Sixers Balls…John Hollinger’s Depth Chart vs My Depth Chart…

John Hollinger of ESPN came out with his ‘Projected” starters and reserves for the Sixers. I agree with all of them but one. He had Spencer starting at PF. I know Doug has come out and said that he likes Hawes next to Bynum, but just don’t see it working. Hawes is to slow and soft to be a starter in this league.  I told myself I was not going to bring up the fact that Doug thinks Hawes can play more like Gasol. Doug you funny bro. Moving on…

I am not completely blind though. Hawes offensive skill set does complement Bynum’s with Hawes being a solid high-post guy and Bynum taking care of the low-post. I know that is what Doug is thinking; though thinking that and it actually happening are two different things. Here is the link to Hollinger’s “Projected” starters and reserves…

I wrote this a few weeks ago. What the depth chart might look like…

There are some questions that the Sixers will have to answer now with the additions of Bynum and J-Rich to this team. Does J-Rich slide into the starting 2 guard? Who is the starting power forward, Hawes, Lavoy or Thad? Does Evan take over the small forward role?

There are a couple of spots that are locked down, point guard with Holiday and center with Bynum. The rest could be wide open. Here is who I would start at the 2, 3 and 4 positions.

SG- J-Rich. Some may think Nick Young would be good here as well. Young was signed to take over Lou’s spot and that is what he will do. Young’s game is perfect for the sixth-man spot. J-Rich makes the most sense. He brings that veteran presences/stability to the starting lineup. Other than him the starting lineup could all be 24 years old or younger.

SF. Turner. It is his time to shine. With Iggy now gone the wing play is all his. He could be primed for a big season. Turner brings a lot of the same skills as Iggy did for this team at three spot. Turner is not the elite defender Dre was but he is still a solid one. Turner’s offensive game is better. Here’s hoping that carries the momentum from the post-season run into this year.

PF. Allen. Hawes is to slow to start at the 4 position even though he has the offensive skill set to complement Bynum. Against bigger teams you might see Hawes and Bynum/Brown on the floor together. Thad is good at times at the 4 spot, especially when he does not have to bang with the big boys down low. The answer to me is Allen. His game is a nice complement to Bynum. Bynum controls the paint and Allen controls the mid-range jumpers. Allen has nice pick and pop game. This allows Thad to be Thad. Thad is a match-up problem for most teams coming off the bench.

One of the other question marks on this team is the backup PG spot. As of right now it’s Royal Ivey. Not crazy about that. Turner is essentially the backup PG . He will slide there at times as well. Not a big issue just a small one.

Here is my depth chart.

PG.  Holiday-Turner-Ivey-Wayns

SG.  J-Rich-N.Young

SF.  Turner-Wright-Thad

PF.  Allen-Thad-Hawes-Moultrie

C.  Bynum-Hawes-Brown

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