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Quick Tuggs: B-Balls


-Tomorrow the doors will open at PCOM for voluntary workouts. Sixers not sure what players will show up. This was reported by Kate Fagan 76ers beat writer for the Inquirer. The girl knows her shit.


-Not to sure if the Sixers will be major players in free agency. They do not have much cap room if any. They could be in the trade market though. Its seems like they will keep Iggy if they don’t get a deal they like. Which is perfectly fine by me. I know everyone wants him out but you don’t just trade him to trade him. He is a nice player. Checkout my article on what I think of Iggy and the rest of the team.

-This seems to be the first mission for the new owners. Who will be the next mascot? I say bring back Big Shot. All honesty I don’t care. Screw it, make it Ben Franklin for christ sake. They are called the 76ers. Big Ben was around then and is the most famous person from here. Sounds good to me.

-The most important thing they need to do is lockup Thad. Sixers GM Rod Thorn, all ready said that they will match any offer he receives. Here is guy I think they should go after is Darrell Arthur from Memphis. He is stuck behind Gasol and Randolph out their. The kid can play. He is a good shot blocker and can post up. Also he is athletic as hell. Gasol is a restricted free agent. Memphis is a small market team and may not have the money to resign him. Ummm..




Puck Heads

   Here is it boys and girls just in case you missed it. The preview of Flyers/Rangers 24/7 on HBO. Yes, Sir!!

Quick Tuggs: Puckheads/We are Ballin



– Do we have a goalie controversy going on? Nah. Bob has played well the past to games and sometimes player for instance, Bryz just needs to step back a couple games and clear their mind. Bryz will be fine.

-JVR is out 1-2 weeks with ‘lower body injury’. Homer loves to throw around them “lower’ and “upper” body injuries. Sounds like a groin to me. Also Lilja is out for 6 weeks with an injury. Can’t remember the injury right now so I will just go with he is hurt. That works.

-Jagr and Pronger both should be back within the next few games. Pronger has been dealing with a virus and Jagr has been dealing with a groin injury. Sounds like they have been hanging at Show and Tel lately, huh? Jagr also said he would like to play beyond this season. Sign him now..

-The roster for the winter classic has been announced. Lead by my boy number 88, Eric Lindros. Some reason they put Jim Dowd on the roster. Jim Dowd? Really? They should have asked me to play. I am more of a Flyer than him. Check out the complete WC roster.



-Yes sir! The boys are back! Though many might not care but I love NBA basketball for some dumbass reason. I am pumped to see my boys Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner in the backcourt together. So let the Iggy trade rumors begin again right now!

-So apparently they will start on Christmas day. Free agency will start on Dec. 9. I would think that training camp will start in the next 2 weeks. This agreement happen pretty quick after thinking the season was over. I can guarantee they screwed up a couple of things on this. It is the NBA we are talking about.

– I was not to sure on what they agreed on or what is going to be new this season. Until I read Dei Lynam article. She mad it very simple for me to read. Thank God, because I usually make words up as I read for some reason. Catholic School!!


Andy’s Day Care


-Well Vince Young kind of surprised us all with that Elway like “Drive”. The one thing I noticed is that VY got rid of the ball quicker than Vick does. Though VY had the ball at some peeps feet or sailing over their head. But he did not take many hits because of that. The OL did play well though. Vick holds on to the ball way to long at times. I know he is trying to make something out of nothing, but sometimes it is better just to throw it away. 

-Say what you want D-Jax makes a difference out there. Though he is still a complete ass out their at times. With the punt return and with the big first down he got on the “Drive”. Still impressed by how he found the G-men D-coordinator on that 50 yard play to flip the ball too.

-Eagles OL was named for the second time this year OL of the week. The award is the Madden Protector of the week award. “The Big Uglies’.

-So during the game on Sun-night, Jags kicker Josh Scoobe called D-Jax a “punk”. Is it me or kicker should not be aloud to talk shit. Dude, you breath on them you get penalty. Please all kickers please keep your mouth shut.

-Vick is still listed questionable. He has thrown passes on the side, but nothing really major. Nnamdi was carted off the field yesterday. They are saying it is his knee. Listen, I know Nnamdi has not been what we expected so far, but we are going to need all the experience we can get going against Brady and the boys.

-Check out my article on why the Eagles still got me for another week.



-The Phils have signed backup catcher Brian Shneider to 1 year contract worth 800,000. Brian did a solid job last season with handling the pitchers. The Phils went 28-8 in games that he started. He really did not do much with the bat with batting .176, but most backup catcher’s jobs are to play defense and that is it. He became Worley’s personal catcher after a while because I think Chooch wanted to knock him out a few times. “Chooch don’t like to be shooked off’. (Chooch’s voice)

– Also Halladay, Lee, and Cole all finished in the top five in the CY voting today. Kershaw won the CY. He led the league in wins, era and strikeouts. Doc finished second, Lee third and Cole fifth.

-The Phils should have around 25 million to play with after they sure up their bullpen, bench and settle arbitration with Pence and Cole. So that leaves that money for shortstop, leftfield and maybe thirdbase. Don’t worry, I did not do the math, Dave Murphy from the Daily News did for me! Thanks, Dave.

– Its kind of funny, I remember when John Smoltz said that no pitcher would come here because of this park. Hey Johnny, Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, and now Papelbon. Enough said playboy!

– I have this weird feeling that Madson goes to the Marlins. Maybe the Blue Jays. Oswalt has been rumored with atleast 6 to 7 different teams. Phils are actually still keeping tabs on him. Maybe 2 year deal from the Phils? I would do it. Also there was a rumor out there that Jimmy was heading to the Royals for 7 year deal. Come now bro, there is know way in hell that J-Roll goes to KC. I have been their. Other than the Chiefs and “Arrow Head”, that place blows. Well, he could have about 90 million reasons to go their…


Quick Tuggs: Eagles, D-Jax/Phils, Pappy



– Do they really have chance left? I seriously doubt it. This team just has zero chemistry. I actually lost my anger for them, I really have nothing left. It is my laughable now to me.

– DeSean Jackson, do you sign him or not? Man, I really don’t know. Check my D-Jax story. Also speaking of D-Jax, he came out today saying he is not the only one to miss meetings. Yup, that is going to help him.

– How in the world does Shady not a touch the ball for 13 straight minutes, in the game against the Cards? Andy, my man that is really bad bro. Wake the Hell up Bro! Easily the worst coached game by him. Vick has two broken ribs but you knew that all ready.

– Check out this dude flip-out about the birds. Hide your kids on this one! Awesome!



– The Phils introduced  Papelbon yesterday. Checkout his presser and his alter ego he has. He calls it Cinco Ocho. Nice.

– Pat Gillick was in the Cuba to see the young outfielder Yoenis Cespedes for the Phils. He is getting compared to Bo Jackson. Reports are that it will at least take 30 mill to sign him. Seems alot for someone who has not played a inning the MLB.


– Claude Giroux is SICK. Just wanted to say that. He moves like Jagr, moves like Jagr. Korny, I know

Here is the ” Miami Marlins” Unie’s




  They look kind of plain to me. I would have thought they would have looked different. Though really I don’t give a shit, but I thought some peeps might. I wonder what Guillen is going to do when Hanley dogs after a ground ball. I can see Guillen putting him in a headlock right now. Should be fun. By the way the Marlins have made offers to Reyes and Pujols. Christ, imagine if they got both of them. Na, not the Marlins. Well, I think…

Mark Howe going to the Hall!



  One of the best defensemen ever to don a Flyers sweater is about to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame. Everyone knows that Gordie Howe is his father that is makes it evenmore impressive. Just think of the pressure he had growing up and entering the NHL. He pop was the first “Gretzky”. So you know everyone put him on a different level. Man, I really don’t know if could of handled that. That is why I give him even more props for making the Hall. I loved Brian Prop. Sorry,  my ADAHDHDH kicking in. Check out this cool story on Mark Howe. 

Pappy In Philly



   The Phils said bye- bye to Madson and said Hello to Pappy. We are going to have some fun with this dude. He is a little bit nutty. The dude is a emotional rollercoaster. Check out my story on Pappy! Also if you like here is what I think of Cuddyer who was in town the other day. Check it out yo!

Quick Tuggs: Phils/Eagles/JoePa



– Most people know by now that they going hard after Michael Cuddyer. It makes alot of sense and seems to be a perfect fit. Cuddyer plays first, third and the outfield. He is solid hitter and brings alot of intensity that would fit this teams style. He could put Polly into a super-utility role as the Rangers did with Michael Young. Not as strong defensively as Polly, but is a better hitter at this point.

– Jon Heyman of SI is reporting on his twitter account that the Phils are close to resigning Ryan Madson. I know there is couple of solid options out there other than Madson. Bell and Papelbon just to name a few. None have been better than Ryan in the post-season. That is why the Phils must do all they can to sign him.

– Check out my story of what Thome means to me. Just in cased you missed it.



-Where to start? Man, did anyone else see the confusion on the defense in the second half? You can see Samuel and DRC put there hands up a few times wondering what scheme to setup in. Just another blown fourth quater lead this year. Maclin’s reception at the end of the game sums up the season so far perfectly. Falling short

– Speaking of Maclin, him and Jackson did not play very well at all. I know, kind of stating the obvious.To many drop passes again. If Jackson really wants that contract he better learn the inside routes better or Andy better start setting up more bubble screens for him. Teams are taking away the deep ball from him. The saftey’s are playing literally 25 yards away from the line of scrimmage.

– Well for the icing on the cake, Forbes Mag has named Mike Vick the most hated player in the NFL right now. Awesome.



– I am not a PSU fan at all. If you know me, you know that. It is sad that this is the way JoePa most likely is going to get remember for this ugly matter. Though he could have come out with this along time ago. That is where he is dead wrong. That is why he has to go and he looks like he is from all the reports out there. There are still some assholes saying that we have his back on twitter. Still drinkng the Kool-Aid. So apparently there are people burning their diploma’s on campus. This is fun

– Check out this report from twitter.A lawyer from PSU is saying that by someone not reporting the charge is consider as a parking ticket. If that is true, this country is really F-up! I am moving to Canada. By the way, I love twitter. As you can tell.