Sixers Balls…Do you trust Doug Collins? I am not sure if I do..

Well, since this off-season has not gone the way I hoped it would, I figured I’d turn my attention to Doug Collins. Obviously, he is heavily involved in every free agent/trade the Sixers do. Doug has definitely left us confused with this entire off-season plan of his. I like to tell myself that he does have a plan. That this is just the start of it and the 2013 off-season will top it off with the free agent class that is out there. For some reason I don’t have that much faith the Sixers. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

There is no doubt that Doug knows that game. He has plenty of basketball credentials to prove that. He was the number 1 overall pick back in 1973 by the Sixers. He is a 4 time All-Star and also hit the two of the biggest free throws ever in the Olympics. In the Gold medal game in the 1972, he made two foul shots with no time remaining to give USA the gold medal over Russia 50-49. Yes, I said the Gold medal. That game was fixed. There is no other way to describe it. That 1972 team still refuses the silver medal from that game.
Where I start to question him is with the development of players and the way he falls in love with certain players. Why else would Kwame Brown be your starting center. We have seen how he fell in love with Iggy and Lou at the end of games. We saw how he never fully trusted Evan and Jrue. He should have given them the keys to this team from the beginning of last year. We are now going into this season still wondering exactly what do we have in them, when we could’ve had the answer already.

He has been a head coach for four different NBA teams (Sixers, Wiz, Bulls and Pistons) compiling a record of 408-359. Doug is a very good defensive coach. Anywhere he went the team was instantly better defensively. Doug is a demanding coach though. That style of coaching wore out his welcome in his previous spots. I am not implying that Doug is doing that here. He would be the first one to tell you that he has made strides to relate to players. We all know about how he texts his players after every game.

I understand that a coach’s job is to win ball games, sometimes though it is about developing players. Another player you could point at is Vouch. There is still no reason why he was planted on the bench behind Spencer Hawes, especially in the playoffs. Who knows what will happen this season now? Are Kwame and Hawes going to take time away from Lavoy, Moultrie and Vouch? Are Iggy, N. Young and Wright going to take time from Harkless and Turner? They very well could especially with Turner.

Doug and Evan have clashed from the beginning of Turner’s career. Turner is not innocent in the matter. He certainly did not help his cause at times. Doug is at fault for not letting Turner play through his mistakes though, instead of putting him on the bench. I know people worry about Doug’s personnel moves. I still think that the jury is still out on that. We will know more about his personnel moves next off-season. Though he has not instilled confidence in that department this off-season.

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