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Philer Up…Pence May End Up Costing Phils

I have a feeling I’m not going to like Hunter Pence. I don’t want to not like him but I might not be able to help it. Pence is a good guy and I like him as a player but when it’s all said and done I think he will have hurt the Phillies more than he helped. When the Phils acquired Pence last season everyone wanted him to come. We needed a right handed bat and Ben Fransisco wasn’t cutting it. We also were at the top of the division and could taste another World Series.

The Phillies had to over pay for Pence to get him but it may turn out that we paid extremely to high. We gave up Jarred Cozart and Jonathon Singleton for Pence.  Cozart has the upside to be a frontline starter and if that fails he has enough power to be a back end bullpen piece. Singleton has All-star potential and can hit for average and power. He is 20 years old and could possibly see time in the majors next season. So we might have over paid well over what Pence was worth to us. It will all depend on what kind of a player Tommy Joseph and Seth Rosin turn into and if Singleton and Cozart reach their potential.

Things could have been different. If the Phillies won the World Series last year it would have all been worth it but now things look bleak. Even if we didn’t win the World Series last year but Pence played here long term and contributed to future winning teams it would have been cool. No one expected him to be here just one post season. Part of the appeal of trading for Pence was he was under contract for a full two seasons. Now it feels like he was just a rental. So if Singleton turns out to be a stud, Cozart turns into a solid pitcher and Joseph and Rosin turn out to be scrubs I won’t be able to look at Hunter Pence and think of anything positive.

Philer Up!..What could the Phils get for Blanton?/This was a fun day on twitter.

This day has easily been one of the craziest days on twitter that I have ever seen, especially if you are Phils fan. There are fake accounts everywhere saying this player is getting traded for this player. Even one of the top Philly sites on twitter got fooled. @Phillysport thought that Hunter Pence finally go traded to the Giants. They thought it was so real that they put up a post on it. If you understand twitter, you would know that more than half of it is sarcasm.  They obviously found out that it was from a fake account. Though I am not going to lie, some of the tweets were funny as hell. Check this one out.

          Charlie pulled Blanton into his office today and told him that he was traded to Orioles. Joe replied “Sweet, I love Oreo’s”

I thought that was one of the better ones. OK, I am done on to the Blanton deal. Jon Heyman of CBSSports, tweeted that the Orioles refuse to put there #3 prospect into a deal for Blanton. I can’t say that I blame them. The prospect is Jonathan Schoop a second/third baseman. Schoop, 20, is currently in double AA and he is hitting .244 with 12 home runs and 43 rbi. He is currently ranked #90 on the top 100 prospect list. Here is a scouts take..

The Curacao native has shown the ability to play well all over the infield. Signed as a shortstop, he could play that premium position, but saw a lot of time at second and third in deference to first-round pick Manny Machado. Regardless of his position, he’s shown some offensive tools and should continue to hit for average with more power coming as he matures. He played alongside Machado quite a bit and seeing the pair together up the middle in Baltimore could be in the cards.

Since it seems like Orioles won’t give up Schoop, here is another player the Phils could be aiming at  third baseman Nick Delmonico. Delmonico, 20, is currently playing in single A and is batting .250 with 11 home runs and 54 rbi. He also has 8 stolen bases. Here is a scouts take..

The son of longtime coach Rod Delmonico and the brother of Minor Leaguer Tony, Delmonico has baseball in his blood. He also, as a result of growing up around the game, has a very high baseball IQ. That’s clear when he’s hitting, with a very good approach from the left side of the plate. He’s more of a hitter now, but he has the chance to develop average power, especially given the loft in his swing. A below-average runner, Delmonico had largely played the infield in high school, and after catching in his senior year, he’s back at third base, where his arm and hands play just fine. In the end, though, it will be his bat that will carry him up the ladder. Delmonico was placed on the disabled list on June 28. He returned to action on July 6.

Scouts take is from

Philer Up!..This day has my head spinning..Phils

Let me say this first, my head is about to explode. OK, I am done know. Say what you want about this season, but these deadline rumors are making this season fun again. They have all of us playing fantasy GM. The best part about this is Reuben Amaro. Since becoming the Phils GM, Amaro always has the Phils right in the middle of things at this time of the year.  He flat-out loves this stuff.

So here is the rundown of all these crazy-ass rumors…

Pierre to Cincy.  Most likely, Pierre would go for cash or a lower level prospect if lucky.

Blanton to Baltimore. Blanton would likely get us a lower level prospect as well.

Victorino to Giants or Dodgers. He better be worth more than that rumored deal with the Reds for a middle reliever. He is a 3 time Gold Glover and 2 time All-Star. Who the hell really knows though, Pence is worth more because he is under contract next season Vic is not.

Lee to  Rangers. This is nuts. The Phils did just come out said that Lee is not available. Well, so much for that. It seems like everything is surrounding Mike Olt of the Rangers in the deal. I am sorry; Lee has to be thinking WTF. I know I am.

Pence to the Giants. The Phils better get a good package for him considering what they gave up. I start with Gary Brown as I said in my previous post. If they so no, I would just keep him.

Headley and Choo to the Phils. So RAJ is getting very creative. I love Choo and Headley is a nice player. Choo has great plate discipline. Something this team lacks big-time. My guess is that the Phils would flip some of the prospects they would get for Vic/Pence for Choo and Headley.

There is a ton of parts to be moved. We all know Amaro by now. There is no doubt in my mind that he is trying to do all of this. As I always say, RAJ is a gunslinger. Most of theses reports are from Jon Heyman of CBSSports, Buster Olney of ESPN and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports.  By the way, I am officially confused…

Philer Up! Just in case you missed Dom Browns catch here it is

Man, that catch really shows off his athletic ability. If only he could stay healthy, maybe the Phils would bring him the hell up.. Probably, not though. It’s annoying as hell. Just bring him up Phils!

Philer Up! Pence on his way?

So maybe Pence is on his way out. According to Chris May of CBSPhilly has reported the Giants and Phillies are in serious talks for Hunter.

Our sister station CBSSF reports the Giants and Phillies are in “serious talks” to trade for Hunter Pence.

Well, OK then..The Phils would be able to get more for Pence than Victorino. Simply, because Pence is under contract for next season and Shane is not. Pence, who took the city by storm last season is a nice player and he is not a star player. That is not a knock on Pence, it’s just who he is. He has looked better with Howard and Utley back in the lineup. Maybe they can replace his bobble-head day coming up in August with a Eric Kratz bobble-head day instead. Just saying…

So who might the Phils be looking at from the Giants? Outfielder Gary Brown and Outfielder Francisco Peguero are their top two hitting prospects. Brown is #38 overall in Top 100 propects and Peguero is #81.

Here is a scouts take on Peguero

Peguero has tools galore and uses them with an all-or-nothing style. He’s aggressive at the plate, a free swinger who doesn’t walk but also doesn’t strike out, making contact with anything and everything. He runs the bases the same way and has the speed to be a basestealing threat. Peguero’s power hasn’t shown up consistently yet, but he’s got pop in his bat for sure. He moved over to right field last year, partially because he was coming back from a knee injury. His strong-arm works well there, but he was back in center in the Dominican this winter. More than anything, Peguero needs to refine his tools and his approach to succeed as he moves up the ladder. He was placed on the disabled list with a left side strain on July 7.

Here is a scouts take on Brown

Many felt Brown should have been promoted midseason in 2011, but there’s nothing wrong with not rushing things. Brown finished in the California League’s top five in several offensive categories, including stolen bases and batting average. His plus speed makes him a perfect future leadoff hitter, especially as he gains better understanding of what he needs to do atop a lineup, one with a little power to boot. It also helps make him a plus defensive center fielder. He’ll move up to Double-A to start the year, but don’t be surprised to see him in San Francisco before the year is over.

Philer Up…Gotta Love An Underdog

Since the All Star break the Phillies have been playing some pretty exciting baseball. It felt great seeing them pour out of the dugout after winning the past three games. Not just because the result of the games were wins but also because of the look on the players faces. J-Roll with his old post win smile, Chooch looked simultaneously happy and hype as shit and every other player streaming out with them looked to have that fire in them again.

The first half of the year was rough and about two weeks ago I started to get the itch for the Birds training camp. Now training camp is here and yeah it’s awesome but the Phillies are calling me back. I want to come back too I don’t want to give up on this season. I’ve been asking myself could they make a unprecedented comeback? That would be the tits!

Than I was thinking what would I love more a team that dominated all season long and won a World Series or an underdog team coming back from the dead and winning a World Series? Don’t get me wrong I’ll take a World Series win in any form. Whatever sends a parade down Broad Street I’m all for but if I have to chose, I think I would pick the underdog. I know that it’s excruciating to watch these teams because every moment of every game is stressful because every play counts. That’s what makes it so fun though. Look at last season, it was cool the Phils were such a juggernaut but we all were really just thinking about the post season from the start. On the flip side it is fun chasing records with a dominant team but being the underdog is what Philadelphia is.

Philadelphia has always embraced the heart and gutsy play it takes for an underdog to will themselves to a win. To be fair with our payroll it’s hard to claim to be an underdog but being 9.5 games back of the wild card on July 26 definitely gives us underdog cred. Plus when the underdog team wins it creates the most lasting sports moments of all time. Everyone knows that Joe Namath and the Jets beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III because they weren’t supposed to win. It’s the historic moments that I want along with the World Series win. Not just historic for Philadelphia sports but in all of sports. That’s what this Phillies team has the opportunity to do for the city. Let’s get it done boys.

Philer Up! Amaro’s interview on WIP has my head spinning..

The Phils are coming off a series that has us reminiscing about the Phils of old. This up-coming series against the Braves tonight is easily the biggest series of the year. I know I am stating the obvious, but when it comes down to it there is no other way of saying it. The best part about this is that Hamels fresh off his 144 million-pay check is the one kicking it off. We will find out if the Phils really do have a run in them in this series, as well as Amaro’s plan at the traded deadline.                            

 Speaking of RAJ, he was very open in his interview yesterday on WIP. He was on with Angelo and the morning team. During the interview Angelo asked if the Phils would ever pay the luxury tax. Amaro’s answer

That’s stupid business”.

Translation, someone is going. Then Angelo asked him if he had some trades lined up. Amaro said..

We are probably going to do a couple of things. Nothing major.”

Buzzkill… As a fan you loved to see the blockbuster. Then Amaro proceeded to say..

We did a receive an offer around 10 last night. It’s very intriguing. Some names were tossed around”. 

Aww, man. This could be a fun next couple of days. I am telling you I have never heard him so open. Though he could have been messing with Anglo. RAJ is a crafty son of a gun.                             

 I started to think to myself, whom could he be talking about. Is it Texas and Mike Olt? Could it be even bigger with Josh Hamilton? Hamilton seems a little crazy, but Texas is not too happy with him right now. Reason being is because he has not sign a contract extension yet. Maybe Justin Upton? Arizona has been trying to ship him off.  Are they looking at Chase Headley?  Man, RAJ you got my head spinning. Here is the link to Amaro’s full  interview on WIP.

WAG Of The Week

Welcome to our new segment WAG Wednesday’s. I know it’s Thursday but I got hammered with El Diablo last night and forgot to post this. We were drinking Yards Brawler and it was so good we wanted to beat the shit out of someone. Anyway if you don’t know, WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriend’s. So every week we will be bringing you the hottest wives and girlfriend’s of professional athletes from all sport around the world. This week’s WAG is Brooklyn Decker. Decker is married to professional tennis player Andy Roddick.

Philer Up! I am tired of the Victorino Haters..

I have to get something off my chest. I am tired of hearing people blasting Victorino and I am also tired of seeing it on twitter. These are same people who most likely loved Vic the past fiver years. Listen, I know he has had a shitty season but the guy is only 31. He still has some good baseball left. I know he will drive you nuts with his “non-baseball’ mind. OK, fine. He can be a JACKASS on the field. BUT the guy has talent. You know what else he has? It’s called HEART.

Vic wears his heart on his sleeve. Yes, he had a little run with the media earlier in the year. The man was frustrated. He knows he is having a shitty season and his team as well. As well as heart he also brought toughness to this team the past 5 years. The one thing you can always count on with Vic is that he would run through a wall for this team. If  you don’t think he has both qualities you are completely blind. It’s funny how people forget how good he has been for this team.

Do you remember when Vic set the tone against the Brewers in the 2008 NLDS with Grand Slam against CC Sabathia? He also became the first player in postseason history to have a home run, a double and two stolen bases in a single game. If you don’t believe me here is the link. Do you remember what he did to the in the NLCS against the Dodgers? I know the Dodgers fans don’t forget. He made plays every where in that series offensively and defensively. How can you forget when Kuroda tried to take Vic’s head off? Vic turn and started yelling ” you can hit me, just not in my God Damn head’.  How we all remember Matt Stair’s game winning bomb. Guess what? There would be no Matt Stairs if Vic’s game tying 2-run bomb did not happen.

I am not asking you to like him. I am just telling you not to forget what the two-time All-Star and three-time Gold Glover has done for this team. It is very easy to forget. People have grown spoiled around here. Like I said before, I understand that he can be frustrating as hell at times. I get it. BUT Victorino has given his heart and soul to this team. While it looks like he might be gone, I will always remember what he has done for this team. He has been a BIG part of the Greatest Phils run in the history of their franchise.

Philer Up! Victorino really might be on his way out…

So apparently, the Phils are ready to ship Victorino off according to The Phils tried to trade him to the Reds, but where rejected. The Phils asked for middle reliever Logan Ondrusek. Ondrusek, 26, is right-hander who has a 2.70 ERA this season and 3.27  for his career. He also has 105/67 K/BB ratio in 157 innings.

That really does not seem like a lot for the 3 time Gold Glover and a 2 time All-Star. I know he has had a shitty season but the guy is only 31. He still has some good baseball left. I know he will drive you nuts with his “non-baseball’ mind. OK, fine. He can be a JACKASS on the field. BUT the guy has talent.

There is no way that Victorino value is that low. Well, Hanley Ramirez was traded for a bag of balls today. So who the hell knows..

One last thing, according to FOX Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi, rival executives believe the Phillies will begin considering trade offers for Cliff Lee. This is going to be a fun couple of days coming up.