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Phils/Cards Here we go!



  We have all been ready for this since we had that cool weather a few weeks ago, it gave us that October feel. There is nothing better. Well at least right now there is nothing better that I can think of. There is this thought of me, Jennifer Anniston, a rubber ducky and a coffee… Sorry, its late my wife and my daughter are a sleep and I am on the internet. You know what I mean. Ok, I am back. Time to break it down position by position. Let’s Gooooo!


Albert Pujols- .299  37 bombs 99 rbi. The three time MVP, is the game’s best player in my mind. Just missed having his 11th straight season of  .300 30 100. PLEASE do not throw him a fastball. PLEASE. Postseason .322 13 bombs 36 rbi

Ryan Howard- .253 33 bombs 115 rbi. Former MVP and NLCS MVP is coming into the postseason with a bad taste in his mouth from looking at that last pitch from “Black Beard” Wilson. We all know how Ryan loves to hit against his hometown team. Postseason  .278 7 bombs 27 rbi.

Advantage- Cards


Skip Schumaker- .283 2 bombs 38 rbi. Skip usually gets the start against righties with Theriot against lefties. He is a scrappy utility player. Postseason .333 0 bombs 1 rbi in 6 abats.

Chase Utley- .259 11 bombs 44 rbi. You just always wonder how healthy he is anymore. Even a 75% Chase is still a good player. Man, we will never forget the 5 bombs against the Yankees in the World Series. He is our “Mr. October’. Postseason .243 10 bombs 24 rbi with 10 stolen bases.

Advantage- Phils


Rafael Furcal- .231 8 bombs 28 rbi. Furcal is a shell of the player he used to be. He still has some speed and pop left in him. He still has cannon of an arm. Postseason .241 3 bombs 13 rbi with 12 stole bases.

J-Roll- .268 16 bombs 63 rbi. J-Roll had nice season coming back from 2 straight injury plague seasons. Jimmy always sets the tone for this team. Could this be last time we see Jimmy in a Phils uniform? Postseason .226 3 bombs 15 rbi with 9 stole bases.

Advantage- Phils


David Freese- .297 10 bombs 55 rbi. Freese is a very solid hitter, he batted .354 with runners in scoring position this year. He is a decent fielder. Postseason 0 games.

Polly- .277 5 bombs 50 rbi. Polly has bothered by injuries most of the year with back and his sports hernia, which will require surgery after the season. Still can pick it though. Still a solid hitter. Postseason .273 0 bombs 13 rbi.

Advantage- Even


Yadier Molina- .305 14 bombs 65 rbi. Molina is the best defensive catcher in the league. He has develope into a pretty solid hitter as well over the past few seasons. He will be very tough to run on. Paging Davy Lopes! Postseason .315 2 bombs 11 rbi.

Chooch-  .283 6 bombs 40 rbi. Chooch is very good defender, if it was not for Molina Chooch would have a Gold Glove by now. All he does is hit in the postseason, seems to always come up with a big hit. Postseason .280 4 bombs 15 rbi.

Advantage- Cards


Matt Holliday- .296 22 bombs 75 rbi. Holliday just can flat out hit. He is pretty awful in the field though. He is also dealing with a strained tendon in his righthand.  I still think he was out at homeplate against the Padres back 2007. Former NLCS MVP. Postseason .263 6 bombs 11 rbi.

Rauuul- .245 20 bombs 84 rbi.  After all said and done those numbers are not bad at all for 39 year old. Streaky as hell though. You would think he would start against righties and Mayberry against lefties. Postseason .235 2 bombs 13 rbi.

Advantage-  Cards


Jon Jay- .297 10 bombs 37 rbi. Jay is a very nice looking young hitter. Just in his second year. His rookie year he hit .300.  He is a solid fielder. Postseason 0 games

Vic- .279 17 bombs 61 rbi. Shane had very good season, a month ago people (ME) were throwing his name around for MVP.  Did struggle this past month though. Shane may have taken over Rollins roll of the team spark pluge. Hey, C.C! Postseason .263 6 bombs 28 rbi with 8 stolen bases.

Advantage- Phils


Lance Berkman- .301 31 bombs 94 rbi. Berkman has found the fountain of youth this year. Steriods. Just playing around. I think? He did most of his damage in the first half of the year though with 24 bombs and 63 rbi. Postseason .320 7 bombs 30 rbi.

Let’s Go Eat- .314 22 bombs 97 rbi. Pence has fit in with this team better than anyone expected. His all-out style and personality, made him a fan favorite right away. Chase Utley with a personality. Is a solid defender with a good arm. Postseason 0 games

Advantage- Phils

Starters Game 1

 Kyle Lohse- 14-8 3.39 era with opp batting average .249. Lohse has had a solid season and he is a nice number 3. He said today that his best memory in Philly was leaving Philly. Really bro? Ours is that GRANDSLAM you gave up. Fraud! Postseason 0-2 3.38 era and a GRANDSLAM.

Doc- 19-6 2.35 era with opp batting average .239. Doc had another great season and should have had more than 19 wins. All Doc has done in the postseason is throw a no-hitter in his first game ever. Simply the best Pitcher in the game. Postseason 2-1 2.45 era

Advantage Phils

Game 2

Chris Carpenter- 11-9 3.45 era with opp batting average .264. The former CY winner is still a very good pitcher. He got off to slow start this year, has been pitching better over the past 2 months. Postseason 5-2 2.93 era.

Cliff Lee- 17-8 2.40 era with opp batting average .229. Hey Yanks, who is your game 2 starter? Thats right, Burnett. Have fun with that. We sure did have fun with Cliff this year. Don’t worry if your lucky enough you will see him pitch in Yankee staduim this year. Postseason 7-2 2.73 era

Advantage- Phils

Game 3

Jaime Garcia- 13-7 3.56 with opp batting average .273. Garcie is a nice young pitcher for the Cards. He had a very up and down season for them though. They don’t know what Garcia is going to show up. Postseason 0 games

Cole- 14-9 2.79 era with opp batting average .214. Cole should have won 20 games this year if had any run support. In my opinion, he had the best season of all the starters. The former WS MVP and NLCS MVP has had more than 5 days rest, so he should be good. I still love you Cole! Postseason 6-4 3.33 era.

Advantage- Phils

Game 4 (Maybe)

Edwin Jackson- 12-9 3.79 era with opp batting average .290. Jackson has always had number 1 stuff but could never really put it all together. He threw a no-hitter last season while walking 8. Postseason 0-0 2.08 era. The only run he ever gave up in the postseason is a Joe Blanton homerun. Yes, sir!

Little Roy- 9-10 3.69 era with opp batting average .280. Mostly hurt this year, Roy has looked like the pitcher the Phils trade for last year in his last couple of starts. He actually hit 95 on the gun in his last start. Postseason 5-1 3.39 era

Advantage- Phils

Bullpens and Bench

Man, I am tired of writting so screw it! Phils get the advantage in the Bullpen because of there experience with Lidge and Madson. Madson has been the best reliever in baseball for the postseason in the last 5 years. Bench, Phils get that too. Because I am developing a Major Man Crush on Mayberry. 

Phils in 4. I am going to bed now. Jen and that rubber ducky will just have to wait until tommorrow.


Quick Tuggs: Matthews/Simmonds/Baseball Heaven!



– With no suprise the Eagles have replaced Casey Matthews in the starting  lineup with another rookie Brian Rolle. Rolle is sixth round pick of this year, he actually had a good preseason and has good instincts on the field. In all fairness to Matthews we all could tell that he was not ready to play yet. I blame the Eagles for thinking that he could and not realizing it until game 4. I still believe Matthews going to be a good player.

– Vick was made fun of in the New York papers on monday after he complained that he was getting hit to much and illegally. To Vick’s credit he said that he deserved the criticism for complaining to much. What do you think McNabb’s response would have been? Your right, he would have told his parents on them.

– So I heard today there was a throw down in the Eagles practice facilities between beat writers. Les Bowen of the Daily News and Jeff Mclane for the Inquirer were the main event. Les Bowen actually connected to Jeff”s head. Really? Les Bowen? That is funny as hell. Man, Les is really pissed off about the linebacker situation.



– Wayne Simmonds was accused of calling Sean Avery of the New York Rangers a gay slur. I can guarantee Avery has been called alot worse but Wayne has to be more careful of his words he uses. There are many things said during sporting events. We have all said things like that during games we have played, I can guarantee that. I am not saying that Wayne was right in saying what he said. Are we too sensitive now as a society? Just asking. You know HBO is loving this.

– Gary Bettman during the Winter Classic anouncement called Citizens Bank “The Mordern Day Fenway Park”. Well said Mr. Bettman. Well said. 



– Charlie manual has tied Gene Mauch as the Phils all-time leader in wins as a manager with 645. Pretty damn good for country boy, who has trouble sometimes talking in front of the media. Charlie is just awesome at getting the most out of his players. They always play hard for him, and he always knows when to approach them or not when things are not going well. Man, how I wish Charlie really did Knock the SHIT out of Howard Eskin a couple of years back. Burger King would have lost there Mascot for little bit earlier.

 -Sports Illustrated just came out with a new story in which it called Philly “Baseball heaven’. Yes,  really they did. Man, Scott Rolen has to be pissed right about now. 

Hamels Drops a Deuce on Jack McCaffery



       Well boys and girls, this one really hits home with me. This guy ‘Jackie Boy” wrote a column about that the Phils should trade Rollins for value and make Valdez there starting shortstop, about 2 years ago. My bad, he writes for the Delco Times if anybody still reads a newspaper. Just throwing it out there. I actually do.

       So last week I commented on retweet by Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times about “Jackie Boy” story saying “that it is time to worry about the Phils because of there losing streak’. Yes, I am a big time tweeter. Hit me up at phillytugger! Yes Sir!  Ok, back to “Jackie Boy”. All I said that “this is the same guy who said let go of J-Roll and make Valdez your starting shortstop enough said”. Thats when the twitter war began. “Jackie Boy’ started to attack my intelligence by asking me if I could read(I can, sometimes), that I misqouted him, that he was right, that he got paid to read and write not me, that I was just trying to feel important and that he was right. He said that he was right a few times, still not sure what the Hell he was talking about. I guess his imaginary friend. Of course I fired back, saying that he was insecure, puts himself on peddle stool, can’t have opinion with you, this is alot of Fun and that he needs to get a sense humor. Man, it was funny as Hell going back and forth with him. His entire agrument against me was that I said “let go” instead of saying “Trade”. In which they basically mean the same thing. Still can’t believe his argument with me was not Valdez as his starting shortstop. Valdez as starting shortstop, “Jackie Boy”. Really bro? Trading your starting shortstop and putting a backup in for a pennant race. You do need a imaginary friend.

  So for not being able to take opinion, for being a insecure, putting yourself on peddle stool, and for sounding like the Biggest A-HOLE in the world. That is why “Jackie Boy” Hamels Drops a Deuce on You!

P.S. Thanks to Crossingfraud for helping me out. Check him out on twitter @Crossingfraud!

2012 Winter Classic – Flyers/Rangers

Well, Puckheads if you are not fired up for the up-coming Flyers season, this will get you all fired up! Pretty badass video!

Hugh Jackman punches Dolph in the FACE!!

Man, this is awesome. He actually punches the shit out of this wrestler. It was supposed to be fake but he want all “WOLVERINE” on him any way. The wrestler named Ziggler, actually tweeted that he has a fractured jaw now. All honesty, Jackman could probably knock Maywearther out with that punch. LETHAL! He does look like Dolph Lundgren.

Robinson Hit on J-Mac. Coach Smith” That’s how we teach it.” Is he HIGH?

Well, Smith comes out after the game saying ” That is how we teach it.” I guess he had to be high. Smith should be fined for stupidity. Watch Robinson closely.

1. He waits until J-mac turns around.

2. He sets himself

3. Launches head first right at J-mac’s head

4. Follows through with his shoulder into J-Macs head also

If that’s not head hunting, I don’t know what is.



Hamels Drops a Deuce on Chris Chase



   Here we go again another person taking a shot at a Philly athlete. This dude Chris Chase is from He is one of their sports blogger’s and I hear he is pretty awful at it too. Christ, someone even started a Facebook page saying “Fire Chris Chase’. Damn bro. Everywhere I went on the Internet all I saw was people wanting him fired. Man, this dude knows how to make friends.

  So he decides to write an article about how childish Vick was for pointing at the scoreboard when he was getting booed last night. Come on bro! Really, that is all you got? No wonder people want you fired. He goes on saying that Vick should know better and especially from his past judgements. Also that he is not acting like a guy coming from rehabilitation. Man, this dude sounds like he needs to get laid or something. I can not believe this guy is comparing Vick’s past with him pointing a finger at the scoreboard. Your are really searching with this one man, really. I think I might join the Crusade of getting you fired, just for your stupidty. I think I might of gotten dumber after reading it.

So therefore making everyone else a little dumber, that is why HAMELS DROPS A DEUCE ON YOU CHRIS CHASE!

P.S. Thanks to bro Shawny for helping out!

Quick Tuggs: Phils/Flyboys




– Five straight Division Titles. Wait let me say that again, “Five straight Division Titles”. Man, this is awesome. I would have never thought this day would come that the Phils are in the same Class with the Yankees and Red Sox. Screw that, we are the Class of the league and we set the standard now. Yes Sir!

– Now only thing left to do now is trying to keep some players fresh. Also the last couple of weeks will determine who gets the last bench spot for the playoffs. Dominic Brown, Pete Orr, and John Bowker are in the running. Hopefully D Brown gets it, he has the best combination of the three with his power and speed.

– Last year when the Phils won the NL East they waited for Doc and Schneider to celebrate, this year they waited for Pence. The players on this team just get it. They want everyone to experience it for the first time the right way. Did you see Pence with no pants on? That was funny as hell. That is why I am Free Balling it right now as I blog!

– Phils wins have gone up in each of the last 6 seasons from 85,89,92,93,97 and this year 100 plus. This really is the best ERA of Phis baseball.



– Training camp is alive and well. When I talk to some peeps about the Flyers they give me alot of mixed signals. I honestly believe they will be right there for contention of the Cup. With Pronger finally healthy, Jagr can score 70 points in his sleep, JVR taking the next step, and Giroux is getting better everyday. I am telling you this team is very deep. People are going to love Wayne Simmonds for his all-out style of play and Jakub Voracek is very highly skilled winger. And how can I forget? We  actually have a goalie now.

– The lines so far in training camp are:  Read-Briere-Jargr, JVR-Giroux-Simmonds, Hartnell-Schenn-Voracek and Nodl-Talbot-Couturier. Me likey.

Phillies Greats of All-Time…


The other day my buddy was like how about you come up with your Phillies best starting nine of All-Time and I was like ‘ROGER” that! With that I figured to go with the 5 best starters, a reliever and a pinch-hitter as well. I believe we are witnessing 4 of the best players at there positions right now for the Phils, maybe even more. So lets get this started!!!!!


FIRSTBASE: Ryan Howard. Know one has ever has put the numbers he has in Phils uniform, not even Mike Schmidt in such little time. Maybe we could be talking homerun king if he was called up earlier. He was the fastest of All-Time to 100, 150, 200, 250, and is about to be the fastest 300 homeruns. 3 time All-Star, MVP, and the Rookie of the Year. Stud.


SECONDBASE: Chase Utley. The 5 time All-Star is Philadephia, with his all-out play, and workmen like attitude. He has always been more than just numbers, its the way he understands the game that sets him apart from the rest. He is the new “Mr. October” with 7 homeruns in 11 World Series games, plus he is on my team of GREAT HAIR.


SHORTSTOP: Jimmy Rollins. He has always been the spark plug that made the Phils go. He was the first player ever in MLB history to have at least 200 hits, 15 triples, 25 bombs and 25 stolen bases in a season. He holds the longest Phils hitting streak at 38 games. Former MVP , 3-time All-Star, and 3-time Gold Glove. Need I say more? SWAGGER.


THIRDBASEMAN: Mike Schmidt. Simply the best Phils player ever and the Greatest third-baseman MLB history. He was a 3-time MVP, 12-time All-Star, 8-time home-run champ, 10- time Gold Glove and a Hall of Famer. Man, I could go on forever with him. In the words of The Great Harry the K, ” THAT BALL IS OUTTA HERE! MICHAEL JACK SCHMIDT!’


CATCHER: Bob Boone. The 4-time All-Star and 7-time Gold Glove winner was the best defensive catcher of his era. Boone once held the MLB record for games caught 2,225 which was broken by Carlton Fisk. Just another reason why I hate BOSTON.


RIGHTFIELDER: Chuck Klein. He played for the Phils 1928-33 and then came back in 1940-44. This dude was a unbelievable hitter. He was a 2 time All-Star, a MVP, and was a Triple Crown Winner. He has lifetime average of .320 with 300 bombs and 1,201 rbi’s. He actually lost the MVP race the year he won the triple crown with batting .368 with 28 bombs and 120 rbi. Say WHAT?!


CENTERFIELDER: Richie Asburn. He is the most popular Phillie of All-Time. Between his playing days and his broadcasting days, ‘Whitey’ was always our guy. He was a 6-time All-Star, and a 2-time batting champ. He has lifetime batting average of .308 with 2,574 hits and 234 stolen. Believe or not he was the Mets first ever All-Star in 1962 in his last year of playing. Well, at-least one good thing came from the Mets.


LEFTFIELDER: Ed Delahanty. He played from 1888-89 with the Phils then came back in 1891-1901. He has the fifth highest batting average in MLB of All-Time with .346 average. He hit over .400 three times. The Hall of Famer had 2,596 hits and would have had more if he had not died at Niagara Falls. He was hammered one night and got kick off a train, then was walking past there and fell, jumped or was tossed over. They never knew exactly what happen to him. Damn.


THE ACE: Steve Carlton.” Lefty”, is in class of his own. He is a 10-time All-Star, 4-time Cy Young winner and Gold Glove. In 1972 the Phils won 59 games, Lefty won 27 of them. I am dumbass in math but that is almost 50% of the games, that is just insane. He is the last National League pitcher to win 25 or more games. Career numbers are 329-244 with a 3.22 era and 4,136 strikeouts. Wow.


Number 2: Grover Cleveland Alexander. This dude could of had the Cy Young Award named after him. He career numbers are 373-208 with a 2.56 era and 2,198 strikeouts. I think I just did a number 3 in my pants. He won 20 or more games 9 times and won 30 or more 3 times. Man, this dude sucked. The Hall of Famer is second all-time in shutouts with 90 and his 373 wins are third all-time.


Number 3: Robin Roberts. The 7-time All-Star won 20 or more six straight season with Phils between 1950-55.  In 1952, he won a career high 28 games. He started 609 games and complete half of his career starts with 305 of them. That is pretty damn good. His overall numbers are 286-245 with a 3.46 era and 2,357 strikeouts.


Number 4: Curt Schilling. Schill was always ready for the Big Game, that is what made him special. When the lights where bright, Schill was brighter. I used to love watching him pitch, they way he used to paint the corners with his fastball. He was a 6-time All-Star and is second all-time in strikeout to walks ratio. He career numbers are 217-146 with a 3.46 era and 3,116 strikeouts. His 3,116 strikeouts rank 15th all-time.


Number 5: Roy Halladay. I know he has been here for only two years now but you already see his greatness. Well, all he has done so far is throw a perfect game, no-hitter in his first ever post-season start, Cy Young award and win 21 games in his first year as a Phillie. So if you have problem with him in here LICK MY BALLS. He looks like he is about to win another Cy Young. The 8-time All-Star can be my “Doc” any day. You know what I mean.


RELIEVER: Tug McGraw. The 2-time All-Star is where I get my phillytugger name from. When I was baby I used to copy Tug’s pitching motion. It was started by my Mom-mom and she called me Tugger from then on. Plus, she could only remember my name by calling me Tugger. Tug was the guy on the mound when the Phils won there first ever World Series. For that reason alone makes him my reliever. Also was a great man.


PINCH-HITTER: Greg Gross. If you needed a pinch-hit, he was your man. He holds the Phillies all-time pinch-hit record with 117 hits and is fifth all-time in MLB in pinch-hits with 143. What made Gross so good was that he was great in the clutch. His career numbers are .287 average with 1,073 hits and 308 rbi.

Contributor…Brian Lutz