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10 Reason Why I hate the Cowboys.



  Everything was going good yesterday, it is Friday, have my daughter’s birhtday and the Eagles- Cowgirls this weekend. I was feeling good. Then my infamous co-worker walks in who is a… Wait for it..Cowboys and a Eagles fan. I know, I did not think it was possible either. There has been many of times where I want to kick the hell out of him for it. He tells me all the time its ok because he roots for the Eagles first and Cowboys second. Yeah, that makes it all better. The dude is a total “Fraud”. So thanks to this “Fraud” here is the 10 reasons why I hate the Cowboys.

10. Rob Ryan. First of all his dad probably smacked him in the back of the head a few times for going to Dallas. Second, he tries to be his father but can not pull it off. Seriously bro, you are not as cool as your pop so just keep your Fat-Mouth shut!

9. Tony “Lebron James” Romo. He has been overhyped from the beginning just because he plays for Dallas. He has won a total “1” playoff game that is it. I must admit, I enjoy watching his 4th quaters though.

8. You know that almost every Cowgirls fan is a Yankee fan also. That is all you need to know about a person right there. They just like them teams because they think it is cool. Hey, how about jumping into on coming traffic, I heard thats pretty cool.

7. When the Cowboys lose their fans are nowhere to be found. But if they win they always seem to track you down. FRAUDS. I love that word.

6. The Star. Man, I hate that symbol. We should sign T.O again for the way he stood over the star when he scored. This time he should act like he is droping a duece on it instead.

5. Emmitt “I never got touched until 5 yards down the field” Smith. I swear that dude never got touch until five yards down the field. He is in the Hall of Fame because of that offensive line they had. Overrated

4. Deion “I never got my jersey dirty” Sanders. Listen, I know he is probably the best corner ever but the guy could not tackle you or me. He always tried to look so “Pretty” out their. Man, I hate that guy.

3.Michael “I pushed off everytime” Irvin. That is all he ever did was push-off every god-damn time. He actually stabbed one of his teammates with a fork a few times and Jerry Jones had to pay the guy off to keep him quiet. I am glad that I booed him when he got hurt at the Vet back in the day. Just sayin..

2. Jimmy Johnson. You can not think you have great hair when you have a comb-over bro. I am sorry, you can’t. His famous saying “How about them Cowboys”. Ya, how about I take a piss then stick your head in the toilet after. Might do your hair some good.

1.Jerry Jones. The “all mighty” himself. You can tell that is what he thinks of himself. He thinks he is GM in which he is not. Builds a stadium that interfers with the play on the field. Still thinks they are “America’s team”. I thought you had to win something to be a “America’s Team”? One playoff win in 15 years Jerry. Yup, your “America’s Team”.

 Well, I fell better now that I got that off my chest. Now all together, Dallas Sucks, Dallas Sucks…


Lindros at his best



   Sitting here watching the Flyers and Leafs game got me thinking. They have always had great games against each other. So I said to my self let me check out some of their old hightlights. There I found our boy number 88. Still is my favorite Flyer of all-time. Watch how all hell breaks loose. 

Thank you, Brad Lidge



    What a year 2008 was. Easily the Greatest year of my life. So the news of Lidge being released by the Phils really hits home with me. I never thought the day would come to where the Phillies won a World Series. Never. And to where my beautiful wife gave birth to greatest gift ever , my little nut-case daughter Hannah. You liked that “beautiful” wife stuff. Brownie points! And yes, this all happen in the same night.

 All honesty my head was spinning like crazy that night as you could imagine. I mean, my wife is having contractions like every two seconds it seemed.  And I am watching the game, watching the doc put his whole hand up my wife’s crotch, holding her hand, and talking on the phone all at the same time. I thought at one point she was going to grab the epidural from the nurse’s hand and stab me with it. What? I had all my boys calling to me saying ” Dude you are the man. You are having a baby and the Phils are going to win it all”. So of course I like hear that I am the man. I made sure that they kept calling and telling me that. So with two outs in the ninth, I was like babe I will be right back. Try to picture what her face looked like when I said that considering she was having contractions like every 30 seconds. So in this story she went from having contractions every 2 seconds to every 30 seconds. Nice Joe. Told you my head was spinning that night or maybe right now from just talking about it. I had to watch the last out with my Dad. I just had to. He made me into the sports fan I am today. Their it was with the tying run on second, Lidge’s famous slider and Hinske just waves at it. AWESOME. Lidge caps off a perfect season and a perfect night for me.

 Then a few hours later my greatest gift of all, my Little nut-case was here. Man, this was the Greatest night of my life. It really was. So I would like to thank Brad for adding to the best night of my life. Amaro did not rule out bringing Lidge back but just in case he does leave I needed to thank him. Brad and the Phils will always be apart of me that night. More than they will ever know

P.S. Check out this guy’s video of the last out in the World Series. Simply Awesome. Goosebumps.

Aww, Memories of the Vet.



    So I wake up this morning and before I can grab my first of seveteen coffee’s of the day my wife said to me we are taking my daughter and my niece to the zoo. Sweet, it is a bye week for the Birds, I am down for that. My daughter and niece always go insane when they hear that we are going to the zoo, they love that place. This one time we were their this summer and the were going to feed the loins at a certain time. Man, I was pumped up.  So we ran as fast as could check out the feeding. Now I am thinking to myself how are they going to do this? How great would it be if they let a animal go like a deer or something and they hunt it down. Awesome. Then one of the workers announce “Feeding Time” and I am like HERE WE GO! Ya Boy! Then she whips out a bottle of milk. I am like thats it? We rushed over here to watch an overgrown cat sip milk? Damn. My wife looks at me and just shakes her head. I guess I was pretty stupid thinking that they where going to have a “LIVE” feeding freenzy by them in front of all the families and their kids. Me stupid.

    Focus! Come on bro. I stray a way sometimes. It is my ADD or ADHD or one of them AD things. Back to the matter at hand. My daught and my niece really got me thinking of places I loved going as a kid. My favorite was the Vet. Man, I loved that place. I remember coming from the concourse to where the opening was to the field and just staring and staring. Just thinking to myself this place is awesome. I know it was a dump but it was my dump. Turning the 700 level into my playground because nobody was their ecspecially for Phils games. Nothing beat a hotdog from the Vet. They were the best hotdogs ever. Though they where most likely old as hell, plus they looked like they were cooked in piss water. Dude, did you ever look in that silver bin that the vender use to carry them around in. Straight piss water bro. Still tasted great to me. Watching a 80 year old man fight a 20 something year old guy at my first Eagles game ever. That was funny as hell. That old man just flat out laid the young dude out . Watching all-most everyone in the crowd including myself throw their magnets on the field at Phillies game on magnet night. Thank God they did not give away a baseball that night. Now that would have been interesting. Remember that peanut lady? Man, she had a arm. I still can not believe they play baseball and football on that field. I was ball boy for couple of years for the Eagles and that was straight concrete. Still the best moment for me was my 15 minutes of fame. You remember that opening day brawl for the Phils back in 1999 right? Yes Sir! That was me and my boys. Ya, we might of been a little “Tipsy” you can say. The best part about it was that is was Senior cut day. Nice. The guy you saw get thrown about five rows it was yours truely. I swear, I did not see that 300lb guy coming at me. Next thing I know I was in the air. We did not even get thrown out for that brawl. We just left after the game was over. I did not realize that the game actually came to stop to watch us fight until I got home that night.

  So to the Vet, thanks for being intimidating, a dump, for the pissy hotdogs, my playground, my 15 minutes of fame and for the life lessions. Man, I miss that place. 

P.S. You know J.D. Drew will never forget the Vet. I still have some fresh double D’s. Batteries that is.

I Think I Maybe Finally Over The Phils Loss . I Think?



   Its funny how much things changed around here now. If you were to tell me prior of 2007 season for the Phillies that they were going to win five straight division tiltles, appear in two straight World Series and actually win a World Series, I would most likely ask you if you were ‘HIGH”. Come on bro, I would have to ask. It is the Phils we are talking about here. Fast forward five years later and here we are. Growing up I only dreamed this would happen with this team but with success comes expectations.

   This year was different, this was our season, our time, we are the “Power houses” now. Yankess and Red Sox you can take a backseat  to us for once and just enjoy the view “Fellas”. Then in spring training news came out about Utley’s knee condition. Not going to lie here, I have a little bit of a “Man Crush” on Chase. Just come out with it, you know you do too. I was not to worried though, with this pitching staff I thought they could have put Dickie Thon out there at second base. It seemed right from the start that this team was destined for greatness. Even with other injuries to Blanton, Lidge, Contreras and Polly. Anyone they plugged in just worked for them. All because of that pitching. The offense was at times up and down this season. The aquisition of Hunter “Let’s Go Eat” Pence seemed to be the missing peice by stabilizing the lineup. Man, I was fired up for theses playoffs. There was no way that they would not hit again in playoffs. Not two years in a row. WRONG. I mean DAMN! Where the hell did the plate discipline go? I know this team was always more of a free swing team anyway but they always had better a bats in the previous playoffs. They seemed to me that they were actually pressing at the plate anytime there was a runner in scoring position. This was a team full of players that had the bright lights on them before. That is what pissed me off more than anything. Most people like to make Howard the ‘whipping boy” for their struggles. I understand he struggle but did anyone else step up other than Doc and Cole? Nope. I guess it was kind of fitting the way the season ended, with Howard’s achilles and our “Dream” season blowup actual at the same time. Only in Philly it would end that way. After that last out I just stared at the screen for at least an hour with a blank stare. Even my 2 year old daughter could not snap me out of it. I just flat-out ignored her too. What! I was depressed. I had to take a break from sports for about a week after that.

   I have finally come to terms with their lose.  Though still can not bring myself to watch the World Series. Just can not do it. Should be a interesting off-season though. The slogan for the off-season should be “In Amaro We Trust”.  I believe that there is still a window for this team. Hopefully Amaro can work his magic once again. Finally I like to add that I try to run over a squirrel at least once a day now.  Also someone please hold down Larussa and cut his god damn hair. Yo bro, its 2011. Time to get rid of that mullet. Seriously.





Sixers!! Big Willy Style!!



      Wait! What? There is basketball in Philly still? You would never know it. With the Phillies depression on us, Flyers hot start and of course the Eagles who as always dominate the airwaves. Just feels a little odd to hear news about them. Not going to lie hear, I miss the NBA though. Man, I love the Sixers. I know, how can I love a bunch of overpaid players whining, crying, missing foul shots and of course missing a game for a broken toenail (Derrick Coleman). I can’t help it, I just love the game.

  So the Sixers made it offical today with introducing the new owners, Joshua Harris and his crew. And surprisingly Will Smith is apart of it. Call me corny or whatever, I always like when a celebrity is from Philly and takes pride in that. Might just help to put some butts in the seats. Speaking of putting butts in the seats, the new owners have vowed to slash 50% of the 9,000 single game tix prices next year. That is a hell of away to make a impression. That is not all, they are running a give away of 1776 FREE tixs on their web site, By just giving them feedback about the team and them picking out the best ones. You got to give them credit, these dudes know how to grab your attention. Ed Stefanski will not be back though and Rod Thorn will take over his gm duties. In all honesty, the best thing out of this is that Snider is not the owner anymore. Snider is a great “Hockey” owner. He never really cared about the Sixers anyway. He just saw them as a investment. The only time they succeeded under him is when he brought Pat Croce in as president of the team. Man, I miss Croce. The way he brought energy and passion everyday to the Sixers. 

 I got a good vibe from these guys today. It seemed personal with this team. Why else would smart business men take on a team that is reported lost around 40 mill in the last two years. Now all we have to do now is have a season. Hopefully. Derrick Coleman, what an ASS!

Richards return to Philly



     When I first saw him come out of the locker room it just looked very odd to me. Seeing him in the that black and white jersey he did not look right at all. Not going to lie hear, I had a man crush Mike. All most as bad as the one on Utley I have. Sounds like a episode of ‘Always Sunny”.  In which I have to say I only seen 2 episodes ever. I know it is a total disgrace. I call myself phillytugger, in yet I still don’t watch that show.  I am a complete FRAUD. Yes, I am. Well, let me state this I do not watch the show not because I dislike it, I always forget what god-damn time its on! 

    I get why the Flyers traded him but I loved to watch him play. He has this nasty side to him, that if you have your head down he will take it off for you. Umm, I think Voracek learned that tonight if he did not know all ready. Up until last year he always seem to know when to do something to get the team going. Whether it be dropping the gloves or even taking someone’s head off like I said before. Always a solid scorer to go along with his underrated vision he has. Everything seemed just to go stale on him last year. The media, fans, coach and from reports the locker room. The locker room became a division with guys on his side and the others on Pronger’s side. It just seemed that the team need a make over from last year and his time here just ran its course. Tonight proved that Mike will still be a very good player in this league. We all knew that anyway. I think he just was not made to a Captain thats all. All honesty he never seemed to fully embrace being a Captain anyway. I still love to watch him play though and wish he still had that orange and black on. 

   By the way the “Worst Fans In Sports” showed why we are the “Best Fans In Sports” by giving Mike a standing ovation in the beginning of the game. If you give your heart and soul out there you always will be welcomed back. Five minutes later we booed that shit out of him when he touch the puck. Hey, we have reputation to hold up! Though we still love you Mike. Next time you are here I hope you play shitty as hell.

With Love,                                                                                                                                                  Phillytugger

Quick Tuggs: Phils/Flyboys




– This is going to be one of the most interesting off-seasons in a long time for the Phils. Do you bring back Rollins? 3 or 5 year deal? Is Madson still the closer? Will his price tag be to much? Is there a internal option? Do they let go of Polly? Who is going to play first if Howard is out longer then they say?. Decisions. Decisions. This is going to be fun.

– Got to love Charlie he is always honest. Just in case you missed it here is his presser, very entertaining



– I know it is early as hell but the this team looks pretty solid. It seems that they have the right mix Vets and Youngsters on this team. What has impressed me the most is the poise that the rookies have out there so far, Couturier and Read. They are not scared to make play. Simmonds is going to be a fan favorite pretty soon. He loves being in front of the net and has soft hands to go with his physical style of play.

– Here we go again another national media member taking another shot at Philly fans. During last night game the Flyers played a video for fighting cancer and in the video was Sid the Kid. So of course the fans booed. So right away the Philly fan is booing the fight against cancer. People just will never understand us at all. They just love to take shots. If you would get your head out of your ASS (national media) you would understand that we are booing Crosby not the fight against cancer. What Ass-holes.

Hamels Drops a Deuce on Howard’s Haters



  Listen, I get it. He strikesout a ton, he is to streaky, and he has questionable pitch selection at times. I also get frustrated as hell with him just as much as anybody does. I just don’t understand how you can put all the blame on. I just don’t get it.

  The guy has lead the majors in go-head rbi’s since 2006. He was the only one who came up with a big hit in the series. With his three run bomb in game one. He struggled after that obviously. Did anybody else step up though? Nope, not even our boys Hunter “Lets go Eat” Pence and the “Prodigal Son” Cliff Lee. I am really not trying to take shots at them just trying to make a point thats all. All honesty, I love them guys. The two players I thought who showed up was Doc and Cole. Without Ryan in this lineup over the five past years, the Phils would not be were they are right now.

  So to all the Haters (Fair Whether Fans), thats right I am talking to you “Fair Whether Fans’! Learn the game first before you start talking or I will Hunt you down! I am kidding. Well, maybe just a little. You are going to see what Howard means to this team now that he is out until June. So that is why Hamels Drops a Deuce on you Haters!!

Eagles can recapture the city. Can they?


     I woke up yesterday still in shock. Phils out already? Na, had to be a dream.  I had to keep telling myself that it was real. I did not watch any sports yesterday, barely any tv at all.  I did watch “Brides Maids” with my wife. Before you take my “man card” away, it was actually funny as hell. Chick version of the ‘Hangover”. I just kept thinking it not possible, I feel like a zombie right now. Man, this sucks.

    Now that the season is over for the Phils there are plenty of questions for them going forward, I will leave that for another post. It has been very ugly start to the season for the Birds. They could not tackle me or you right now, they can not stop the run, they look lost on defense, they might get Vick killed and when they get in the ‘Red Zone” they forget how to excute. The one big mistake by Andy was that he should have brought a guy in with a D-coordinator background to help out Castillo. Last year he brought in Dick Jauron for McDermott. He should have done the same for Juan so that he could have someone to lean on. Castillo, obviously never called a game before. Maybe he does have good ideas for the defense but he definitely needs someone to lean on. All honesty, we should have seen this coming. With all the new faces, new coaches and with the lockout. With all that said, there is still alot of talent on this team. As much as I hate to this right now, we have seen the Eagles come back from slow starts under Andy before. They have have always played there best in November and December under him.

   The city is ready for someone to take over. We all have a bad taste in our mouth right now(No pun intened). We need something to lean on. In this city, you know we all love a comeback story. Now the question is can they? Will they? Well, if they do it will be they started to trusted each other out there. Of course as I am writing this blog the Bills have took 21-7 lead on the Eagles. Well, I fell sheepish. Man, I feel like a jackass. Now Andy does not kick a field goal there. Wow. Forget I even posted this.