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Andy’s Day Care…Thanks, B-West….

It’s a little weird for me seeing my favorite Eagles retire. I know all things must come to an end. It’s just that I was so attach to those teams that it tugs at my heart some. I know B-West has been gone for a few years but his retirement almost officially closes the book on my favorite era of Eagles football. You can argue maybe, the best era. First it was B-Dawk to retire, then Tra Thomas and now Westbrook.

Man, I miss those guys. You knew every Sunday those guys were ready to go to battle for the city. For some reason I just don’t have that connection with this current team. I just don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Birds. Like I said, I just had a better connection with B-Dawk, B-West, Tra , McNabb and the rest of the guys on those teams. My favorite era will be officially over for me when “5” retires.

B-West put up some solid numbers for his career. He had a 6,335 yards rushing, 3,940 receiving, 41 td’s running, 3o receiving and 2 punt return TD’s. His best seasons came in 2006 and 07. In 2006 he ran for 1217 yards and caught 77 balls 699 yards. Then in 2007 he had 1333 yards rushing and caught 90 balls for 771 yards. He had a combined 23 touchdowns in those seasons. He is the Eagles all-time leader in yards from scrimmage.

Yes, all those numbers are nice, but Westbrook always brought more than numbers. He brought character and leadership. His ability to pick up the blitz was second to none. He also was a good punt returner as well. There was nothing that he could not do on the football field. He did all this on a bad knee for his entire career. He was a true warrior and I enjoyed every snap he played. Thanks, B-West!

Here are some of his quotes from the press conference via Sports..

When I think of myself, I think of Brian Westbrook from Fort Washington, Maryland, to DeMatha, injuries, to Villanova, injuries, to Philadelphia, injuries,” Westbrook said. “All the good news, all the bad days, a third-round pick that was too small, would only be a special teams player, to an All-Pro, to a two-time Pro Bowl selection, to a franchise player in total yards from scrimmage. It’s been a great ride, and I thank all you people and everyone who’s been here every step of the way.

He was asked about Donovan McNabb..

He was the best quarterback this city of Philadelphia has ever seen

He was asked about when he left..

When you go somewhere else, you actually see this is the best organization in the NFL,” Westbrook said. “I’ve been on the other side and see how things are done differently.”

One last thing, we will never forget that punt return late in the game against the Giants to save the season in 2003.. Enjoy…


Philer Up!… Cloyd to the Show, Worley to the DL, Utley takes grounders at third?

WELCOME TO THE SHOW TYLER CLOYD…Jim Salisbury of CSN was the first one to report it. Cloyd gets the call because Hamels was scratched with a stomach illness. Sounds like he has the shits. Cloyd is 15-1 overall between double A and triple A. He is 12-1 with a 2.35 ERA in 22 starts this season with Lehigh Valley. He has allowed 105 hits, 38 walks and struck out 93 in 142 innings. My boy Chuck broke him down perfectly a couple of weeks back…

Tyler Cloyd- Cloyd is a 25 year old right hander with a fastball that tops out in the high 80’s.  Not real impressive stuff. What is impress is his record of 15-1 on the season. His ERA is 2.16 and batters are hitting an average of .215 off of him. His stuff is not scaring anyone but there have been plenty of pitchers that have made a career for themselves by locating pitches and changing speeds. Look at Jamie Moyer he pitched a few games this year and he started playing in the majors before Bryce Harper and Mike Trout were born. Literally! The dude is old as shit and never had good stuff but played over 20 years. They should bring up Cloyd to see if he can get big league hitters out then they’ll know if they have or need a fifth starter next season. The season is over and by the looks of  Worely’s performance  last night he needs to be shut down.

The Phils also put Worley on the DL finally. This was the right thing to do. The Phils are barely hanging in the playoff conversation. Realistically, they are out of it. You could tell the last month or so that the bone chips in Vance’s elbow started to catch up with him. Smart move by the Phils. He will be healthy for spring training.

Then on my way home while listening to WIP, Todd Zolecki, Phillies beat writer for reported that Utley was taking grounders at third. Hmmmm… Utley tried to play third for the Phils in the minors. Emphasis on TRIED. He was pretty bad over there by all reports. Though it is ten years later, maybe he could now.. Doubt it though.. Very interesting…

Sixers Balls.. Hawes to be Gasol? Doug, you funny…

So apparently, Doug wants Hawes to be more like Paul Gasol. This was first reported by probasketballtalk. Well, OK then.. Here is Collins on Hawes ..

“I want (Hawes) to play the Pau Gasol role with Bynum,” Collins said. “Both (Hawes and Gasol) like to play out on the perimeter because they can shoot the ball and are very good passers.”

I don’t ever see this happening. Maybe, Doug thinks he can change Hawes’s attributes on NBA 2K to help him. Just saying…Hawes has a decent mid-range and a nice passer for a big-man. That is where the comparisons end with Gasol. I mean Doug had to see Spencer going to the rim. Right? Hawes gets pushed around and has no low post game. Spencer is a nice back-up center and Gasol is an All-Star and a NBA champion end of discussion

WAG Wednesday…Hope Dworaczyk

WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriend’s and every Wednesday we bring you the hottest WAGs of professional athletes from all sports across the world. This weeks WAG is Hope Dworaczyk. Hope first gain notoriety for being Playboy’s 2009 April Playmate of the month. Then in 2010 she became Playmate of the year. Since then she has done reality TV and hosts Inside Fashion. Hope dated Jason Kidd

Philer Up! Some of the Phillies biggest first round draft BUSTS in the past 25 years…

While the Phils season continues to dwindle down I have been thinking to myself what I could write about.  I could write about what moves the Phils could do in the off-season or is it the end of an era. Maybe, I can write about an improbable comeback? Just saying… I can save all that for later.  I figured let’s go with the Phils biggest first round draft picks that did not pan out in the past 25 years. I think it is perfect timing, considering all the prospect talk that has been going on in “Phils Land’. This is in no particular order. The first one up is….

Jeff Jackson


He was drafted  in the first round (fourth overall) in the 1989 MLB draft. He actually was the Gatorade High School player of the year in 1989. How bad of bust was he? The so called “Five-Tool Player” never made it to the majors. EVER… He ended his career in 1998 in the Independent League. He hit .234 with 50 home runs and 271 rbi’s in 666 minor league games.. Illuminati!

Who the Phils passed on in the first round? Frank Thomas, Mo Vaughn and Chuck Knoblauch(when he could throw to first).

Players taken before him…Tyler Houston, who played for the Phils in 2003. Ben McDonald (1st overall) and Roger Salkeld.

Pat Combs.

He was drafted in the first round (11th overall) in the 1988 MLB draft. This guy was the prototypical “one-hit wonder”. In 1989 , he went from single A to the majors. He was a late call up for the Phils in 1989. He went 4-0 with a 2.09 ERA in 6 games. The second coming of “Lefty’! OK, not so much. Three years later he was out of baseball. He finished his MLB career with a 17-17 record and a 4.22 era. His last season with the Phils he had a 7.71 era. Awesome..

Who the Phils passed on in the first round?  Tino Martinez, Royce Clayton, Charles Nagy and Brian Jordan.

Players taken before him…Robin Ventura, Steve Avery and Jim Abbott

Tyler Green.

He was drafted in the first round (10th overall) in the 1991 MLB draft. Some how this dude made an All-Star team in 1995.  In 1995, he went 8-9 with a 5.23 era.Well, someone had to go on that awful Phils team.. I remember my dad telling me, “watch out for this kid, he has Golden arm”.  Thanks ,Pop… He finished his career in 1998 going 18-25 with a 5.16 era in 70   MLB games..

Who the Phils passed on in the first round? Shawn Estes, Manny Ramirez, Cliff Floyd, Shawn Green and Aaron Sele.

Players taken before him.…Dmitri Young and that’s it. Everyone with a “Top Ten” pick shit the bed in this one..

Notables...Kevin Stocker (2nd round), Nomar Garciaparra (5th round) but did not sign with Brewers, Derek Lowe (8th round), Mike Cameron (18th round) and the late NFL quarterback Steve McNair ,was drafted in the 35th round by the Mariners.

Greg Golson.

He was drafted in the first round (21st overall) in the 2004 MLB draft. He once was considered the second best prospect in the Phils system by Baseball America. I remember hearing he was the future lead-off guy for the Phils. Yes, he was fast and NO, he could not hit. He was traded to the Rangers for John Mayberry. He was with the Kansas City Royals during this past spring training. Then the Royals traded him to the White Sox. He has career average of .195 with 2 rbi’s in the MLB.

Who the Phils passed on in the first round? I guess you can say Phil Hughes. That’s it..

Players taken before him….Ummm, Justin Verlander, Jered Weaver, Billy Butler and Neil Walker

Notables…NFL quarterback Matt Cassel of the Kansas City Chiefs, was drafted in the 36th round by the A’s

Eric Valent.

He was drafted in the supplemental first round (42nd overall) in the 1998 MLB draft. He had a little more success than most on this list, but not much. He was said to be a solid corner outfielder, obviously that did not work out. He was a college teammate of Chase Utley. He finished his MLB career batting .234 with 13 home runs and 37 rbi. His best season was with  the Mets in 2004. He batted .267 with 13 bombs and 34 rbi. He was out of baseball 2 years later. He is currently a minor league coach in the Phils system.

Who the Phils passed on in the first round? Some later in the draft..Adam Dunn(2nd), Barry Zito(3rd), Matt Holiday(7th) and Mark Buehrle(38th),

Players taken before him…Can you say Pat “the Bat”?! Burrell went to the Phils with the number 1 overall pick. Also CC Sabathia, Brad Lidge, Mark Mulder, Carlos Pena and dare I say J.D Drew..

Notables...Ryan Madson (9th round), Aaron Rowand (Supplemental), Juan Pierre (13th round), and Cliff Lee( 20th round by Orioles, did not sign). All fan favorites..

Chad McConnell.

He was drafted in the first round (13th overall) in the 1992 MLB draft. You can put this guy on the list as well as another player never to make it to the MLB. Baseball America  unanimous named him an All-American. This dude still did not make it? Ouch. Not going to lie, I never even heard of this dude. Thank God, I did not. He has a career .254 average with 39 home runs and 199 rbi’s in 417 minor league games.

Who the Phils passed on in the first round? Jason Kendall, Charles Johnson and Johnny Damon.

Players taken before him…Preston Wilson and some guy named Derek Jeter.

Notables….Raul Ibanez was drafted in the 36th round and a former NFL player of Tampa Bay Bucs. Hard hitting safety John Lynch was drafted in the 2nd round by the Marlins.

Anthony Hewitt.

He was drafted in the first round (24th overall) in the 2008 MLB draft. What can I say? He was suppose to be the Phils future third baseman when he was drafted. Is it to early to call him a bust? Well, he can not get past single-A. He has been there for 3 straight years. He still just 23 years old and has a ton of talent. Time is running out on him though. He has a career .225 average with 46 home runs and 191 rbi’s in the minors. He also has 70 stolen bases.

Who the Phils passed on in the first round? Wade Miley and Lance Lynn both were named to this year’s All-Star team.

Players taken before him… Pedro Alvarez, Eric Hosmer, Buster Posey, Gordon Beckham, Brett Lawrie, Ike Davis and Aaron Crow.

Notables…Ethan Martin, who the Phils received in the Victorino deal. He was taken 15th overall.

Reggie Taylor

He was drafted in the first round (14th overall) in the 1995 MLB draft. He is another guy that had that combination of power and speed that did not pan out. His best season came in 2002 with the Reds. He hit .254 with 9 home runs and 38 rbi. He also had 11 steals. He had a career average of .231 with 14 home runs and 58 rbi’s in 5 seasons in the Majors. Taylor last played in 2010 in the Mexican league.

Who the Phils passed on in the first round? I know we have him now, but they passed on Roy Halladay.

Players taken before him…Todd Helton, Kerry Wood, Darin Erstad and former Phillie Geoff Jenkins

Notables…There is a bunch.. NFL running back Rick Williams was drafted by our very own Phils in the 8th round as a shortstop. The great Tom Brady was drafted by the Expos in the 18th round as a catcher. Daunte Culpepper was drafted in the 26th round by the Yankees as a outfielder. Pat Burrell was drafted in the 43rd round by the Red Sox. The Phils drafted another bust in the first round in this draft. The Phils also took David Coggin with 3oth pick overall. Lovely…


Do I really need to explain?  The Phils drafted him 2nd overall in 1997 MLB draft, obviously he did not end up in Philly…He does not deserve a write up. He deserves a Tea Bagging!

Who the Phils passed on in the first round? Lance Berkman and Troy Glaus.

Players taken before him...Just one obviously. That would be Matt Anderson, who had a tryout with the Phils during the 2011 spring training.

Notables..Chase Utley was drafted by the Dodgers in the 2nd round as a shortstop. Two NFL players were drafted  as well, Javon Walker and Antwaan Randle El. Walker was drafted in the 12th round by the Marlins. Randle El in the 14th round by the Cubs. And our old friend Jayson Werth was drafted by the Orioles with the 22nd overall pick.

Just for Old-Time sake, JD!

Andy’s Day Care..These guys are fun to watch..Hunt, Foles, Johnson..

We are about 2 weeks away from the Eagles opener against the Browns. Most of the time the final two weeks would feel like an eternity to me, but there are a few players that have made this preseason fun to watch than most. They are Phillip HuntNick Foles and Damaris Johnson. I am going to start with Johnson.

Damaris is barely 5 ft 8 in. They have to be lying when they say he weighs 170 pounds. He went undrafted rookie out of Tulsa. Just don’t tell him that. All he does is make people miss either as a punt returner or as a wide receiver.  It sure seems like he has made this roster. He has speed and he is shifty as hell. That could equal a nasty combination for a defense to face. He is just another weapon for the Birds. I guess no more Chad Hall…

Hunt is flat-out playing out of his mind. He is chasing down opposing QB’s like they stole from his mother. Hunt was originally signed as an undrafted free agent out of Houston by the Browns in 2009. In 2010 he led the Canadian football league in sacks with 16. He was signed to a three year contract with Birds last year, but played sparingly last year. One thing not in his favor the Eagles are stacked in the defensive line area. Looks like Hunt and Tapp are battling for the last spot on the DL. My money is on Hunt right now…

Well, what I can say, the legend of Nick Foles continues. The guy has had an unbelievable preseason so far. He can make every throw on the field. To me at least he has locked up the number 2 spot over Kafka. Some fans things think he should start now. I won’t go that far. The rookie out of Arizona has shown poise in the pocket. That is what has impressed me the most.  He leads all quarterbacks in touchdowns in the preseason. I hope the kid continues to grow especially, the way the preseason has gone for Mike Vick..

Sixers Balls…Turner a bust? I don’t think he is YET…

So is Evan Turner a bust? If you ask 20 people half of them will tell you he is. I am on the side that he is not a bust simply, because of the use of him. Doug and Evan have had a very odd relationship. Doug chose to sit and make an example out of Evan when he was not playing well. Turner would often seem to pout because of this and at times he would be looking over his shoulder to see if he was coming out if he turned the ball over.

Most top picks get a chance to develop on the court. They are able to learn from their mistakes by playing through them. In Evan case not so much. For example, during the month of February last season Turner only averaged 20 minutes a game. Overall last season he is averaged 26 minutes a game. Just to prove my point here are some of his 2010 draft classmates that averaged more minutes than him. Gordon Hayward 30.4 minutes a game, John Wall 36.2 minutes a game, Greg Monroe 31.5 minutes a game, and DeMarcus Cousins 30.5 minutes a game. Obviously, they were able to play through some growing pains. The thing is that Turner is going into his third season and we still don’t fully know what we have in him. If Doug played him as he should have we would know.

I will give Doug this he finally let Turner and you can even say Holiday loose in the playoffs. They both showed a lot of growth. Turner showed toughness and that he is not scared of a big moment. He was public enemy number 1 against the Bulls and played well. He was booed every time he touched the ball in Chicago. Against Boston he did not shoot the ball well, but he showed a ton of grit, including the game winning layup in Game 2.

Yes, I know Turner jumper is ugly as hell. He just needs to perfect what he got. Is Turner ever going to be a great jumper shooter? The answer to that is  most likely NO. He could still become a solid shooter. He should forget about the “Herb McGee School” of shooting. No offense to Herb.

He has been working hard this offseason. He has been getting up at 6 or 7 in the morning during the week. He is on the court for an hour and half then he goes to the gym to lift. Then he is back on the court until noon time. He has been working on going to his left. He also has been working on his catch and shoot. Fingers crossed…

This is the year that we will find out if Turner is a bust or not. I am banking on that he can carry that confidence he got in last years playoffs into this year. Everywhere Turner has been he was a slow starter before he took off, high school, college and now the NBA. Here’s hoping the trend continues .Here is Turner’s one on one interview he had with the…

El Diablo’s Choice for your Weekend pleasure is..Sam Adams OctoberFest

El Diablo’s choice of beverage for the weekend is..Sam Adams OctoberFest…

His reasoning…”Fuck yea, slut, whore bitch, tits”…Well, OK then…Here is the review


Contributor  Pat Hickman @pathickman

WAG Wednesday…Zahia Dehar

Zahia Dehar  131875

WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriend’s and every Wednesday we bring you the hottest WAGs of professional athletes from all sports across the world. This weeks WAG is Zahia Dehar. Dehar is best known for “Birthday Gate”. French soccer players Franck Ribéry and  Karim Benzema are now facing allegations of soliciting a prostitute which turned out to be Dehar. Ribéry allegedly flew her to Munich as a birthday present to himself for his 26th birthday. The biggest part of the scandal was that she was underage at the time. Now 20 Dehar is a successful model and lingerie designer. Follow her on twitter @ZahiaOfficiel. It’s all in French but the pictures are worth it.      

Philer Up! Pence’s post card to the fans…


The Phils decided to still have Hunter Pence’s bobble head night as everyone knows. In a classy move by Hunter he gave a message in a postcard given out with his bobble head.  Nice move Pence. I know you can’t play right field, (Sorry, its true) you are still a good dude.  He did go out and play hard every night, even though he drove us nuts at times. Here is his quote..

“Thanks, Phillies fans, for the great memories. I’m glad my Bobble Figurine will still be given out even though I’m no longer in Philadelphia. I hope it will serve as a lasting reminder of my time there. It was a year of my career that I will never forget.