901-1918 with the Chicago Orphans, Detroit Tigers, Washigton Senators, Newark Peppers, and the New York Yankees. He was not much of  a player only hit a career .257 with 9 homeruns and 201 stolen bases. He was more known for his tricks on the field. A common thing was back then if there was a guy on first and third they would try a double steal to score the guy from third. Not uncommon from today’s game really. So one game back in 1911 (yes,1911) Germany was on first, he took off running hoping to draw a throw from the catcher so the guy from third could score. The catcher never threw down to second. Since it did not work Germany got this idea he was going to steal first base in reverse and he did. So what he does next is steal second again this time drawing a throw down and the runner scores from third. Man, this dude is awesome! The Washington Post reported that he tried it a few more times in his career but did not succeed. They actually put the rule 7.08i in that you could not steal first base anymore and you would be called out in 1920.

   He was always out there doing something crazy. He used to go to the plate with a umbrella in his one hand and a bat in the other if it was drizzling out. He would were a rain coat and galoshes during games to get them canceled. He supposely would wear them the entire game at times. This dude really was the ‘Ochocinco” of that era. He is the inspiration of MGM musical “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. To top it off he changed his name from Germany to Liberty when the US declared War on Germany during World War One. Told you he was Ocho Cinco. Man, he would have been fun to watch. Thanks to my buddy Mike Tait for contributing to this story.



JVR Extended By Flyers



     Flyers have signed JVR to contract extension, 6 years worth 25.5 million. Coming off a playoff performance in which he was easily there best player on the ice. He looks to be a prime candidate for a breakout season this year. He seems to be on the same path that Giroux was on when he had a great playoff performance a couple of years ago, that carried into his next season.

   Until the playoffs started JVR would just show us glimpses of what he could do. He would show off his speed at times but never really use his body well. He would come down off the rush and basically just shoot a weak wrist shot at the net. Then something clicked for him. Easily could have been something as little as beating someone to a loose puck and scoring using his body to do so. When he uses his body and speed you can see what made him the second overall pick in 2007. Which was very evident in these prior playoffs. He was the strongest and the fastest with the puck for the Flyboys. He had 7 goals in 8 playoff games. His cap hit will be 4.5 mill a year. If he turns out to be what everyone thinks he will be, can you say STEAL?  STEAL! There I said it.

Cote gives thanks to all Flyers Fans

Riley just wanted to say thanks to all Flyers fans out there. And everybody knows we love our ” Old-Time” hockey around here. So what the hell, lets watch Cote beat the piss out of some peeps!

Vick gets PAID! 6 years, 100mill. 40mill guaranteed.



        Three years ago at this time Vick was just looking for a job anywhere in the league. Fresh out of jail with his mentor on his right (Dungy) and the Commish on his left (Goodell) guiding him where to go. Well, we are not aloud to say that Goodell was on his left because that is against the RULES. Vick already said that Goodell helped him out in a GQ mag article. Come on now, you know that the Commish did not want him to go the Raiders, Bengals or another team like that. Especially with all his baggage he had with him. They needed him to go to a stable franchise.

         Could he have gone to the Pats, Steelers or even the Colts? Maybe, but did they really need him or want to take on the media circus with signing him. All three of them are what I would call a STABLE franchise. I guarantee when he came out of jail that most of the teams thought about signing him, considering that is when the ‘WILDCAT’ started trending in the NFL. They would be lying if they said they were not even a little interested. 

        Then here comes the Eagles swooping in. It seemed right from the start that this is where Dungy and Goodell wanted Vick to land. With the Eagles always having a good reputation with players and the way they hold them to a high standard. So it was a match made in HEAVEN. Knowing Andy had a soft spot for people trying to get a second chance on life, considering the way his sons were at that time. Always in the news for drugs, speeding, and even carrying a guns. Andy, took Vick in with open arms. Then two years later he was watching Vick put up MVP numbers. Vick had a passer rating of 100.2, threw for 3,018 yards with 21 touchdowns, all are career highs. Also had 9 rushing touchdowns and 676 yards on the ground. All of this was done in just 12 games last year.

        Of course there are always a risk when you give out a contract like that to anyone but he has grown so much as a leader. He has learned to be QB first and a runner second. We all know how good he is once he is out of the pocket. Now that he is going through his first, second, and third option before he takes off running that is what makes him SPECIAL. He has become a pure quarterback.  Eagles are ‘ALL IN” and I am “ALL IN’. So let’s go get that RING!!



Quick Tuggs: Jamie Moyer/ Eagles Cheerleader. Yes Sir!



 – Jamie Moyer will give baseball one more try as he starts his rehab from Tommy-John surgery today, reported first by Todd Zolecki. He last pitched in 2010 going 9-9 with 4.84 ERA in 19 starts. The man is 49 years old now, but who the hell is going to tell him he can’t do this. I know I won’t say a damn thing about him. He is a big reason why we won 2008. He is only 33 wins from 300. Go get them bro! 

 – Hamels is making his first start since Aug 12th when he went 5 innngs giving up 3 runs, striking out 5 but with 4 walks. Cole actually has been in my opinion the best pitcher this year for the Phils. He should have about three or wins this year. He has only given up 4 runs or more only 3 times all season long.  Back in June he took back to back losses with going 7 innings/plus while only giving up 2 earned runs in each game. Cy Young Stats to me bro. People like to say he is not the “PHILLY’ type. That not “PHILLY” type brought you a ring. ENOUGH SAID!




  – With the season upon us within a week and half, with fantasy football draft’s dancing in our heads. Why not check out a Eagles cheerleader eating a cupcake in her underwear it will saves us from  going on the computer  later when everyone else is a sleep. Check her out on this site Ya BOY!!

  – Also in other good news today Maclin and Steve Smith  practiced again for the third straight day. Both were reported to look very well out there. Smith practice in full pads and ran smoothly with no apparent problems with his knee. Now if only we can save Vick’s life. With the move of Todd Herremans to the RT spot I believe that will help out. Todd is athletic enough to slide to the outside and he is very durable. He is one of the most underrated offensive linemen in the NFL. 

 – Eagles have named rookie Jason Kelce as there starting center. With him and fellow rookie Danny Watkins starting at RG there is a little bit of a risk considering that is Vick’s blindside. That is why moving Herremans to RT was a smart move. I have seen enough of Dunlap, he is a monster but he moves like he is 90 years old.

Hamels Drops a Deuce on the VMA’s



     I know this is pretty random with this one but something really bothers me about this dumbass show. I don’t know if its what the performers wear or what they say. Well I guess its a little bit of both that drives me nuts.

     So let me get this straight, if I get some of my clothes and staple them all together then go out wear them that is statement right? Or maybe just wakeup straight out of bed and just come out like that right? I hear that is stylish. I am definitly out of my element with this but these ‘STARS” out there look completely whacked out of there minds. Let’s watch Lady Ga Ga come out in another meat suit. If I wanted to see some meat I would just go and take a piss.  Another beef (Yes, another meat reference!) is why the HELL is it called the Video Music Awards when MTV has not showed a video in TEN years. FRAUDS! Total VIOLATION on there part. MTV is the world of reality TV now. I guess I am little jealous because me and my boys would have had a better show than “Jersey Shore”. Damn, we had dudes called Fat Pauly, Pat the Bat, Bo- Brothers, Mid-Night Cowboy, Fun Ed and Stumpy. Sounds like show to me. Could have called it the “DARBARIANS”

   Ok, I am sorry I will never write about this dumbass crap again. I really did not want to do this but my WIFE loves this stuff and always has it on. Because of my WIFE, who drives me insane with MTV that is why Hamels Drops A Deuce On You VMA’s!

Thinking Future. Freddy Galvis? Rollins?




     This will be the biggest question mark for the Phils going to off-season is whether Freddy Galvis is ready for the show. If he is, it will help to see J-Roll leave via free agency a little bit easier. J-Roll is going to get the best deal he can get out there. He is coming off a contract in which he won a MVP, 3 Gold Gloves, and a World Series ring. To say he will take home town discount might be tough. Actually he has already come out and said he will not take one. Son of Motherless Goat! What movie? Answer at the end.

     With Jimmy you always get a split decision. I am on the side that wants to keep him, but that could just be the homer in me. Listen I know he does not walk enough, swings at the first pitch to much, and thinks he is Ken Griffey Jr. at times, nice name drop bro!, but he is still the one that makes the Phils go. Healthy for the first time in 2 years, he is having another solid season with a .270 average with 14 bombs 58 rbi and 28 stolen bases. If you look at his career numbers he is right on track. Of course I write healthy for the first time in 2 years and he happens to be on the DL now but you know what I mean damn it! He is still Gold Glove caliber at shortstop. I have not seen anything change with his range there. I think we all can agree on that.

      Now onto the kid. Since the Phils have signed him as an amature free agent back in 2006, scouts have said he could play in the BIGS back then with his defense. The question with Freddy was always his stick. No pun attended. In his first 4 years in the minors the highest he hit was .276. You would think that is solid but he did that in only 29 at bats. In a full season his highest ever  was .247. This year maybe Freddy has finally figured it out. He is hitting .282 with 8 bombs, 42 rbi and 23 stolen bases between Reading and Lehigh Valley. Some people say if he was up here right now he would win The Gold Glove this year.

       So the question is whether the Phils think they will not skip a beat by letting Jimmy walk with Galvis here. As much as I love Jimmy these three names might be the answer to the question. Halladay, Lee, and Hamels. Hello Kitty! I mean Hello Freddy! I have been watching Nick Junior to much.

P.S. Movie Answer=Three Amigos. Also thanks to my Bitty, I mean my WIFE for editing. Yes, BROWNIE points!



Vick’s Whiteman Pic


      ESPN posted that picture before pulling it. Got to love the balls of the editor to post that picture. Man, that is crazy stuff bro.




Quick Tuggs: Sarge/Vick




     – On Wed night, against the Mets when Mike Pelfrey hit Polly with a pitch then started yapping at him because he thought Polly leaned into the pitch Sarge started to talk about it. Then Pelfrey must have really pissed him off. He began calling the Mets “babies”. That they cry to much and that is why they don’t win. People here did not like Sarge right away but I can guarantee after that statement they are on board with him now. He really just talks about whatever comes to mind. Then to put the icing on the cake, he ran into a Mets beat writer and said “you can tell them that Sarge said that.” You love him now! Collins, the Mets manager was asked about Sarge’s comments after the game he said he ‘does not give a shit”. I love it!  For more on the story checkout

     -Hey Skippy Boy, I did not forget about you! Your boy Doc Halladay who you called “soft”. When the earthquake was going on everyone was wondering what hell was going on. He was outside doing his workout not missing a beat. Man, the dude is really “soft”.

     – Jim thome has been traded to the Cleveland Indians today. It was a long shot for the Phils to get him considering they are last in the waiver wire process. He would have been a nice addition to the bench for some much needed power from the leftside. 

     – Ryan Howard played his 1000th game on Wed. With his 279 homeruns they are most in MLB history in a 1000 games. Sean Formen. Just saying.




    – ESPN the Magazine put out article about Mike Vick in which he is on the cover of the mag. Picture above. it deals with race and how if he was a white man what would of happen to him. Check it out here.  Really is a crazy ass look at Vick’s situation. There is a insane picture of Vick as a white guy.  In all honesty Vick should not have to answer another question about dog fighting. He has paid his dues and took the verbal beatings. Of course he was dead wrong for what he has done but there comes time in everyones life that the past is the past. He has earned the right to say “No” now.

Quick Tuggs: J-Roll/Phanatic




  – J-Roll is headed to the DL for the first time this year. After having a couple of injury plagued seasons he has been relatively health this year. Supposedly it is not serious but you never want to mess with a groin injury they can last a entire season if you don’t rest it right. Also Jimmy will be on the ‘Cleveland Show” coming up soon on Fox.

  – Raul was a late scratch to the lineup tonight because he pulled his groin. Sounds like the boys have been getting it in lately. Mayberry will take his place in the lineup. I love watching John play out there, he is silky smooth going after a ball and  has a cannon of an arm as we saw in Washington the past weekend.

  – Jose Contreas said that he did not feel so good after his bullpen session today and he will be visiting the doc. Man, I hate hearing that because with Bastardo, Stutes, Madson, Lidge and Contreas that would have been a solid pen for the playoffs. He is not done for the year yet but it does not sound good at all for him.

 – The best mascot in all of sports, our Phanatic was kicked out of the booth last week against the Diamondbacks because he was heckling Mark Grace. That is Awesome! Mark Grace is one of the biggest A-hole’s I have ever seen. When I was 10 years old, Grace was in town signing autographs so me and my pop went to see him. There was a little boy had to be about 6 years old with his mother and he asked Mark to sign his bat for him but Mark refused. He said he was done signing bats. The little boy started crying his eyes out and the mother asked Mark one more time and he still said NO. After that he went straight to the top of A-hole’s in sports for me. The Phanatic should have Tea Bagged the crap out of him. Here some pics of the Phanatic messing with Mark Grace.

 P.S. Thanks to my boy Steve for editing this post