Andy’s Day Care…Eagles/Ravens Preview

Here come the Ravens…Man, if the Vick plays like he is hammered again the Eagles will get smoked. It’s a coming home party for the former University of Delaware product Joe Flacco. And oh boy, did he look good against the Bengals. It is also a home coming for Temple’s own Bernard Pierce. Pierce had 4 carries for 19 yards in his NFL debut last week.

This “Hard-hitting” Ravens team is a Super Bowl contender. If it wasn’t for Billy Cundiff they would have been in last years Super Bowl. Eagles will have to be at there best this Sunday. Old friend John Harbaugh and his new no-huddle offense will try to toy with my emotions for this home opener…


Key Offensive Players: Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Offensive Tackles .

Flacco is coming off a week where he threw for 299 yards with two TDs and no picks. He won AFC offensive player of the week and he ran their new no-huddle offense to perfection. This looks like Flacco’s coming out party this year. Ray Rice is a flat-out beast, plain and simple. He had 68 yards on 10 carries and 2 touchdowns last week to go along with 3 catches for 25 yards. Eagles will have their hands full with him. The Ravens tackles (Kelechi Osemele and Michael Oher) are both very solid players. It should be a good match-up against the Eagles depth at DE.

Key Defensive Players: Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Haloti Ngata

You know who has to be lickings his chops right now? Ed Reed.. If Vick decides to get careless with the ball again Reed will make him pay. The “Ball-Hawking” vet still can get it done. Speaking of a veteran still getting it done, Ray Lewis just will not go away. All he did in the opener of his 17th season is have an AFC-best 14 tackles and a sack. That dude still scares the shit out of me. You want to talk about a guy who looks like a defensive line by himself, that would be Haloti Ngata. He is one of the best DT in the game.

Special Teams: Sam Koch

Koch is a solid punter with a big leg (no pun intended). If both defenses play to their capabilities field position will be big.

 Team Rank: Offense(4th), Defense(13th)


Key Offense Players: Mike Vick, Brent Celek and Shady McCoy

Christ, where do I start. As we all know by now, we have no clue which Mike Vick is going to show up. The thing that got me the most last week was that the INT’s he threw got in his head big-time. He should have been picked off twice during that final drive. Eagles will need a smart and sound Vick to win this weekend. I am not very confident that we will. Vick needs to get Celek more involved. In a game that will likely be about field position it is always nice to have a TE like Celek to get some hard fought yards. I would use Brent in a hot route against the blitz more. Nothing but good can come out by giving the ball to Shady. He touched the ball around 30 times last week. Look for more of the same this week.

Key Defense Players: DeMeco Ryans and Defensive Line.

Ryans is coming off a very solid debut as the Eagles new starting middle linebacker. He helped to keep Trent Richardson to an average of 2.1 yards a carry. With the no-huddle offense and Ray Rice he will have his hands full. The Eagles love to use their depth on the line. They will go as many as 9 deep. They are going to need that depth. Going against a no-huddle offense obviously can be very taxing. Most plays take 35 seconds to start. The no-huddle averages around 10-15 seconds. It also will be harder for the Eagles to get their rotations in.

Special Teams: Chas Henry

Henry had his best game as a pro against the Browns. He had 6 punts for an averaged of 55 yards a punt. He also had a net of 42 yards. Like I said before, this game could come down to field position.

Team Rank: Offense(2nd), Defense(1st) 

Score: Ravens 17 Eagles 13

The Ravens look like the better team right now. Hopefully, I am wrong..


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