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Soccer Time!! USA beats Italy!


  Yes, I said soccer time! I know I never talk about soccer but I did play in high school. I was the captain of the JV team. Holla! I always toed the ball. In soccer terms, I kicked the ball the wrong way. Whatever. USA beat Italy 1-0 in Italy for the first time EVER. Clinton Dempsey scored the only goal at the 55 minute mark. He was setup by a nice pass by Jozy Altidore. Mad props to team USA knocking off the powerhouse Italy team. It was fun ass hell to watch. Well, that is all I got for soccer in me. Here is the goal..


Sixers Balls….First-Half


 The Sixers kick off the second half of their season tomorrow at Detroit. Then they come home the following night to play OKC. The first half of the season was still was a solid one even though they ended it with a 5 game losing streak that left a bad taste in my mouth. No pun intended. Wait? I just said that to myself. Whatever. So what did we learn from the first-half for the Sixers? We learn some good things and bad things about this team. Here are a few…


-Open court play. This Sixers team can run with anyone in the league. That is when Iggy is at his best in the open court. He is highlight reel coming at you. Their whole back-court can get up and down. They show off their team speed in the open-court.

-Defense. This team will defend every night. They play the passing lanes well and the give max effort on that side of the court. They are number 1 in the league in  opponents scoring 87.5 ppg. In the last 17 games they have only given up 100 points twice. They are tied for third in the league in opponents’ field goal percentage at 41%.

-Back-court depth. Not many teams can throw the talents of Iggy, Lou, ET, Meeks, Jrue and Thad at you. That depth has helped the Sixers to have a solid first-half. Every one of these guys has won a game for the Sixers this year. It is almost like they say to them selves, “ok, it is your turn tonight.” That is what makes this team so tough to play against when they are going good. You never know who is going to go off on any given night.


-Half-court play. It is crazy to think how much of factor Hawes is for the Sixers. They are 12-2 when plays and he is the one that gets the half-court offense going. The Sixers use him as filter in the high-post by running back door screens off of him. They also use him in a lot of pick and rolls. They take advantage of Hawes passing skills. They are 18th in scoring in large part from their half-court struggles.

-Closing out games. They are just 2-9 in games decided by 7 points or less. They are also 0-5 in games decided by 4 points or less. Lou is our best option right now as a closer and he has had some success with it. I would like to Jrue get a chance and even Turner though. I believe they both of the skill set to be good at it. They might struggle at first but I really do feel one of them could be successful.

-Front-court depth. You can see that by missing Hawes all this time and missing Brand some has really hurt them up front. That is not a shot at Vuc and Allen who have been a big surprise by the way the have played by giving the Sixers solid minutes. They are rookies though. They Sixers did not have much depth to begin with this season. Then their starting Center and Power forward are hurt. That makes them even thinner.

Here is my link to my Sixers first-half grades. One more thing I was on WIP again last night with G. Cobb. I thought I was going on his BlogRadio show but ended up going on WIP around 9:15. I would have told some peeps I was going on if knew I was going on WIP. His text to me never said WIP just said he would like to talk Sixers at 9. I will try to let more peeps know next time. Me sorry….By the way Hawes is out until March 14 at the earliest


My Top Ten Sports Movies. Some might be Corny as hell…


 You know everyone has their very own top ten sports movies. Some might be stating the obvious with the likes of “Major League” or “Slap-Shot”. I went out of the box with mine though of course I have to have Major League in mine.. These are the movies I grew up watching over and over. Some are corny as hell. Stop judging me right now. I am going to say that up front. I am telling you some my favorites sports movies are corny. You know what; I really do not give a shit. I love them movies because I just can not help it. What?! I easily could have made it more like top 20 but I got lazy. Whatever. So let’s get this started peeps. Here are my Top Ten sports movies in particular order……

Major League.

How can you not love this movie? Willie Mays Hayes, Wild Thing, Dorn and Pedro Cerrano.  ‘No way, To High”. Awesome!

The Sand Lot

Dude, I love this God damn movie. You are killing me Smalls! You play ball like a Girl! The Beast! Wendy Peffercorn! Man, I could go on forever. Forever.. Forever…

Mighty Ducks.

You would be lying to yourself if said you never tried the Triple deke or even the Flying V. Come on, you know you did

Bill Durham.

Listen, I love Kevin Costner. I do. He was always the best actor for sports movies because he actually looked like he could play them. Crash and Nuke are awesome. Come on Meat, throw the ball at my head..

League of Their Own,

Jimmy Dugan, what more can say? His lines are classic. Use your head. It is that thing three feet above your ass! Dirt in the Skirt! By the way, Madonna is hot as hell in this movie. Gina Davis throws better than most of my friends.

Tin Cup 

This is one of the most underrated sports movies. Well, at least in my book it is. Man, I love this movie. He takes a solid 12 on the 18th hole of the U.S. Open. Awesome.


Bill Murrays character Carl is one of the funniest characters I have ever seen. Chevy Chase is awesome too!


First of all, if I did not put this one in here my wife would likely divorce me. She grew up in South Philly and she thinks Rocky is a real person and that Sylvester Stallone is his character. For real. I do love this movie. She still will be mad at me for not putting the other Rocky movies in here.

Field Of Dreams

I told you, I love Costner. I guess I am man crushing on him. If you build it, he will come. I probably should have not written that line right after saying I am man crushing. Me stupid..

The Little Giants.

Where do I begin on this one? Ice-Box, Junior, and Spike. I could go on forever. The Annexation of Puerto Rico. Need I say more..

There it is boys and girls my top ten movies. I told you some of them are corny as hell….



A.I, where did you go bro..


 Since it is All-Star weekend in the NBA it just had me feeling about my boy Iverson again. I know the dude is a jackass but I always loved him. He is even willing to go the D-League to get back in the NBA. Dude, people still love him. There is even a soccor team that offered him 20 grand a game to play. Here is wishing he makes it back into the NBA. So I decided to search the web and I found this. Check it out. Yes Sir!!

Evan Turner, a world record holder for about a minute…


 So today Evan Turner made the Guinness book of world records. Well, for about an hour that is until Ricky Rubio beat him. Evan made 14 shots from behind the backboard under sixty-seconds. The Rubio made 18 shots under sixty-seconds. Not really sure but I think he held it for about an hour for real. Turner was also in the Rising Star challenge. He was on Team Chuck (Barkley) and he ended up having 16 points 11 rebounds and 7 assists.

Here is Evan…

Here is Rubio..



  It is that time peeps. Well, actually the real peeps come out around this time too. Man, I used to eat them all the time. The yellow kind was always my favorite. Alrighty on to pitchers and catchers! It is funny if you where to tell me ten years ago that the Phils would have this much hype the past couple of seasons about pitchers and catchers I would asked you what kind of weed have you been smoking? Man, how times have changed. This is definitely not the Phils I grew up on. When I went to games as a kid the best part was that know one would be there and I would just make the 700 level my personal play ground. Then of course when I got a little older I made it my very own boxing ring. Opening Day 1999, now that was a fun day. So let’s just kick back and enjoy the ride. This is the best era of Phils baseball and I am enjoying every second of it.

Positions Battles

Fifth outfield spot. Pierre verus Podsednik.

This should be a good one. They are basically the same type of players. They both rely on their speed and both are slap hitters. Pods is a little bit of a better defender. Pierre has a slight edge for playing in the majors last year. Pods was injured for most of the year and was in the minors for the Phils. 

Advantage. Pierre

Fifth spot in the rotation.

Blanton versus Kendrick versus Pineiro

This one really will be decided by Blanton’s health. Though if he is healthy we will find out if them trade rumors are finally true. Kendrick is better as the swing guy for the Phils as a spot starter and reliever. Pineiro could be the wild card of the bunch. He struggle last while dealing with a bum shoulder though prior to that he had two solid years in a row.

Advantage. Blanton

Some other news…

  Dom Brown is out to win a job this spring. He said that he will not be at peace if he is starting at Triple A this year. I sort of blame the Phils for his struggles. They bounced him around to much the past couple of years. Hopefully he starts to develop more and learns how to field a fly ball. That is the main reason why he will likely be in Triple A because of his defense. He has been helped out by Garry Sheffield in the off-season. That is very interesting; hopefully he did not help him out with buying vitamins. Just saying….

 Howard has been talking grounders and now BP today. The target date still seems to be early May for his return. I would hold him off as long as they can to make sure he is fully healthy when he returns. Wigg and Thome will split time at first base and Mayberry will get a start or two until Howard returns.

 It turns out Doc really did not save guy from an Anaconda. Whatever… He still did in my book.



Puck Heads….


   The saga continues the Rick Nash saga that is. Here is some of the latest from it if you missed it. So as of late last night when the Flyers traded for Kubina in which is a solid trade, most of the peeps where waiting for the other shoe to drop. By the way what the hell does not mean anyway? Waiting for the other shoe to drop it makes no sense. Whatever. The Flyers had to send a guy down to the minors in which they did with Bourdon but with the trade they still where going to be over the 50 contract limit. Flyers ended up trading Jon Kalinski from the Phantoms to make room to Tampa So me and my twitter tweeps last night thought something big was about to go down. Of course everyone was waiting for the Nash trade to happen. Obviously, it did not. The Blue Jackets have been scouting the Flyers hard lately and in the past three games for the Flyers. The Blue Jackets GM Howson, has been at all of them. Sure does seem like something is about to go down.

 The Flyers, Kings, Rangers, Sharks and the Maple Leafs. According to ESPN rumor central the Blue Jackets are asking for JVR, Bob, Schenn or Couturier for Nash. That is a pretty high price for my taste and most likely the Flyers too. That is probably too high for the Flyers taste as well or the deal would have happen already. I would throw in Read in there over Schenn/Couturier. The price will likely drop as the deadline draws closer.  Should be a fun ride you never know what Homer has up his sleeve. Now, that makes sense! BOOM. 

 All honesty though the most important thing is to get Bryz right, some how, some way. That might have been the worst three goals I have ever seen by goalie give up against Pitt. Bryz is flat-out lost in the net. Tim Panaccio is laughing inside right now. He has been waiting for Bryz to blow up. He has been saying all season that Bryz is whacked out and has been peppering the Flyers with questions about it since day one. I love Bryz’s personality. I just hope that he gets right so we can see it. Panaccio shut up! You little elf!

 Sad to hear Pronger is not doing any better. His wife explained it today at the Flyer Wives fight for Lives Carnival. Here is the story.

Sixers Balls….Sixers got Dirked and ESPN is funny


-Well, ladies and gents that was an ugly one last night. As good as the Sixers where in the first half they where equally as bad in the second half against the Mavs. They shoot 9-42 from the field in the second half and scored a total of 24 points. Dirk scored 24 points in the second half himself. Holiday and Meeks went a combined 0-12 from the field. Holiday is 1-17 from the field in his last two games. Yikes. Have to give Dallas credit they made the game a half-court game in the second-half. The Sixers struggle when the game is forced that way. That was ugly.

-The Sixers are 6-9 this against teams that are .500 or better. They are first in league in opponent points per game at 87.2. They are 5-5 in this tough month of February.

-Hawes is being missed a lot by this team and seems like he won’t be around anytime soon. He will see specialist soon for his Achilles. Hawes would help big-time in the half-court set for the Sixers. The Sixers used him as the filter in the high-post with running screens and back door cuts off him in the early going. They took advantage of Hawes passing skills. The Sixers are 12-2 when he plays and 8-9 when he does not. Who know that Hawes would be that important to this team? I sure as hell did not.

-A.I wants back in the NBA so bad he is willing to go to the D-league to due so. Probably because he is broke too. Man, A.I never learned. He should have left his piece of shit posse along time ago. His stupidity and his posse have sucked him dry. I still love him though for some dumbass reason. He will always be my favorite player of all-time. Hopefully he finds a job somewhere.

-Check out my article on Linsanity. By the way after last nights Knicks game the headline on ESPN read, Chink in the Armor after their loss. Nice, ESPN. You stupid.


Then they did even better with this one with Dirk. Awesome. Someone got fired last night.



Puck Heads: Get Nash!


 What up Puck Heads! This is always a fun time of the year in hockey land. There are always crazy ass rumors getting thrown around. We all know that the Flyers need a physical defenseman who can clear the front of the net bad right now. The couple of names you have been hearing are Luke Schenn of the Maple Leafs and Hal Gill of the Canadians. Schenn is of course the brother of Brayden Schenn most of you peeps know already. Luke is 22 years old and a physical D-man who has yet to fully develop. Gill is a 36 year old season physical vet with a Cup already in his pocket. Luke will cost something. Gill not much at all. The one name that we keep hearing is JVR for Schenn. JVR seemed primed for a breakout season after easily being the Flyers best player in the playoffs last season but he has been in and out of the lineup all season long with injuries. The latest one being a concussion.(obviously) So what do the Flyers do? Swap youngsters who have yet to live up to their potential or go get a season vet who has been there before for D help? This could help you answer that question. Rick Nash and here is why…

 So this morning I am check out my twitter time-line for the first time in days. The reason for that is that I decided to start puking for 24 hours straight on Saturday then ending up in the ER for dehydration yesterday. Awesome. The best part about it was that brother Shawn took me to the ER in which I was very grateful for but he came in with me looking like he just got done hiking Mount Everest with his water bottles, back-pack, his little back-pack and 7 lap-tops. Of course everything was North Face that he was wearing. And now I am back. In my timeline I start seeing these rumors of Nash coming here. I say get it DONE NOW! Nash is a 27 year old pure goal scorer. He has scored more than 30 goals in 6 out of his 8 seasons in the league going into this year with nobody else around him ever. He has also scored more than 40 goals twice and has 18 goals so far this year. Yes, I understand that the Flyers need a defenseman bad. I get it. Though you can see the offense at times lately has been down. Of course injuries have played a big part. You can see Jagr starting to slow down a bit because of injuries/age. Briere before he got hurt he was having an up and down season. As good as a season Hartnell is having he is not a pure goal scorer. B-Schenn has played very well of late and so has Simmonds. I love that dude. Read has been solid for a rook. BUT when you are going for a cup run you always try to load up as many bullets as you can and pure goal scorers are hard to find. Nash would be huge bullet. 

   I know the Flyers have a lot of youngsters on this team but make no mistake this team is built to win now. Why else do you bring in Jagr and Bryz? No other reasons what so ever. Flyers already have a good relationship with the Blue Jackets. See the Carter/Umberger deals for that. How awesome would Nash look next to G? Come on!!  You know you would love that. I say use your bullets on Nash. JVR, Wellwood, Bob and a first/second round pick. Maybe even throw Read in there for someone and take someone out. Then send a 3rd or 4th round pick to the Canadians for Gill. Well, I would do all of this if I was running the Flyers in NHL12 on my X-BOX at least. Man, my grammar sucks. Me stupid.


Quick Tuggs: Iggy an All-Star/Will Ferrell/Philly’s Heroes



S/O to Iggy for his first All-Star team selection. It is well deserved. The past two years Iggy has flourished under Collins. He has finally understood that he is not a number 1 scorer and there is nothing wrong with that. He still is a good player with the other things he does passing, defending, rebounding and running the floor. When Iggy is in the open court he is a top ten player and he is an elite defender. Nice to see him understand the player he really is then trying to be something he is not. Here is the full list of All-Stars.

Check out my article on why I think the Sixers should just stay the course and not make a trade this year. Ride this season out then decide who stays and who goes.

For the hell of it here is Will Ferrell doing the Bulls/Hornets introductions. It is funny as hell.

Our Heroes


Roy Halladay- saving a local fisherman from Brazil from a Anaconda. Yes Sir!


Lou Williams- buying a guy who tried to rob him Mc Donald’s. Awesome!


Ty Wigginton- delivering his baby son. Unbelievable!


Mike Vick- named the number 1 hated athlete in all of sports. Leave it up to the Eagles to screw that up.