Andy’s Day Care…Who was “Tugging” all day and Who came up “Limp”..

Well, that went the way we all thought it would. At one point in the game right after Vick threw his 4th (could have thrown 7) I just started to laugh. I could not help it. If I did not laugh I would have broke something over my parent’s house that I would have had to pay for. We have all been anticipating a fast start by the Birds. Every where I read the “experts” had them winning big. One even said that the Eagles should be able to rest their starters by the fourth quarter. Well, not so much. (And so much for my 35-14 Eagles win prediction)

Some people are saying that Andy should have run the ball more. I would agree to a point. Yes, I know Vick dropped back 62 times (that is a shit load) during the game. He was sacked 2, 4 scrambles and 56 pass, though they did run the ball around 30 times. McCoy had 20 rushes for 110 yards. He had about four or five called back because of holding calls. Bryce Brown also had 2 carries. McCoy also caught the ball 6 times. So McCoy himself had 30 touches. The numbers add up but Andy just needs to mix it up better.

Most of the blame falls right on the shoulders of Vick. I know that the offensive line was shaky as hell for half of the game, but even when Vick had time he seemed to be hammered out there. With all that said a win is a win. I will take it. Lucky as hell though. Here are two guys who came up big and two guys who came up small.

Who was “Tugging” all day long..

Demeco Ryans.

Now that was the middle-linebacker we thought the Eagles got in the off-season. He helped to keep Richardson to 39 yards on 19 carries. The thing that impressed me the most was that two of his five tackles came on third down, which got the Eagles defense off the field.


He should off his athletic ability and ball skills (no pun intended) on Sunday. He made two spectacular interceptions and should have had a third. DRC had a great preseason and he brought that momentum right into the regular season.

Who came up “Limp” all day long..

Mike Vick.

There is nothing new to explain here that you guys don’t know. Though I did read an article saying how Vick was able to come up clutch in the last drive. Huh? He should have been picked twice on that drive. Vick was definitely rattled. So which Vick will show up this week?

Offensive Line.

Everyone was called for a penalty except for Todd Herremans. King Dunlap struggled. They helped Vick to get rattled. The referees did call some ticky-tacky penalties, though the line still was not that good.

Eagles better wake-up. A very good Ravens team is coming to town..


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