Sixers Balls… I think the Sixers may have a plan. Well…

My fears have come true for the Sixers. I have said before God help us all if Collins starts Kwame Brown and Spencer Hawes together. Well, God help us all.. Doug has said today in his press conference that he plans to have Hawes at the four and Brown at the five. Here is the quote.

                   Goal is to start Hawes at power forward and Brown start at center.

Christ..Thanks, Doug. I am telling you right now, this is one of the oddest off-seasons that I have ever seen by the Sixers.  I am not sure if they are trying to tank the season or not. Doug has to realize most fours now are just hybrid three’s. In today’s NBA you need athletic four’s. Collins has to be trying to motivate Hawes and Lavoy Allen. Well, I think he is?

Sixers also brought back Royal Ivey. I really did not think that this team needed a back up PG, considering Jrue and Evan can both play the point. Iggy even plays point-forward at times. Ivey is here to fill-out the roster. Speaking of the roster is this it? I keep thinking that something has to give with all the wings they have Wright, Iggy, N. Young, T. Young, Harkless and Turner.  I guess nothing is going to happen. Collins touched on that as well….

Phone was ringing off the hook. Everybody wanted ‘Dre. We’ve already been offered a ton for Moe Harkless”

So they received a lot calls. Hmmm… Doug also said he likes the fact that there will be a lot of competition on this team. I have been left scratching my head and making fun of the Sixers with the moves they made so far. I will give them this, they have done a good job on the salaries. We have seen a ton of money get thrown around this off-season in the NBA. For example, Asik got 3 year 27 million from the Rockets. He only averaged 13 minutes a game last year. Humphries just got 12 million a year for two years from the Nets and people use to bitch at Iggy’s 14 million. Well, they still do. The Sixers got Wright at 1 year 3 million, Nick Young at 1 year 6 million, Hawes at 2 year 12 million and Brown at 2 year 6 million.

They have set themselves up to have a good amount of room for 2013 free agents class. The 2013 class is loaded. I have stated that many of times. Maybe the Sixers do have a plan after all? I hope..

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