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Andy’s Day Care…It’s B-Dawk’s day, so why not a couple of lines and a video for him

Growing up as Philly sports fan you are taught to be passionate, never quit on your team, be vocal when need be, either it being praise or criticism. The biggest thing that my father taught me and his father taught him was always wear your colors proud and wear your heart out on your sleeve.

Its funny I have many favorites over my 31 years of being a Philly fan. Scott Rolen well, we all know how that turned out. Iverson, still love guy but he is a complete jackass off the court. Lindros, the ultimate hockey machine but he liked to show up hung over for a game time to time and we all know about his mommy daddy issues.

Then there is number 20, Brian Dawkins. He was everything my father talked about as the perfect player for Philadelphia. He was gentleman off the field and he was a beast on it. He could cover like a corner and hit like a linebacker. Seriously, what else do you want in a player?

I used to be ball-boy for the Eagles in the early 2000’s. I have might a mention that before a few times. I will tell you this; I had some strange encounters with players while I was doing it. Hugh Douglas liked to run around and call me a word that rhymes “tock boy”. Just put a “C” in front of that instead of that “T”. Another time Jon Runyan was standing in the middle of the locker room butt-ass naked, swinging a trash can around while on the phone. Damn it, Jon. I was just trying to pick up the towels bro.

Then there was B-Dawk sitting quietly in his locker never really saying much. He always acknowledged me with a simple high and bye. The thing about it was that a lot of the players on that team acted like us ball boys did not even exist. B-Dawk made us feel like we where just part of the team, simply by just acknowledging

So thanks Brian for giving your heart and soul to this city and making us ball-boys feel apart of the team…


Sixers Balls…Preseason Rankings/Atlantic Division…

Marc Stein of ESPN brought out his power rankings yesterday. The Sixers fared well in the eyes of ESPN.  The top five goes like this Miami, Lakers, Thunder, Spurs, and the Clippers. Our Sixers are at number 7. Here is what Stein had to say..

Find myself drawn to the Sixers as much as anyone in the East chasing Miami. Time will tell if I’m assuming too much about Bynum’s impact, but Philly automatically skyrockets here for now in the wake of a trade that landed an undeniable franchise center and got Dwight out of the East.

There is nothing wrong with the home team getting some love. Personally, I did not think that they would be ranked that high but what the hell do I know. Here is where the rest of the Atlantic Division fell in the rankings and what Stein had to say..

Celtics #6


Whether or not you agree with Rondo’s claim that the Celts are still on the short list of five teams that can win it all, there’s no denying they’ll have a bench this time with JET Terry, Courtney Lee, Jeff Green and Darko arriving to succeed the departed Ray Allen and Stiemsma.

The main thing with them is health. Can KG find the fountain of youth again? Rondo is the one who makes this team go..

Knicks #13


Let’s see. Let’s see if J-Kidd, at 39, can combine with Ray Felton (and Hakeem Olajuwon’s tutorials) to help Melo and Amare snap together like Legos at last and make people forget that James Dolan let J-Lin go out of what largely appears to be spite. Maximum points for ambition.

I am sorry, they make me laugh. I just don’t believe in Melo. Will he prove me wrong this year?

Nets #12


OK, OK: They didn’t get Dwight. But the Nets did just enough, by trading for Joe Johnson and signing a slew of others, to convince D-Will to stay, ship a watchable team to their gleaming new Brooklyn palace and give themselves a shot at finishing higher than the Knicks. It’s a start.

The starting 5 of D-Will, Lopez, Johnson, Brooks ,Humphries and having C.J. Watson, Wallace and Evans off the bench equals solid team.

Toronto #23


There’s quiet optimism north of the border that the Raps can scrap for the East’s No. 8 spot. I’ll just stop at saying that Valanciunas’ unhappy Olympics (and likely slow NBA start) won’t discourage me at all about his promise. European coaches are prone to take it slow with young guys.

Likely better than last season(still not going anywhere though). Kyle Lowry, who might be the most underrated PG in the league, is a nice addition.

Week 3…Little Angry Elf vs Dark Helmet…Their NFL Picks!!

Little Angry Elf  and Dark Helmet both had a rough week. They both went 1-2. Angry Elf is bragging about his one win he had and Dark Helmet decided to write a 1000 words for each of his picks this week. I think he is trying to make himself appear smarter. Whatever..

The Standings…..

Little Angry Elf           Dark Helmet

3-5-1                                5-4


Little Angry Elf picks…

Well, another NFL week is here. Gamblers beware, my picks could be farce again.


Eagles -2…. Vick and the boys need to redeem themselves from last week’s  feeble effort. What better way to do it then against  their Superbowl champ rivals. This will be a big test for Philly’s O-line but I think they will surprise in this one.


Chiefs +2…. I think Bowe is going to have a monster game while their secondary which is one of the best will frustrate Rivers all day sending him into another blown fuse like he always seems to erupt into.


Cowboys -3…. Romo never disappoints me in big situations but other people well……..I can’t see Cutler out playing Romo and the Cowboys have a TON of weapons. I am expecting the Cowboys to run away fairly early in this game.

P.S. How about that Seahawks pick phillytugger!!!

Dark Helmet picks…


Falcons (-7)…Matt Ryan has been red-hot this season & the Falcons defense has been superb. They are at home against a Panthers team who were embarrassed last week by Eli & a banged up Giant team. This week Cam “Superman” Newton & his shaky at time offense & lackluster defense won’t be enough to keep up with the “Dirty Birds”.


Bengals (-2.5)…Let me just say, this will be a close game, maybe by one point but at least a TD. I think Dalton is underrated at QB for the Bengals and nobody on the Jags can contain A.J Green at WR. This team can put up big numbers at anytime. But the Jags RB Jones-Drew had one of the best games of his career last week. I don’t see a repeat here for him & Gabbart will not make enough plays in the air. I mean the Bengals “D” isn’t the Colts or Vikes where miraculous throws can be made at any point…


Eagles (-2)…I am not an Eagles fan but when it’s a prime-time game I usually see this team play great & they entertain for sure. Division game?? Sunday Night Football?? Defending SB Champs?? Both teams have a lot to prove. To me this is a do or die game for the Birds. Vick I believe will make BIG plays with his feet, McCoy has to touch the ball at least 20 times & Maclin returns this week as well which is necessary. Manning & Giants will keep this game close of course. Victor Cruz makes this offense flow, Nnamdi HAS to keep this man out the end-zone. The Eagles front 4 have to make Eli have fits & turn the ball over. Eagles should take this and it should go down to the wire though.  Dark Helmet signing off…

Contributors @block_TLP and @fawkingpawsy     Brian Lockett and Brandon Bramanti

Sixers Balls…Barkley has some questions about Bynum…

Well, someone might be skeptical about Bynum leading the Sixers and that would be Sir Charles. Barkley never really needs a reason to give his opinion anyway talks about Bynum in a interview with . Here is some of his quotes..

“When you go from being a role player to a star, [things change]. He’s never been the best player on his team — you’re a role player,” Barkley said. “I’m not sure he’s been the second-best player on his team before. It’s debatable between him and Pau Gasol. So, he goes from being the third-best player on his team to being the man. The level of intensity that that takes, the level of pressure that brings, and you compound that by Philadelphia — it’s going to be a very interesting season for Andrew Bynum. via CSN..

Barkley goes on…

I like Andrew Bynum. I think he’s a very good player,” Barkley said. “But the stress level he’s going to come upon now is going to be totally different than anything he’s experienced in his NBA career.” via CSN..

He does bring up some good points. I understand that Philly is not an easy place to play neither is LA, especially for the Lakers. Yes, Bynum might have some maturity issues and he also might try to pull up for an occasional three-ball. He also has the skills to be a franchise player. Bynum already is the second best center in the league (better than Howard offensively). To me at-least, he is a better player than Gasol now. Barkley also added…

“Can Andrew Bynum be the man? That’s the first question,” Barkley said. “Second question: How [are] him and Doug Collins gonna get together? And the third one is: What do you do with his financial situation?” “I want to see how he’s going to handle the pressure in Philly,” Barkley said. “How him and Doug Collins are going to react — those are legitimate concerns.” via CSN..

That is the BIGGEST question, how are Doug and Bynum going to get along? We already saw how Doug and Turner got along. If Doug let Turner play through his struggles more we would know what we have in Evan. Going into this season there are still questions that need to be answered about Turner.

So Barkley hit the nail right on the head. Doug and Bynum’s relationship is the biggest key to Bynum becoming the player that we all think he can be. Hopefully, Doug is texting him love letters right now. Just saying…

Quick Tuggs: Mike Trout still a Phils fan…

I am a couple of days late on this but just in case you missed it Mike Trout still is a big fan of the Phils. This comes from a report by Lisa Hillary of CSN. Trout, who is the best young ball player in the game (better than Harper) is from Millville, NJ.

Trout’s father told Lisa a story about how Mike reacted when the Phils acquired “Doc” Halladay..

“Dad, we got Roy Halladay!” Mike yelled. To which his dad responded: “the Angels got Halladay?”

“No, the Phillies did!” Mike replied. “Son, you’re a member of the Angels. What’s with this we?!”

That’s awesome. You know what that means? When he becomes a free-agent in 3-4 years the Phils gotta chance to sign him. I am always thinking big or always thinking like a ‘homer”. Whatever…

Here is Mike’s numbers… .321 with 29 home runs, 79 RBI, 125 runs and 47 stolen bases. Yup, that’s normal numbers for a guy who just turned 21-years old a month ago. By the way, he was not called up by the Angels until April 28.

El Diablo’s Choice For Your Weekend Pleasure is…..Hop City Barking Squirrel Lager

El Diablo’s choice of beverage for the weekend is…Hop City Barking Squirrel Lager…

His reasoning….”Don’t know what it taste like but it’s got a hell of a name”. Yes, Sir!….Here is the review.


Contributor Pat Hickman  @pathickman

Philer Up…Werth A Philly Nemesis

In the top of the ninth inning of the Phillies game tonight Jayson Werth cemented himself as a Phillie nemesis. He was in the on-deck circle when a foul ball rolled his way. Werth walking towards the dugout motioned as if he was going to throw the ball to the fans in the stands but then flipped the ball into the Nationals dugout.

After that he received a loud round of boos from the fans he screwed out a souvenir foul ball. Then the entire stadium joined in as Werth walked to the batters box and the boos reigned down for the entire at bat. No I’m lying they did cheer when Justin De Fratus threw a high and inside 0-1 pitch. Unfortunately Werth came out on top when he had a base hit up the middle that drove in two runs and extended the Nationals lead to 3. Then he scored a run on a Bryce Harper RBI.

People use to love Jayson but that love seems to have evaporated entirely. If Jayson wants to be hated here then great I love to hate other teams and players. Up until now the Nationals and anybody on that team were to insignificant to hate but now they are at the top of the standing. They may have made the playoffs this season while the Phillies will miss them but the Nationals will remain insignificant to me until they win a playoff series and as far I’m concerned the only thing they have earned this year is my hatred. It seems like other people on twitter see it differently them me:


Puck Heads…The best body-check ever. “The Hercules check”

The dude who is commentating is annoying as hell, but the hit is very amusing. The best part about it is that he shows Crosby getting drilled about four rows back.. Even in a video game I enjoy Crosby getting knocked around.

WAG Wednesday…Imogen Thomas

WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriend’s and every Wednesday we bring you the hottest WAGs of professional athletes from all sports across the world. This weeks WAG is Imogen Thomas.Imogen Thomas is a Welsh glamour model, beauty queen and television personality. She rose to fame in 2003, after winning Miss Wales, and achieved further note in 2006, when she lasted three months on the seventh series of reality TV series Big Bother. Imogen dated soccer players Jermain Defoe and Matthew Jeffrey Collins.

Andy’s Day Care…Who was “Tugging” all day and Who went “Limp”..

Where do I start on this one? That was one of the ugliest games I have seen in a long time. The o-line was awful and the game planning was atrocious. I am sorry to dog Vick (no pun intended) but how in the world do you hold on to the ball that long at the goal-line when there is just 6 seconds left in the half? It has to be a three step drop and the balls out. (Andy said that Mike held onto the ball to long there)

This is why I blame him for that play. Mike said after the game that he saw Kerry Rhodes up at the line. So you never bothered to check to see if he was blitzing? That one is on him, plus he almost got Celek killed a few times. Mike really is not the reason why the Eagles lost the game though.

The best part about this is that Reid started a QB controversy on Monday.

Andy tells media in day-after presser that Vick is still the starter, but “we’ll evaluate it as we go here.””

Awesome. Kevin Kolb and the Cards are now 3-0. That makes me feel so warm inside…

Who was “Tugging” all day..

Kevin Kolb

Yes, I said that right. Kolb was very good on Sunday. There where reports prior to the game that Kolb was going through some “happy feet’ issues in the pocket. Well, he looked pretty comfortable to me. He got rid of the ball quick when he needed too and was able to avoid pressure a few times to make plays down the field. Kolb finished 17/24 for 222 yards and 2 TD’s. Kolb is sleeping well this week.

Larry Fitzgerald

Hey, Juan, did you ever think of shadowing him? For the love of God, he did the same last year to the Eagles. Could you image if Fitzgerald had a Top notch QB throwing to him? Fitz ended up catching nine passes for 114 yards and a touchdown. Still don’t know how you have a mix up when Fitz is running down the middle of the field. I am talking to you Nnamdi and Coleman.

Who went “Limp” all day..

Andy Reid

Dude, I get that you love throw the ball bro. But you go into this game without your starting center and you’re “BACKUP” LT out of the game. Plus, Vick has been a turnover machine this year. Andy being Andy, still decides to open up the game with 25 passing plays to just 5 running plays. I will never understand you Big Red..


The official stats had five sacks and 13 other hits allowed on Vick. Though I saw it on a couple of different sites that is was more than 20 times. All I know is that Vick was running for his life, though Brian Baldinger an NFL Network analyst, said that the film showed that the line was not that bad. That the Cards “D” was just that good. Well, OK then. Here are a couple of his quotes..

 Several sacks were the result of outstanding coverage. The Cardinals had Vick’s receivers blanketed. The line gave Vick time, but he didn’t have anywhere to go with the ball. “The coverage was very stick

Without Jeremy Maclin in the lineup and with Brent Celek staying in to block on a number of plays, the Eagles ran a lot of two man routes with DeSean Jackson and Damaris Johnson. That made things easier for the Arizona secondary

Whatever then…