Philly Sports night and it does not get any better than this.


These types of nights I usually end up having carpel tunnel by the end of it. Man, love this shit. Flyers/ Pens, Doc versus Johnson, and Sixers versus Raptors. Ok, the Sixers/Raptors thing is a little bit of reach. I can not help it though; I will definitely tune in to watch them as well. I am a sports junkie and it does not get any better than this. I will be park firmly on my basement couch. I will be rocking my Phils hat, my ‘Tony the Tiger” look alike Flyers jersey and will be drinking out my Sixers mug. How can I forget? My basement is an Eagle shrine. I will be representing 4 for 4 very well tonight boys and girls.

Here is one thing I am looking for tonight in each game.


Obviously a win, but really for someone to take a run at Malkin or Crosby. I would actually prefer Malkin. I can not stand that Mother F%%K#$!!


For Doc to throw another no-no. Why, might you ask? Because he is pissed off that the Flyers and the Sixers are playing tonight. Doc does not like when other Philly teams are playing as he is pitching.


For Evan Turner to get more involved in the Sixers offense and for Collins to like him. Well, two out of three is not bad.

I will leave you with some highlights from each team and of course some Knock, Knock..


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