Sixers Balls…DiLeo wants “Money Ball” and Josh “Let me get a hit” Howard visits the Sixers

Tony DiLeo was officially introduced today as GM, (cough) Doug Collins. Sorry I couldn’t resist, I guess the guy deserves a shot he has been with the Sixers since 1990. The Sixers can spin it all they want but DiLeo won’t do a move unless Collins gives the OK. Here is the link to his presser..

The Sixers are also looking to add a guy with an advanced stats background to the front office, in other words, the NBA version of “Money Ball”. It was first reported by cbsphilly. DiLeo touch on it in his presser…

Sixers to use Moneyball-like analytics much more this season. It will be a change. I’ll go about it the same way. I like to gather information, analyze it, decipher it & then come to a decision.

I swear, if DiLeo turns into Keith Law and his WAR shit I am going to flip ape shit. I will literally go down to the Philly zoo and find some ape shit and throw it at people. I do like the movie “Money Ball” and Billy Beane though.

Tony also gave an update on Bynum..

Bynum came back from getting knee injections in Germany last week and “he says he feels very good.”

Me feel better..

The Sixers are also going to take a look at veteran swing-man Josh Howard, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports. He will be in town this week. Howard, 32, had best years with the Dallas Mavericks. The 6’ 7” swing- man was an All-Star in the 2006-07 season when he averaged 18.9 ppg 6.8 rpg and shot 38% from down town for Dallas. He still is decent but he does not fit here, however, if the Sixers would sign him it would likely be for depth.

One last thing, do you remember his interview with Michael Irvin back in 2008?. Right before Game 3 of the Mavericks’ first-round series with the Hornets he did the interview with Irvin on ESPN radio saying that he enjoys smoking pot. Here is a quote from the interview..

That he smoked marijuana in the off-season, and that while he would not smoke during the season even if the NBA did not conduct random testing, he did not “think that’s stopping me from doing my job.” He called his marijuana use “my personal choice”

Awesome… All of the sudden I have the “munchies” and want to watch “Yo, Gabba Gabba!”


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