Andy’s Day Care…Eagles/Browns Preview…

The time is finally here. I got my “Joe Booker’ jersey on from when I was an Eagles ball boy. The jersey was from a corner-back out of Tennessee back in the early 2000’s, which they cut. It was a gift from the Eagles. Well, maybe a gifted they did not know about. We don’t need to get into all that. Let’s get started…


Offensive Key Players: Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden and Greg Little.

Richardson has all the combination to be a great running back in this league. He has the power, speed and vision. The problem is that the Browns O-line is awful. He is listed as questionable (knee). Weeden is a 28 year old rookie. He has a NFL arm and the size to a starting QB. BUT like a said before, the Browns O-line is awful and what does the Eagles “D” do best? Rush the passer. Little is a nice young receiver. He is athletic and strong. His development depends on if the Browns have finally found a QB in Weeden.

Defense Key Players: Joe Haden, Ahtyba Rubin  and Sheldon Brown

Haden is talented and physical cover guy. He is expected to play after appealing his 4 game suspension. He is the Browns best defensive player. Rubin is a load. The 330 lbs, DT, is their best run stopper and he has improved on his pass-rushing as well. Our old friend Sheldon, I still love the guy. He looked pretty old and slow in the preseason. The Eagles second unit receivers were flying by him. Brown still can lay a big-hit on someone and will bring that leadership to the Browns “D”.

Special Teams: Josh Cribbs

Josh Cribbs and Devin Hester have been the best kick returners in the league for years now. Note to Chas Henry, kick the ball to the sidelines. Cribbs is still an explosive return man.

Last Seasons Rank:  Defense (5th), Offense (30th)


Offensive Key Players: Mike Vick, Shady and D-Jack

Well, this is the time to see the real Mike Vick stand up. He is he the 2010 version or 2011 version? What can I say about Shady? He led all running backs in TD’s last season (20). He is like a live video game. At times he looks like dare I say, Barry Sanders? He is only 24. D-Jack, I write a ten page report on you bro. He came out and said that he did not give his all last season in an interview with ESPN. We all knew that was the case anyway. You got your contract you wanted. Now is the time to get back to the old D-Jack.

Defensive Key Players: Trent Cole, DeMeco Ryans and Nnamdi Asomugha

You know what you are going to get out of Cole every year, double digits sacks and heart/hustle. One of the most underrated players in the NFL. Ryans struggled in the preseason. Because of his struggles the Eagles are supposedly going with a rotational LB core against the Browns. Here’s hoping the former two-time Pro Bowler finds his way. When you think of the Eagles struggles on defense the first player you think of is Nnamdi. They lined him up at safety, LB, the slot and the outside. He struggled to grasp it.  A full dose of mini-camps and training camp is hopefully the remedy for his struggles.

Special Teams: Damaris Johnson and Brandon Boykin

The rookies both showed explosiveness in the preseason. Johnson had some trouble handling the ball at times. They are rookies so be prepared for maybe a mistake or two. Though either one could break one.

Last Seasons Rank:  Defense (10th), Offense (8th)

Score:  Eagles 35 Browns 14….Thanks for playing…



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