Philer Up.. Phils are now the “Underdog” story. Yes, I said that right..3 games out

I mean what else can I say other than “Wow”. Just wow. Phils are only three games out? Christ, going into September they were around 10 games out. This really is becoming an amazing story. You trade your starting center fielder and your starting right fielder. They have a combined 4 all-star appearance and one is Gold Glover. By doing that the Phils basically came out saying we are looking ahead for the 2013 season. Then you take off? Yup, we all saw this coming.

In this city what do we love the most? An “underdog” story. The “underdog” flows through our veins here.  Some people might think that the Phils are not underdogs. The way the season has panned out for them they have become one.

Yes, they still have the likes of Doc, Lee, Hamels, Utley, Howard, Chooch and Rollins.  They all have missed time this year do to injury except for Hamels and Rollins though. Don’t get me wrong Utley and Howard have stabilized the lineup. When you think about it though, they are winning with kids in the bullpen and players trying to show that they belong in the majors. That is what makes the Phils an “underdog” story.

You have Kratz and Frandsen, who are journeymen finally finding their way. Domonic Brown, the once highly touted prospect is starting to deliver some. Mayberry, a former first round pick, who seemed destined to be a cast-off after a slow start has been delivering as well. Pierre, who has found the “fountain of youth’ in the ‘twilight” of his career. For the love God, Kendrick looks untouchable. I hate to say this, but even Mini-Mart has made plays with his glove.  A bunch of guys who no one really believed in. How can you not root for these guys?

The Phils are 11-2 in their last 13 games. They have won 7 in row and during this Phillies winning streak the Dodgers, Cards and Pirates have gone 3-17 combined. In the beginning of this month the wildcard was a pipe dream. Not any more peeps. Not any more..

Here is a list of the remaining games  for Phils, Cards, Dodgers, Pirates and Brewers…

Phils- @Atsros(4), @Mets(3), Atl(3), Wash(3), @Mia(3), and @Wash(3)

Dodgers- Cards(4), @Wash(3), @Cincy(3), @SD(3), Rockies(3) and SF(3)

Cards- @Dodgers(4), Hou(3), @Cubs(3), @Hou(3), Wash(3) and Cincy(3)

Pirates- @Cubs(4), Brewers(3), @Hou(3), @Mets(3), Cincy(3) and  Atl(3)

Brewers- Mets(3), @Pitt(3), @Wash(4), @Cincy(3), Hou(3) and SD(3)


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