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Sixers Balls…Sixers Draft workouts/Humphries a Sixer?

Let the fun begin! The off-season officially started for the Sixers 5 days ago and every one is ready to play fantasy basketball with the Sixers roster. Of course I will join in as well but I am giving myself a couple of days to do some research/homework before I will release my Sixers new and improved roster. I will try not create up my friends like I used to in NBA Live. I promise I won’t. I did give some thought on who stays and who goes from the roster. Here is the link.

The Sixers worked out a few guys so far for the draft. (Villanova) Dominic Cheek, (IUPUI) Alex Young, (Missouri) Kim English, (Lithunia) Mindaugas Kupsas and (Philadelphia University) Temi Adebayo. The one that has impressed the Sixers the most is Alex Young. The 6 foot 6 shooting guard is expected to go late first round to mid second. He is athletic and can beat guys off the dribble.  So exciting… I kid… Here is an early Mock Draft that has the Sixers taking Arnett Moultrie out of Miss St.

Here some early rumors for the Sixers already. They might have interest in “Mr. Kardashian” Kris Humphries. Humphries has turn himself into a solid NBA player the past two years. He is coming off of  back to back seasons of averaging a double double. The 27-year-old has also developed a nice little pick and pop game and is a very good re-bounder. Not that player that I want though. I am tired of these nice players for the Sixers. This years team was full of nice players. Time for an impact Big man. My wife is happy that the Sixers maybe want Humphries though. Ya!  Here is another little quick rumor. The Sixers like Eric Gordon. Hmmm. Gordon is a restricted free agent and is your prototypical shooting guard. The dude can flat-out hoop. Though has injuries problems. We are 5 days into the off-season and I am having fun already.

Philer Up! Silver lining in Doc’s Injury

Ouch! Roy Halladay is out 6-8 weeks with a strained right latissimus dorsi strain. This Phillies season has  been a rough one and having already sustained significant injuries to Howard and Utley this is not the news the Phillies were hoping for. Anytime you lose arguably the best pitcher in the game for 6-8 weeks it’s going to impact your team but there are a couple of things to be optimistic about. First lets take look Halladay himself. A strain is the lesser of two evils.  It could have been a rotator cuff or another type of shoulder injury that required surgical repair. Those types of injuries would have definitely put Doc on the shelf for the rest of the season or worse a full year.

Secondly it was obvious he wasn’t pitching the way he usually does which prompted the injury speculation in first place. So you could argue that we didn’t have the real Doc anyway. Since it seems that the injury was the cause of Doc’s troubles all season there is no reason why he can’t get back to his regular dominant form once he is healthy and can come off the DL.  As far as his replacement Vance Worely pitched a bull pen session and the reports are he felt good with no pain. So hopefully he can step right in to Halladay’s spot in the rotation. Looking at the starting pitching staff as a whole without Halladay you still can’t be all that upset. That is the advantage of having three legit number one starters.

A team with two solid starters at the top of the rotation usually can stay competitive and the top of the Phillies rotation is not just two solid starters it’s Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. Hamels right now is an early favorite for the NL Cy Young Award and even though Cliff Lee doesn’t have a win yet he is sporting a 2.82 ERA. It’s not that he’s pitching bad it’s that  he is getting less run support than Hamels did last year. Lee is going to start winning games, he won’t be win-less all season. Plus if Vanimal is pain-free like they say he is (although the Phillies haven’t been reliable in reporting the severity of injuries lately) he’s a solid third starter. Blanton is struggling right now but he will be better and is a good fourth starter. Even with Halladay out most teams would take the Phillies staff any day of the week. Unless it’s the fifth day and Kendrick is pitching. I know Kendrick just pitched a shutout I’m kidding, kind of.

As for the rest of the team, for all their struggles and injures they are above .500 and only 4 games back of Nationals. Even though it’s frustrating to watch, the plan was to trend water until Howard and Utley came back. Howard is inching back. He took part in live batting practice which is a step in the right direction. I’m not so optimistic about Utley’s situation but what is encouraging is Galvis is on pace for 75 RBI’s. Say if the Phillies are able to get Halladay, Howard, and Utley back it would be like getting three mid-season acquisitions. Not to mention if they are still in the race at the trade deadline I think the Phils will be buyers and get a real mid-season acquisition. Add that to the Phils being a better second half team and they could go on a tear after the All Star break. I know I’m just looking at the bright side but it isn’t all that unreasonable. Outside of the Dodgers who have the best record in baseball no other team in the NL has a better than the Nationals. Being only 4 games back of the Nats  right now the Phillies have a comparable record to most teams in the NL. Unless a couple of teams get hot we will have a shot at a wild card spot which remember there are two of this year. Plus their offense is starting to pick up without real contributions from Pence, Rollins and Victorino.

Anyone of those guys could pick it up at anytime. Cliff Lee is on the mound  tomorrow night and with a win they will be 13-7 in there last 20 games. What will determine the success of the season in the long run will ultimately be the progress of their injured players and I’m optimistic for two of the three. The outlook may not be a positive one right now but at the end this season we could be the team in the playoffs who got hot at the right time.

By Chuck Lombardi @chuckwagon924

Philer Up! Doc on DL. Hoping for quick/healing stint not a decline of a aging star

There are many things you could be disappointed by this Phillies season. Cole Hamels hasn’t signed a new deal yet. Ryan Howard looked as if he wouldn’t miss much time until his surgically repaired Achilles became infected which prolonged his rehab by weeks. Chase Utley thought he was fine halfway through spring training until someone reminded him that you need your knees to play baseball. But the most unexpected disappointment this season is that Roy Halladay has looked like a mere mortal. He is so good that sometimes you need to remind yourself that he is just a man even though he rarely shows it and he definitely hasn’t shown much of that here in  Philadelphia.

In the previous two season here he has a record of 40-16 with an ERA of 2.40 and 439 strike outs. He has pitched 17 complete games 5 of which were shutouts, one was a perfect game and  not to mention he threw only the second no-hitter in post season history. With those numbers it’s hard to find much failure. This season is a different story though. Word out of spring training was that Doc’s velocity was down and he didn’t look as sharp as usual. At the start of the season it did seem his velocity was down but in his first four starts he went at least 7 innings and gave no more than 3 runs in a game. Since than three of his last six start have not been very Doc like to say the least. In those three starts he hasn’t gone deeper then 6 innings giving up no fewer then four runs and allowing two grand slams.

Doc had only given up three grand slams in his career prior to the two he gave up just in the span of a month. Neither Halladay nor the Phillies had acknowledged  the possibility of an injury until the good doctor was yanked after only 2 innings of work on Sunday.Pitching coach Rich Dubee said. “I know he’s had a cranky shoulder, He hasn’t looked right and he didn’t look right today. I knew he wasn’t going to come out of the game. I basically said that was enough.”. It’s almost a relief to hear Halladay is struggling with an injury. Not that you ever hope someone is injured but Halladay is at an age (35) when you start to wonder when he will lose his stuff. Given the option of an injury or father time catching up with Doc, as it eventually does with everyone, I’ll take the injury considering it is a minor one. Something that stint on the DL will likely clear up.

Hallady has had a rough season before. In 2004 a shoulder injury sent Doc to the DL twice limiting him to 21 starts. He commented on the 2004 season comparing the shoulder injury then to the shoulder injury now by saying “I felt it every single start from the beginning of the season on [in 2004],”. He also went on to say “The two years before [2004] I threw 500-plus innings and threw a lot of bullpens in the winter and wore myself out. I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m smarter now. I’m going to make sure we address it and move on.” It is just scary watching a guy who looks like a machine most of the time show he is human. I don’t think that Halladay is on a steep decline he has the make up to be a Randy Johnson type player and pitch competitively into his forties.  I guess that is just the way this season is going. Being optimistic this year is to hope for a quick/healing DL stint and not a steep decline of an aging super star.

By Chuck Lombardi @chuckwagon924

Sixers Balls…Sixers/Celtics Recap Game 6.

It is never pretty with team. EVER. They struggle shooting at times (understatement), defensive rebounding, and turning the ball over in these playoffs. Though something that  this team always had is heart and that never say die attitude. On night where the Sixers needed to be fearless they where and they brought out their old fearless warrior, Allen Iverson. Who started off the night by rocking Wells Fargo. Goose bumps galore for me.  Iverson looked like he was about to pass out. You could see his hands shaking and his eyes getting fulled up. Man, I miss that dude. I am not going to lie, if was at the game I would have cried. Basically, almost cried watching it any way.

The game was close  for most of the night because of free throws.  Boston hung around strictly because of their ability to get to the line and make them going 20-23. The Sixers got to line as well but missed 11 of them 17-28. They did go 6-6 in the last couple of minutes of the game.  Not trying to dog Iggy here but he was not even close on most of his foul shot attempts. Then last two he takes with about 2 minutes left he calmly knocks down both. Try to wrap your head around that one. The Sixers have to be the worst foul shooting team in the league. Though this team just keeps finding ways to win.  Turner had a solid game especially defensively on Rondo. Holiday was a major factor. When Jrue stays aggressive the Sixers always seem to play well. Even my favorite whipping boy Lou Will had a solid game. He played within the game. What can you say about Brand. The guy is playing with one shoulder and still battling out their.  He finished with a double-double. Yes, he is over paid and yes this is most likely his last year here but he gives you all he has. That is why he will always have my respect.

The key was that they held Rondo in check and kept him out of the lane most of the night. Turner did a very good job of this like I said before. Garnett had a decent game. He really did nothing until the fourth. Pierce was good he  finished with 24 and 10. Though he looked even better when he got put on a poster by Iggy. Iggy can do these plays every once and while where he makes your jaw drop. MY GOD IGGY, that was nasty. The bottom line is that Boston goes as Rondo goes now days.  That is not a shot at KG and Pierce but you saw what happens when you neutralize Rondo. The Celtics do not function the same.

Hey, man I am just happy that the Sixers are still playing on memorial day weekend. Most people would have not thought that. You can say what you want about this team. They beat a Rose-less Bulls, they don’t have star, they are to  in-consistent. That all is true. You know what else is true. They are one win away from the Eastern Conference finals.  If the Sixers can win Game 7 in Boston that would wipe away the stain of beating Bulls only because D-Rose was hurt. If they bring their “D” as they usually do they will have a shot.  In the NBA history of Game 7 the home team has won 80% of the time. So they have a 20% chance. What?! I said they had a chance. It is the 30 year anniversary of Game 7 at the Garden. The Boston Strangler!

El Diablo’s Choice of the Weekend is…Kona Longboard Lager

The return of El Diablo! He is baaaack! Bringing you the best beers for your weekend choices and as always bringing his wise wisdom. So let’s kick of this holiday weekend… His first choice of the year is Kona Longboard Lager…

His reasoning…It makes you feel like you are  in the Hawaiian Islands…Not really but it tastes good.  Told you, always the best from him.  Here is a review of it.

Contributor  Pat Hickman

Quick Tuggs: Giroux/Iverson


The G-man is in race against Pitts Evgeni Malkin for the Cover of NHL 13. We can not let Claude lose to a God-Damn Penguin. Especially, Malkin. Some people hate Crosby more but for some reason I hate Malkin more.  Always had and always will. He is such a Punk-Ass. Here is the link to vote. Plus, how can you not vote for Giroux? He  has a song about him and  is a killer beer pong player.


I am sorry, I have to keep posting shit about A.I. He was my first official “Man Crush’. So just get used to it. I figured I had to watch his into to Game 6 again just one more time. Remember 8:00 tip-off. Showyaluv! Time to remake history at the new Garden.


Philer Up…Utley in left field?..Dom Brown, we will never see you

As I am watching Big Joe give up a 6 run lead I decided to check out twitter. You can always find some funny ass jokes about Blanton on their. Though I found something  interesting instead. Chase Utley worked out in left-field. It was reported by Dave Murphy of the Daily News.

Chase Utley working out with John Mayberry Jr. and Juan Pierre in left field here at Busch Stadium

This does make a lot sense for the Phils. Less wear and tear on Chase’s knees and it most likely means that they are trying to find a way to keep Galvis  here  when Utley returns. What it also means that Dom Brown is no where close to being in Amaro’s mind. That brings me to my main point. Dom has struggle at Triple A so far this year and has dealt with injuries as well.  He is hitting .248 with no home runs and 15 rbi’s in 101 ab’s. Brown’s confidence seems to be shot. In 2010  he hit .346  5 bombs and 21 rbi’s in 107 ab’s at Triple A. He is not going to learn anything down there hitting wise. He is facing mostly journeymen down there. The real prospects are at Double A.

They say he is down their for his defense. I agree to a point.  The reason for the POINT is Pierre and Pence. Umm, you might want to rephrase that Phils. I get that Dom needs work  on his defense  but when both Pierre and Pence are on par with him or maybe just a tad better I say, Horse Shit on that! Free Dom Brown! You sons of Bitches!

What is the biggest issue with Phils right now? I say driving in runs some others might say bull-pen. Who really knows if Chase is coming  back this year. Like I said before I am not against putting Utley in left field but you can not rely on him. Howard seems to be  2 months away. So who is left to have a potential to knock in runs? I know Pierre has had a nice season so far but he is not knocking in anyone. He really is not what this team needs right now. Luna? Please. Fontenot? Come on. I know they both play the infield but PLEASE stop with these DUMBASS journeymen. Promote Dom! Seriously, he has the best potential of knocking runs for an in-house option.

I am telling you he is not learning shit down on the farm it is just killing his confidence. If you are not going to bring him up then just trade him. Please just don’t let him rot in the minors Ruben! Of course on a night that I am bitching about run producers the Phils have scored 10 runs. Me stupid

Sixers Balls…Pics of Game 6. Iggy”s Dunk/Dooling getting a facial

Game 6 was such a special night with Iverson in the house and Sixers winning their biggest game since 2001. Wells Fargo was rocking. So I figured to find some photo’s from the game to share with you peeps. And of course Iggy’s dunk on Pierce and Dooling getting tea bagged by the ball. That is what happens when you try to dry hump everyone in the arena. You will get balls in your face sometimes Keyon.

Sixers Balls..Paul Pierce,King of the Floppers. Won an Oscar?

I figured since Pierce is the “King of the Floppers ” in the NBA he had to win some kind of an award. Though I never thought he would win this.  An Oscar? Holy shit bro. Damn, you beat out Philly’s own Will Smith, Leonardo Dicaprio and James  Mcavoy. Man, you really are a great actor..

Sixers Balls..A.I. Back in Philly for T.G.I Friday’s(Kidding) Well…

I had to change that intro I had before with me rapping Slim Shady. It was dumb as hell..Plus, I most likely screwed up the lines any way. I am so pumped up about having Iverson tipping off the game tonight. I sound like a 12-year-old.  The guy is my favorite Philly athlete of all time. Yes,  he was a complete moron off the court but he was captivating on the court like only  FEW  players to lace them up.All honesty, I would have never thought Iverson would ever come back to Philly just to come back and watch a game. I thought you would see him come back and retire that is it. Some how I still feel that some how he will not show up. LOL. You just never know with A.I . Hopefully the Sixers feed off the energy from him being there. I can not wait!  Here are some of his best highlights.#SHOWYALU!