Andy’s Day Care…It’s B-Dawk’s day, so why not a couple of lines and a video for him

Growing up as Philly sports fan you are taught to be passionate, never quit on your team, be vocal when need be, either it being praise or criticism. The biggest thing that my father taught me and his father taught him was always wear your colors proud and wear your heart out on your sleeve.

Its funny I have many favorites over my 31 years of being a Philly fan. Scott Rolen well, we all know how that turned out. Iverson, still love guy but he is a complete jackass off the court. Lindros, the ultimate hockey machine but he liked to show up hung over for a game time to time and we all know about his mommy daddy issues.

Then there is number 20, Brian Dawkins. He was everything my father talked about as the perfect player for Philadelphia. He was gentleman off the field and he was a beast on it. He could cover like a corner and hit like a linebacker. Seriously, what else do you want in a player?

I used to be ball-boy for the Eagles in the early 2000’s. I have might a mention that before a few times. I will tell you this; I had some strange encounters with players while I was doing it. Hugh Douglas liked to run around and call me a word that rhymes “tock boy”. Just put a “C” in front of that instead of that “T”. Another time Jon Runyan was standing in the middle of the locker room butt-ass naked, swinging a trash can around while on the phone. Damn it, Jon. I was just trying to pick up the towels bro.

Then there was B-Dawk sitting quietly in his locker never really saying much. He always acknowledged me with a simple high and bye. The thing about it was that a lot of the players on that team acted like us ball boys did not even exist. B-Dawk made us feel like we where just part of the team, simply by just acknowledging

So thanks Brian for giving your heart and soul to this city and making us ball-boys feel apart of the team…


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