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Sports announcing screw ups! Thanks Amare!


In honor of Amare Stoudemire’s ‘Bulging Dick”  I have decide to gather up some funny mistakes by sports announcers. Just for the hell of it.

Amare’s “Bulging Dick”


“The Worst Sports Guy Ever’

And I thought I could not talk. “Boom goes the Dynamite” at the 2:30 mark and it is awesome.

“Shitty field”

I always knew that the Mets had a ‘shitty” team but I now know that they have a “shitty’ field as well.

‘Buzzer Beater”

I swear this dude just exploded in his pants. LOL

“Like Woa’

This is just great.

‘Stop the Cock”

He did rebound nicely though. I will give him that.

“Joe Buck”

I know that the player’s name is Gay but this is still awesome.


 I think this a fake but it is still funny as hell

“We are on air”

Someone please tell this guy he looks ok.


The best part of this is the comment on it at the youtube site. Where the guy said that she will respawn in the kitchen in 3..2..1… S/O to my Call of Duty peeps.

Puck Heads: Bryz/Carle/And the G-man..



By now you probably already heard the news about Bryz’s foot. The Flyers took an x-ray prior to the game against Tampa last night and it showed nothing. Then they had a MRI done today and it showed a small chip. Homer said that Bryz can play on it. All honesty, I am surprised that they are not calling it a “lower-body” injury. The Flyers love to throw that around.

After struggling most of the year with his universe, tigers and umm, goaltending. He has been on fire this month. He has won player of the week twice. He has 2.46 goals against average and has .910 save percentage this month. That is what you want in your goal-tender this time of the year, just in time for the playoffs. I swear, I loved Bryz even when he was struggling. His personality is perfect awesone. You never know what he will say next. The media likes to blow (no pun attended) some of Bryz’s antics out of control at times, especially, that little angry elf. That would be Timmy Panaccio. Sorry, Timmy.

The Flyers still have an outside chance at the 1st seed, even with giving that game away to Tampa last night. They still have shot 4th seed as well. They are 7 points behind the Rangers. The Flyers have 6 games left. Half are at home. They play the Rangers one more time on April 3rd at home. The Rangers have 6 games left as well. Half of theirs are at home. They end the season against Boston, Philly, Pitt and Wash. It will be tough for the Flyers though, they have a better shot at the 4th seed. They play Pitt twice in their last 6 games of the season and they only trial Pitt by 4 points.

Some peeps like to talk shit about Matt Carle at times. Saying he turns the puck over to much. Believe it or not, his turnovers have only led to 3 goals according to Not bad at all peeps.

Giroux needs 14 points to finish with 100 in the last 6 games. It does not seem like he will reach that. G is still has had an unbelievable season. G’s 86 points is the most points by any Flyer since Mark Recchi had 91 points in 1999-2000 season. The last 100 points scorer for the Flyers was Lindros, when he had 115 points in the 1995-96 season. 

Giroux is a highlight film waiting to happen. With that said here is his best highlight this year peeps! Watch his teammates re-action after. Awesome..

Philer-up…. Dom Brown


Maybe it is the “Homer” in me, but I was really hoping that Dom Brown was going to make this team. The Phils announced that Dom Brown was sent to the minors today. Not going to lie, I was pissed off at first. I am not totally against the demotion if it is strictly for his defense. He has nothing to learn to by going against triple-A pitching. He did struggle against it when he was demoted last season by just hitting .261 with 3 homeruns in 174 at bats. That was basically about his confidence being shot. Thanks, to Ruben thinking he was playing “Shoots and Ladders” with Dom. In 2010 before his call up he hit .327 with 20 homeruns in the minors. Playing in both Double-A/Triple-A that year. He hit .346 and 5 homeruns in Triple A in 28 games. When it comes down to it, it is Ruben fault for Dom’s slow development. Ruben bought him up in 2010 and Charlie used him as pinch-hitter. That flat-out killed his development. In that season in his last 28 at bats, 16 of them he was used as a pinch hitter.

Some people might say he really did nothing up in the bigs hitting wise. He really was not that bad. Yes, only hit .246 with 5 bombs, but he did show the ability to work the count. For a young kid that is always a positive sign. I am really hoping that his demotion is for his defense. Like I said before, this team needs youth. Utley and Howard may never be the same, especially Utley. I am just not sold on having a pair 36 years olds, in Podsenik and Pierre as being important part of your team, though only one of them will make the big league club. Thome is 40, Polly is 36, Rollins is 33, Utley is 33 but is more like 50 from his style of play. Howard is 32 and as we all know coming back from that Achilles injury.

I would have had Brown in leftfield, Mayberry at first base and had Nix as your fourth outfielder. Listen, Howard is not coming back soon and seems as if Utley will not be either. Thome is too old to play more than once or twice a week. Wigg is here because you know it is only a matter of time before Polly gets hurt again. Well, I guess I should say it is nice at least to see Galvis get a shot at second. 

I was just ready for some youth on this team this year. The Phils could have kept him up, escpecially with this pitching staff. The Phils use to run out Burrell and Raul in leftfield. That is what I would have done. Shit, I am just blogger anyway. What the hell do I know?!

Andy’s Day Care .. Eagles get a Pro-Bowl LB!


I want to give thanks Ed Wade for helping us get a Pro-Bowl middle linebacker from Houston, for a 4th round pick and swap of 3rd rounders. He had to have something to do with it. That makes Lidge, Oswalt, Pence and now Ryans, thanks Eddy. I am really starting to think Ed Wade is illumanati. Just saying….

 DeMeco Ryans is a tackling machine and is a leader out on the field. He has been the Texans captain. He is only 27 years old and about to hit his “prime years” as people love to say though he is coming off a Achilles injury. He tore it in the 2010 season. He rebound well from the injury as the season went on last year. 

The one thing I will never understand about the NFL is their trades. I get certain positions are valued more than others, but you almost never see equal value in a trade. The only one that I can remember is the Portis for Champ Bailey. Never any blockbusters. Randy Moss went to the Patriots for a 4th round pick when he was in his prime still. For the love God, the Eagles got T.O for a 5th round pick and Brandon Whiting. I will also never forget that the Eagles got 2nd round picks for Kevin Kolb and A.J Feely. See what I mean. After all said and done, great move by the Birds. Ryans is the first legitimate middle linebacker  the Eagles have had since Trotter was in his prime.


Philly Fan/Boston Fan


  I was messing round on twitter the other day and found this piece from Hardball Talk. It said that the Philly and Boston fans are pretty much the same.  I can almost agree with that. Almost…. The thing is that the Boston fans think that Philly fans poor/broke bastards. Well, they got bastards right. We are at times. Boston fans just have this smugness about them. I swear, I want to slap the shit out of them. Sorry, I can not help it. I remember being up at Fenway Park with my friends,  of course we  got into it with some fans there. They just kept saying to us, ” The only reason you guys got here it because of that Southwest deal.” You remember that Southwest deal where it was only like 20 dollars to fly to Boston? All of their insults were related to money. We might be alike in a lot ways, but not that way. We actually do no care how much or little money that you make. If you deserve to be put in your place we will do it either way. Here is the link to the article. Boston/Philly. Still want to slap the shit out of you Boston. Just saying….


Sixers Balls…Trade Deadline Madness


 Today was one of the oddest trade deadlines that I can remember. Dwight Howard had a “Saturday Night Live” skit going on like Ross Perot with his ” I am staying in Orlando”, “I am leaving Orlando” act. Obviously, we will resume this madness a year from now with Dwight. That whole three way deal with the Nuggets, Clippers and Wizards left me wonder what the hell? I felt like I was in the ‘twilight zone” or something.  Nene, Brian Cook to the Wiz, JaVale MeGee, Runny Turiaf to the Nuggets and Nick Young to the Clips. That trade on the cover looks like the Nuggets was hammered when they made this deal. I really do not understand that one at all. If Young’s head is screwed on right, he could be a a very nice peice for the Clips. He can score.

Then you have our old friend Billy King, Nets GM, making one last desperate act to surround D-Will with someone by trading for Gerald Wallace. Wallace is a nice player but to give up a first round pick that is only protected in the top 3 makes zero sense. Billy, really bro? Billy, you will never learn. Okur and Shawne Williams went to Portland as well.

 You know Kobe wants to knock someone out in LA. They traded Derek Fisher to the Rockets for Jordan Hill. That is Kobe’s boy. They did acquire Ramon Sessions today for Luke Walton. He will start right away for them at the point. He is a underrated player.

As quick as the Warriors got Stephen Jackson back  it was that quick that they turned around and traded him to the Spurs for Richard Jefferson. Nice pickup by the Spurs. Pop will get the best out of Jackson.


Our Sixers made a minor deal for Sam Young from Memphis.Young, will become one of the “Night Shifters”. The 6’6″, 220 lbs, Young is a very physical player and is a good defender. He played very well for the Memphis during their playoff run last year. Since Turner has been moved to the starting lineup, the Sixers were a little small of the bench with guards/wings. Jodie and Lou are not the best defenders in the world either. Young will fit in nicely right in there. Solid move by the Sixers, they did not giving up anything other then the rights to guy named Rickey Sanchez, who they received back in 2007 in a trade. Sanchez plays in Argentina. Here is the full list of trades today.

Here is my article about how the Sixers might win their first division title since 2000-01 season.


Andy’s Day Care…Eagles taking care of their own for once. Well, except for D-Jax


All is quiet right now in Eagles land as far as signing free agents but they are finally taking care of their own.

They gave RT Todd Heremans a new three year contract that will keep him under contract until 2016. The dude deserves it. To me at least he is the most underrated lineman in the NFL. Eagles just move him to RT last season and had a very good year there. He is versatile as hell. 

D-Jax is expected to sign the franchise tender either today or tomorrow. His price just went up today if the Eagles are still considering signing him to a long term deal with Garcon deal. The former Colt, signed a deal with the Redskins at 5 years 42.5 million and with 21.5 million guaranteed. Redskins are dumb as hell. That is a lot of money to guy who at best is maybe a number 2 wide out. You can always rely on Daniel Synder to make us Eagles fans laugh. All honesty though, I have no idea what the Eagles plans for D-Jax are going to be. He is a unique case. Should be interesting…

Late last night Peter Prisco of cbssports, tweeted that the Eagles were on the verge of signing middle linebacker/Home town boy Dan Connor. Then “Eagles boy”, Howard Eskin, shot them rumors down saying that Eagles where not going to sign him. That where trying to get their own players done first. Connor would be a nice backup. I do not think he can be an every down MLB in the NFL. He was on the Panthers bench for most of his career. He did start 11 games last year though.

Speaking of getting there players taken care of first Adam Caplan is reporting that the Eagles are on the verge of signing Trent Cole to a contract extension. Smart move boys. Cole has been the Eagles best defensive player for the past couple of years. The former fifth round pick has turned himself into one of the better D-lineman in the league.

There are reports out there that Eagles are interested in saftey LaRon Landry. He is a big-time hitter that the Eagles have lacked since the departure of B-Dawk. Eagles are still assholes for that. Landry is very injury prone and sometimes over pursues because he is trying to take someone head off. I would definitely take a look at him if I was the Eagles. The dude is a freak just look at the picture.


Contributor Myron Taylor


Sixers balls… “ShowYaLuv” song


I tried to get it on youtube but it was not working. So here is the link to Dre Dennis Sixers song called “ShowYaLuv’. It is badass! Check it out! 

Also here is a link to my article on Jrue Holiday and his growing pains

Andy’s Day Care…. FredEx/ D-Jax equals Rob Base. Kidding..


  FredEx, FredEx. Jesus dude, really did this shit? He set dudes up by sending them to these to two guys and then he would receive a profit from it. The ‘People’s champ”, “First Down Freddie” and one of his best quotes ever after his biggest catch of his Eagles career the 4th and 26, “I would like to thank God for my hands being so great’. He is facing IRS charges for tax-refund scam. Well, some one else will be thanking God his hands are so great if ends up in jail. Just for the Hell of it here is his 4th and 26 catch. By the way, that is McNabb leading a fourth quarter comeback just saying…

  D-Jax actually does not sound that bad at all. You know he is going to hear some shit about wearing LA stuff in the video. I really don’t care but you know some one will. Remember he is from Cali.. Glad to see he was working on something this off-season. Here is his video with Lou Williams too.

One last thing check out this article by Ray Diddy about how he thinks the Eagles should pursuePeyton Manning. Good read peeps.


Philer-up! Lenny, Nooooo…


– As everyone knows by now Lenny Dykstra has been sentenced to a three years in prison for “Grand Theft Auto’. I guess he thought he was playing the video game and he was trying to get some extra life with the girl in the car. Ok fine, it did not go down like that. All jokes aside, it is sad to see one of my child hood hero’s fall from grace like this even if he did deserve it. He always had the best nick-names “The Dude”,”Nails” and my favorite poster as a kid was him and Dale Murphy, Doctor Dirt and Mister Clean. Damn, Lenny what the hell happen to you bro? Charlie Sheen probably gave him some of that ‘Tiger Blood” when they hung out. Here is my favorite poster!


– There were reports to today that Hamels and the Phils talks were heating up. Jim Salisbury of CSNPHILLY was the first one to report this. Hamels agent, John Boggs, is spending the week down in Clearwater. Boggs has said that he would not like to put a time table on the contract negotiations rather just let it play out. Dude, just sign the man already. I really do not think the Phils are going to let him get away. Here is an old article I wrote about how Hamels is a “Philly” guy.

 – Ryan Howard seems to be further away from playing then the Phils are saying. Well, at least to me it seems that way. For a man his size to come back from an Achilles’ injury quick has to be very hard to do even more so after the little procedure he had done last week. If I were the Phils I would not rush him back. I have heard some people say that tearing your Achilles’ is worst then blowing out your knee. The Phils have 125 million reasons not to rush him back. All honesty, Howard should talk to Elton Brand for advice to see when to push through pain and when not too. Remember that EB tore his Achilles’ the year before signing with the Sixers.