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Quick Tuggs: Phils/Sixers



The Phils have signed veteran reliever Chad Qualls to a one year contract at 1.15 million. He has always been a solid reliever. He was 6-8 with a 3.51 era last season for the Padres. Since 2005 he has made the most relief appearances than any other reliever in baseball. This signing tells me that Contreras might be done. The Phils were banking on Contreras coming back from his injury but sure does not look like it now. Though you never know. Qualls was clocked at 92-94mph on his fastball as late as September.

There is a rumor going around that the Phils might sign Pat the Bat to a one day contract so he can officially retire as a Phillie. That would be sweet if this happens.

People always love a good position battle in spring training. Well, at least my dumbass does. Pierre and Podsednik should be a great battle for that fifth outfield spot.



Thank God the Sixers shot down the rumors about Amare Stoudemire coming here. I do not want him and his bad knees and his shitty ass contract here. No thank you. Amare can score with the best of them but he plays ZERO defense and at times his numbers are hollow. They really do not effect if the Knicks win or lose. HELL NO TO AMARE!  He is making 18 mill this year than it goes all the way up to 23 mill in 2014/15. As I said before no thanks.

Check out my article and feel free to bash me if you like about how I think it might be time that we start showing Iggy some love.


Philer-up! Pat the Bat..


  Pat the Bat has announced his retirement today because of his foot problems. Though Pat never lived up to the number 1 overall pick he was still solid MLB player and some good seasons for the Phils. His best two seasons where in 2002 when he hit .282 with 37 bombs and 116 rbi’s and in 2005 when he hit .281 32 bombs and 117 rbi’s. His career numbers are .252 292 bombs and 976 rbi’s. Pat was the whipping boy around here for a while for not living up to expectations at times. To his credit he took it all in stride and never said anything back at the fans. I wonder if he is still upset that the Phils traded his boy Jason Michaels away though? I know Old City was happy at least. Onething that use to drive the fans nuts was that that inside pitch or should I say right down the middle pitch that he would jump back from. Just saying.. Though he was a big part of that 2008 team and for that he will always be loved here. Most likely he will never have to pay for a meal here again as well. Fans fell in love with Pat again 2008 especially after winning the World Series. Pat finished his career with 2 World Series rings. He actually just had 1 hit in 27 career abats in the World Series but that one hit was huge. Pat got to ride into the sunset after never playing in a Phils uniform again after 2008. He was the last one in the parade and he was riding on the Budweiser’s horse and carriage as most people know already. There are very few athletes that have that ending in the Philly sports scene.

I know there are three people very upset right now, my father and my two friends Pat and Mikey T. My Pop has a shrine built for Burrell down his basement. My buddy Pat got his nick-name from Burrell. And for my buddy Mikey T, I know has secret tattoo of Burrell on him some where. All honest though Pat the Bat will always be one of favorites for help bring the one title that I have seen in my lifetime. Thanks Pat!  In his honor check out a video of the 2008 playoff run.. By the way the Phils worked out Dmitri Young recently. He has dropped 75 pounds.


Philer-up! Pierre is not bothering the Phils anymore.


  The Phils seemed to be about done now with there off-season moves after signing Juan Pierre to a contract and avoiding arbitration with Pence. Pence signed a 1 year deal worth 10.4 mill and Pierre signed a minor league deal. One thing is for sure is that the Phils bench is going to be pretty deep this year. The Phils have added Wigg, Thome, Nix, and now Pierre. They have speed, power and versatile now on the bench. Wigg can play almost all infield positions and some outfield. Nix can play all outfield positions and first base. Pierre can play all out field positions. Thome? Well, he is our bomber. Hopefully them yoga class he has been taking help him out. He is trying to play some first base this year. Still love you either way Jimbo. Martinez will likely fill in Valdez’s role. The Phils bench has not been this deep since 2008 season. I really do like the signing of Pierre. He brings a different element to this team with his speed and his slap hitting approach. We all know this team loves to swing for the fence. Plus that son of a bitch would piss me the hell off when he was on the Marlins. The dude was always on second base against us. Man, I hated him for that. Watch I will love him now. Pierre hit .279 last year and stole 27 bases with the White Sox.

Check out the Phanatic on the show” 30-Rock” Yes sir!

Sixers Balls and Some self pub. I know.. I know….


 The old school Sixers theme song is Back! It might sound a little corny to some peeps but I still love it. The people who know me know who I love tradition. Even if it is corny as hell. Check it out! Yes Sir!

Awesome! I am Corny as Hell!


  By the way the Sixers found Big Red! He was at the game last night. Andy you son of a bitch! Where the hell have you been bro? Dude, you go to the Sixers and play their worst game of the year. Stay the hell away bro. Stay away.


  Will Smith will be at the game on Friday night against the Bobcats. The first game since he purchased a part of the team. Big Willy Time!

  Alright ladies and gents I am about to give myself some self pub. I apologies, though not really. Well I guess a little. The other day Rhea Hughs of WIP was asking Spike Eskin on twitter for something’s that she could use on her show with Jodie Meeks. The show is called Lunch Break on CSNPHILLY.COM. Of course I butted in to give my expertise. Check out our conversation and how she ended up using my question. Holla! Here is the link to her show. Scroll down to where she interviews Jodie Meeks. Check it out! Starting in February I will most likely be on radio show a couple times of week. Waiting for more details. 

 Joe Hickman . Tell him to make sure he squares his shoulders up with the rim coming off them picks. Little bit of a quicker release too.Delete

 Rhea Hughes 

 think what I’m not going to do is offer him shooting advice. Way better than me:)

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 Joe Hickman 

. I wonder if he watches film on Rip Hamilton, Reggie Miller and Ray Allen? The way they come off screens. That would be perfect

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 Rhea Hughes 

 good question. Asked him. Tx!




Philer-up! Valdez outta here!


 In honor of our favorite utility man being traded Wilson Valdez, let me stop right there for a second. Why do we Philly fans love guys like this? I guess we just love our utility guys for some dumbass reason. With Tomas “Shaving Cream” Perez being exhibit A. I did love Valdez though and I really can not tell you why. The reason for that is because I do not have a reason. I just did. Me stupid. Though this was fun as hell watching him pitch in that game against the Reds. Check it out! By the way Valdez was traded for lefthanded reliever Jeremy Horst. He pitched in 15 innings with the Reds and had 2.93 era last year

Puck Heads: Bob’s Dance



The Flyers finally won a shootout. That was the first shoot out win since the last game of the season against the Rangers in which they went to the Cup that year. Dude I swear, I thought they might never win again in a shoot out. They are on the All-Star break now. It is good thing too. They needed to give some peeps some needed rest like G. Much love to Scotty for making the All-Star team. With 25 goals at the break he deserves it. Now the only thing that would top that is if they put Hartnell in the speed competition. That would be funny as hell watching him fall all over the damn place. #HARTNELLDOWN!!!!

By the way check out Bob’s dance from the shoot out win.


Quick Tuggs: Phils/Eagles



I grew up listening to Andy, Harry, Wheels and Whitey more than half of my life. They are the ones that I remember the most out of any other announcers here in Philly in my child hood. They were best. Now Andy, Harry and Whitey are likely calling a ball game together again somewhere. Rest in peace Andy Musser, rest in peace my man.

I am still wondering if Lidge will come back to the Phils. There was a report last week that Phils were still in contact with him. The Phils are at most are offering 1 year deal at the league minimum. We will find out in the next couple of weeks if he is coming back. It is looking like Roy Oswalt will end up with the Red Sox. They had to make a move to make room for his salary. They did that by trading Marco Scutaro to the Rockies. Bye, Bye little Roy.

Also check out this cool article on Lee and Sabathia. It takes a look at who you would rather have. Lee of course.



The Eagles really have left a bad taste in my mouth. I really have not felt like writing about them. It is the same old same old. It seems like that Castillo is coming back especially with Spags going to the Saints. Castillo is supposely at the Senior Bowl for some scouting. Big Red is nowhere to be found right now. So G Cobb asked me to write about if the Eagles are that far away from the Niners and the Giants. Honestly I do not think that the Eagles far away from them.Here is the link to the rest of my thoughts.


The Little Angry Elf’s and El Diablo’s choices of the weekend. Playoff Edition..


    The little Angry Elf was in rare form this week at work. Starting fights with his co-workers telling him that he is the know all of sports and the rest of them are deuce bags. This Elf really does get a little nutty at times. Saying that he was right about Tebow, Vick, Romo, God, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra and Man Kind. And not the wrestler Man Kind. Alright here is his picks for the Super Bowl…

    Patriots -7, Tom Brady is the best QB to EVER play the game..He manipulates defenses to get the matchups he wants. Brady understands his time is running out and is looking for redemption against a Raven team who embarassed the Patriots last postseason encounter…. 49ers -1.5, after the Giants exposed the Packers for the frauds they were, look for Eli to demonstrate why he is not his brother when the Niners defense and reality kicks him in the face. Defense wins championships n SF defense will be too much along with Frank Gore n the ground game for the New York Giants.


El Diablo’s choice for the games is……Smithwicks. His reasoning… It will bring the Irish drunk out of ya! He knows this even though he is Mexican.


 Always the best from El Diablo!


Pat Hickman and Brandon Bramanti



   We are less than a month away from spring training boys and girls. Should be another fun year this time with a better ending. I posted what I thought the 25 man roster would look like about a week ago. There is a new little twist in it now with Joel Pineiro on the roster. He was bothered by a bum shoulder last season for the Angles and finished 7-7 with 5.13 era. He has had some decent seasons. He never turns out the way he was hyped up to be with Seattle. Still would be a nice fourth starter. Pineiro is 33 years old. He enjoys long walks on the beach and running naked through the water. I am just fucking around. Though running through the water naked sounds fun. If Pineiro is health he will win a position in the rotation. Well that is what I think at least. Blanton is one pitch away from Tommy John surgery. I remember hearing that last season. The Phils have been concerned with his elbow. He was still pitching in pain even when he came back late in the year to pitch out of the bullpen. Just say that Blanton does hold up for the season the Phils could put Kendrick right back in the swing role that he excelled at with him being a spot starter and a guy that can give multiple inngs out of the pen. Obviously this all is based on if Pineiro is healthy.

The Phils have avoided arbitration with all the players except Pence. Here is the numbers which you might already know…

Kendrick a one year deal at 3.5 million. 

Hamels a one year deal at 15 million

Valdez a one year deal at 930,000

Hamels will get that long term deal. I just have a good feeling about it. The Phils have said public that they are getting ready to talk to Hamels camp for a game plan. Hamels could have gotten a couple of mill more at arbitration but he met the Phils half way. Which to me is always a good sign. I wrote this about a month ago but check it out any way or I will destroy you. About how I think Hamels is a Philly guy.

Pence will get done. The Phils and him are exchanging numbers. He is looking for 11.8 mill and the Phils are offering 9 mill according to Jim Salisbury of CSNPHILLY.  It seems like that they will meet in the middle. 

According to Jon Heyman of CBSSPORTSLINE the Phils are still looking at bringing Lidge back. Most likely now that would probably on a minor league deal. Hopefully they bring him back. I got a soft spot for Brad. I am not “man crushing”, ok. Just a soft spot that is it.

Jamie Moyer found a home with the Rockies after signing a minor league deal. That son of bitch is going to pitch until he is 60 years old. You watch, he will.



Sixers Balls………….


  So apparently Andre Miller was pissed off at the Sixers. Why else would he go off like that. Christ. The next two games between the Hawks and the Heat should be fun ones. They are both very good teams. D-Wade might be out for the game on Saturday against the Heat with his ankle issue. The Hawks will be with out Al Horford who is out for the year. To me at least the Hawks have been a point guard away from being a contending team. Jeff Teague is having a decent season so far and Kirk Hinrich has yet to play this year with his injury but they are not the answer for them at the point. They do have Tracy McGrady and Jerry Stackhouse. Yes, Tracy McGrady and Jerry Stackhouse. That is funny as hell. McGrady has actually helped them at times this year. He is averaging around 8 points a game coming off the bench. Stack has not done really anything only playing in 4 games thus far. It will be a tough game though going against the likes of Joe Johnson and Josh Smith. Hopefully the Sixers rebound from the last game. Here is my thoughts on Sixers/Nuggets.

By the way if I hear another person say they would trade Jrue, Turner and Iguadala for Dwight Howard I am going to punch them square in the face. I am sorry but that trade makes no sense at all. Here is my link to what I wrote about how the Sixers chances of getting Howard to come here via free agency.

The Sixers/Nuggets game was the highest watched Sixers game since Iverson came back to Philly for the first time with Denver. Also their ratings are nearly doubled from this time last year.

John Hollinger still has the Sixers as the number one power ranking team. The only thing that bothers me about his system it seems to be like that sabr shit that i can not stand from baseball. You get these guys that have all these dumbass numbers and they think they are smart. When really all you have to do is watch the damn game to realize how good a player is. Please keep sabr nerds out of the basketball to me they are ruining baseball. Please…..

Spencer Hawes may sit out again against the Hawks due to his Achilles injury. He was playing at a such high level until this happen. Hopefully it is just a minor thing.