Quick Tuggs: Greatest Names in Sports

So I was sitting at work today with nothing going on, then all of sudden my buddy Mike walks in and said, “Dude, Joe check out this picture of Scarlett Johansson Topless“. I was like “Of Course I Will”. Trust me, it was not one of those fake one’s either it was her. Then there was this other  picture with her butt… Damn it! What the hell was I going to blog about again? My bad, I am focused now.

I figured to have some fun with this post.  How about the Greatest Sports Names Ever? So in Honor of Scarlett Johansson here are my Top 5.

Number 5 is: Jonny Dickshot. Damn it! I thought I had the best Dickshot around. My wife lied to me. That was an awful joke. My apologies.


Number 4 is: Jack Glasscock. Man, I hope his wife was ok with that Glasscock.


Number 3 is: Ben Gay. Really bro? Man, your parents really didn’t like you.


Number 2 is: Pull Dickoff. Wow! I mean, having fun with yourself is one thing, but Pull your Dickoff that is a whole other story. His real name is Paul Dickov, but is known as  Pull Dickoff. Got to love them Europeans!


Number 1 is: Urban Shocker. Awesome, simply awesome. This sounds like what your buddy is bragging about what he did with a girl last weekend. I can see the T-shirt coming out next week.


Well, since I was talking about Scarlett earlier, here is picture of her for the hell of it.


Thanks to Mikey Tait for contributing.


One response

  1. Nice names but you missed my favorite name.. A race car driver named Dick Trickle..That sounds like some random STD you get from banging chicks from Folcroft and Darby…ie..I went to the doctor today for a check-up and he told me I had dick trickle from having unprotected sex…   Roger That!  

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