Little Angry Elf vs Dark Helmet…Their NFL picks!

That picture above has nothing to do with the NFL. But I really don’t care…Well, these two lovable characters ( Little Angry Elf and Dark Helmet) both went two for three last week.  Though for some reason little Angry Elf is still having constipation issues. Take a laxative bro. Dark Helmet is upset that he did not go 3 for 3 last week. So he brought his “Schwartz” with him this week.

Here are the standings

Dark Helmet       Little Angry Elf

2-1                          2-1

Here is their picks….


Texans -7.5.  I really feel bad for Jones-Drew. Gabbert?! Yea, good luck with him. To me this line isn’t big enough. Expect a big game from Mr. Johnson & the Texans.


Ravens +2.   I’m sure Ray Rice will pound away at the Eagles D & dominate. Flacco, I believe will have a sub par day in the air, his defense will make big plays and rattle Vick. They will make Vick look even DUMBER than last week!


Broncos +3. Yea, I’m picking Manning & the Broncos. Manning is where he’s most dominant, in a DOME.


Saints -2.  I expect the Saints to bounce back after a terrible loss to the “high school” Redskins. Expect Brees and their high-powered offense to out score a turnover prone Newton and the Panther offense. Should be fun high scoring affair.


Lions +8.  Stafford had a horrific week 1. The Niners will have a hiccup this week. I just don’t believe in Alex smith.


Eagles 1.5 .  Who made this line? The guy had to be blind. With that line the trolls will be in full effect. The Ravens “D” should dominate and Flacco should easily pick apart the weak Eagle “D”. But I have seen this story before, a team that has no business winning yet the lines in their favor meaning odds are the Eagles will pull this one out.

Contributors:  Brandon Bramanti @fawkingpawsy and Brian Lockett @block_TLP


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