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Sixers Balls..”Iggy” like us…

So Iggy does like us. This comes a day after he said that he did not really care if the fans booed him or not. He also said a couple of weeks back that the “past 2 years have been the toughest in his playing career.” Well, that was about Collins.

The bottom line is that he was solid player here. He could do a little bit of everything on the court. The Sixers tried to tell us that he was a franchise player early on in his career. Obviously, he was not.

Dre always had an up/down relation with the fans here. Most pure basketball fans liked him, while the casual fan did not. He went out on high note here so I think he will get cheered. Then again…

Here is the thank you letter from him..courtesy of


I would like to take the time to thank you and all your devoted sports fans for the passion, loyalty and spirit that you gave to me during my eight seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Thanks as well to the 76ers organization, who gave me the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of playing in the NBA and provided me with a great front office of dedicated people to work with. I would also like to thank all the coaches, trainers and teammates that I was blessed to compete along side and build lasting relationships with here.

Tonight I begin a new chapter in my career but I will always share my accomplishments with the city and the organization and I thank you both for all that you have done for me.


Andre Iguodala

Smart dude. He used his website instead of a billboard. Racking up them web hits…

Sixers Balls.. It’s Time..

” Sixers, you are about to embark upon the great crusade, toward which you have striven these many months. The eyes of  Philadelphia are upon you.. “

OK, I will stop there. I was looking for this big entrance into one of the biggest seasons for the Sixers and I figured to quote Dwight D. Eisenhower to give it some power. I nailed it! Well, in my mind I did. Whatever..

There is some truth to that quote though. The Flyers season is about to disappear. The Eagles are falling on their faces again and the Phils are out golfing somewhere. The Sixers have MAJOR opportunity to get the city buzzing about them. Hopefully, they can grab it..

I know it was only preseason but the Sixers did surprisingly show good chemistry. I thought that was going to be an issue in the early part of the season. Any line-up Collins ran out there they seemed to understand each other. The spacing was good and the ball movement was solid. The chemistry issue might still crop up a few times in the early going. There are a lot of new faces.

Obviously, the biggest concern and it might make me cry is Bynum’s knee’s. Please don’t be damage goods. Please don’t be damage goods. Maybe by me saying that more than once will help. Some reports think that Bynum is OK. That the Sixers are just holding him out to let the procedure he had done do its job fully. Others are stating that he might be damage goods. Seriously, I might cry if he is.

Here is a breakdown of the roster..

Holiday: The 22 year-old seems to be primed for a breakout season. There were reports outs during this past summer on how good he looked going against Team USA in scrimmages before the Olympics started. He also looked very good in preseason. Does he take the next step?

Turner: Anyone who has read my posts before knows about my “Man- Crush” with him. There is no more excuse for him. “Iggy” is gone and Doug has finally given a full opportunity. It is ‘Boom or Bust” this year for my boy.

Bynum: Knees, Knees and Knees. Like I said before hopefully he is not damage goods. He could be the corner stone of this franchise for years to come. The latest reports are that he doing some things on the side.

Hawes: Not a big fan of Hawes. He gets pushed around way to easily down low. I have never seen any other seven-footer shot so many DAMN floaters. I will give him this he has the skill set to fit nicely with Bynum. He is solid high post player. Hawes, please get rid of that mullet…

Lavoy: He seemed to pick up right where he left from last years playoff in the preseason. He is strong defensively and offensively he is improving. I got my wish with him starting. Unfortunately, he is the starting “C” and not the starting ‘PF’.

Thad: Thad is going to be Thad. He brings a ton of energy and craftiness around the basket. He is a heart and soul player. Rather have him off the bench though. Thad wears down against the big boys down-low.

J-Rich: He needs to be that veteran influence on this team. That he will be. He also has some game left and still can knock down the long-ball.

N. Young: The “boy” can flat-out score. He made it look easy in the preseason. His shot selection can be a question at times. I say that nicely.. Collins will have to keep him in check.

Wayns: Thank God he can play. Really did not want Ivey as the back-up PG. No, thank you. Sixers might have found themselves a “Diamond on the Rough”. He can fly with ball and has nice vision..

Wright: Speaking of surprises, he definitely is one. I knew he could knock down the three-ball but he actually showed the ability to put the ball on the floor as well.

Kwame: Well, I guess as a fourth big-man (once Bynum gets back) he is not that bad. It does not feel right to give him any other praise.

Moultrie: Will get some minutes here and there, while Bynum is out. He will likely be on the bench learning this year.

Wilkins/Ivey: Do I really have to talk about these guys?

Final Statement..

This team has little bit of everything. They can run the floor, defend, half-court offense (once Bynum is back), and they can shoot the ball. Could there be an Eastern Conference Finals run in them? If Bynum comes back and is healthy there could be. Prediction for wins is 47…


WAG Wednesday…Gemma Atkinson

WAG stands for Wives And Girlfriend’s and every Wednesday we bring you the hottest WAGs of professional athletes from all sports across the world. This weeks WAG is Gemma Atkinson. Atkinson rose to fame playing Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks, a long-running teenage British television soap opera. Atkinson is also a glamour model and has appeared in provocative photoshoots in lingerie and swimwear, for men’s magazines such as Arena, FHM, Loaded, Maxim, Zoo and Nuts. Atkinson has dated Cristiano Ronaldo. There is a lot of nice pictures of her so here is a link to her top twenty pic’s.

Week 8…Little Angry Elf vs Dark Helmet..Their NFL picks!!

The Little Angry Elf is on fire the past 3 weeks. He has gone 8-1 in that time. He also has signed a deal to be the spoke person for the beer that El Diablo put out this week, Troegs Mad Elf. He does not look so angry anymore. Well, Dark Helmet finally got his twitter account back and his “schwartz” is looking better. His picks? That is a different story..


Dark Helmet          Little Angry Elf

11-9-1                         12-7-2

Little Angry Elf..


Panthers +8...While the Panthers are pitiful and Cam is the bum I thought he was, I see a Cutler turnover game coming. Jay isn’t elite. He has been trying his best to fool everyone and his true colors will show.


Eagles -3Vick’s puppy day care will come up big and out-duel Matty “Ice” in this playoff atmosphere showdown. Look for Eagles to establish the run early.


Cowboys +3... America’s team will flex their muscles and once again and knock Eli off his overrated throne. Cowboys are missing one of the best MLB’s in the game in Lee. Stud running back Murray and back up Felix Jones also out. Yet, my gut says to take the Cowboys at Jerryland. I just can’t put faith in Eli. Sorry, can’t do it.

Dark Helmet..


Packers (Over 45.5)…I don’t see the Jags winning without Jones Drew this week and QB Gabbart hurt his non-throwing arm or something last week (who cares), soooo yea there done. AR12 has been on fire the last few weeks…Pack easy.


Giants (-2.5)...Big NFC East Showdown. Eli seem to be on a mission & you can count on him to make plays when it counts. The G Men are clicking on all cylinders. They can’t afford to lose to the Boys’ twice. Romo & his offense have to be more effective,there defense has saved them enough. I believe they will not be enough this time. G-Men with the “W” in this close affair.


Falcons (+3)...I’m really not a fan of the Dirty Birds because of them being one of the best “regular” season teams the last few yrs. I just can’t see them losing to this inconsistent Eagles team. Roddy & Julio are gamers & Ryan has Gonzales to depend on in the red-zone  Now the Eagles have to change what they do on both sides of the ball to have a chance. But I got the Falcons in this one..They will hand Reid his 1st loss after the bye. DARK HELMET SIGNING OFF…..

Contributors.. @block_TLP and @fawkingpawsy     Brian Lockett and Brandon Bramanti

Sixers Balls..Evan Turner for James Harden? I would have to say GOOD-BYE to my “Man Crush’..


Well, pretend I did not write this. As soon as I got done posting this article  this happen..

It’s official. Harden, Aldrich and Cook to Houston for Jeremy Lamb, Kevin Martin and multiple first round picks.

What Assholes…

So with the reports out of James Harden turning down OKC here is something to think about. How about Turner for Harden? One of the peeps I follow on twitter @BlitzMagPrez (a good follow) brought up that question and it’s a very interesting one. Would the Sixers be willing to give up on Turner already? If they are the Sixers would have to give up more than just Turner for Harden. The Sixers would likely have to give up another player or a pick. If you don’t know about my “Man Crush” on Turner you do now.

I believe in Evan. Yes, I know he has not done that much to earn that status from me. I just can’t help it. Man, I sound like a stalker. Oh, well.. Harden is the better player as of right now. He is a better shooter and finisher then Turner.

I know some people will look at Harden’s struggles in the finals and think that he choked. I don’t think he did. To me it looked like he just ran out of gas. Plus, Harden was unbelievable against the Spurs in the West Conference Finals.

Harden like Bynum has some question marks. Has playing with Durant and Westbrook made him look better? Maybe.. Can he be the go-to guy? I think he could. Even with these questions I still would say yes to this deal. Sorry, Evan.. Royce Young of CBSSportsline breaks it down..

Harden, 23, recently turned down a four-year offer worth about $52 million, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Harden, last season’s Sixth Man of the Year, has been pushing for a maximum contract extension of four years, $60 million.As the Thunder did in Serge Ibaka‘s four-year, nearly $50 million contract extension, sources said management will try to sell Harden on incentive clauses that could get his deal closer to the $60 million he wants.

Honestly, I don’t think Harden is a MAX deal player. That is where the hard part comes in. The Sixers would have to over pay. Unfortunately, that is how this league works. Young continues..

 While a lot of executives around the league do believe the Thunder would explore trades for Harden if he’s not signed by the 31st, that appears very unlikely to me. Breaking up the Thunder at the Feb. 21 deadline would be a mighty risk

Let’s make this fun… The deal happens and the Sixers would have  Holiday, Harden and Bynum to build around. I kind of like how that sounds..

One last thing, say that OKC calls about Holiday instead. They want him and another player/pick for Harden. Say that OKC thinks Westbrook would be better at the “2”. Many people do think that. That would move Turner to point. As of right now, that is Evan’s best position in the NBA..

Sixers Balls..The “Three-Ball” is finally here! And a Rex Walters shout-out..

We all know how this team is built right now that they will live by the “three’ and die by the “three”. Of course I rather them get to the rack more but I will take it for now. The Sixers actually can knock down the “three-ball”. I can’t remember the last time I could even say that. I don’t think I ever could. The three-ball has never really been part of this franchise.

I remember watching other teams in recent years just knocking them down left and right. I always thought to myself, why can’t the Sixers ever do this? Even going back to the glory days with Iverson (31% career), the Sixers could not really shoot “three-ball” then either.

Yes, they have had some guys that could shoot. Kyle “Sniper” Korver (41% career) and Aaron McKie (35% career) both could knock down the three-ball with regularity. They had guys here for brief stints, who became solid from down-town after they left. That would be Bruce Bowen (39% career) and Raja Bell (40% career).

The Sixers simply have not had this many players on the team at the same time that could knock down the three-ball maybe ever. When can go back to the Hersey Hawkins and Johnny Dawkins days when they were running around with the Sixers logo on. Can’t really go back to Dr. J’s era though. They just did not shoot the “three-ball” back then. Three pointers did not start to count until the 1979-80 season in the NBA. Johnny Dawkins (33% career) couldn’t really shoot the three-ball. So I lied about that one. Hersey could let in fly though (39% career). One of my favorite players of all-time Scott Brooks could knock it down (37% career).

The Sixers had for a couple of years the combo of Jeff Hornacek (40% career) and “My Man” Dana Barros (41% career) in the early 90′s. Willie Burton (34% career) shot 38% in the one year (94-95) he played here. That dude holds the “Spectrum” record for points scored in a single for a Sixer with 53 points. Can’t get anymore random then that. Well, I think I am about too.

The mid 90′s had Stackhouse (30% career) jacked them up, even though he could not shoot the DAMN thing. Rex Walters (36% career) shot the three-ball decent. Do you remember that near TRIPLE-DOUBLE he had? He was one rebound short (27 points, 11 assists and 9 rebounds against Boston in 1997). That is the only reason why I brought up Walters. That random-ass near TRIPLE-DOUBLE he almost had. Don’t really know why I remember that.

I am trying to have fun with this. I mean, I could go play with on coming traffic because of the Bynum situation. I will try not to do that. The combination of J-Rich (37% career), Wright (37% career), Nick Young (38% career), Holiday (37% career) who is only getting better are the best this franchise has ever had on team at the same time. Even Evan Turner (26% career). Kidding… Relax, though I wish I wasn’t.

Those days of watching other teams knock down the “three-ball” are over. The Sixers are finally consider a solid outside shooting team (38% as team ranks them 7th in the league). I am just happy that we can finally knock them down.

Andy’s Day Care…Eagles/Falcons..Quick Hits..

So you have an undefeated team coming into town. On the other end you have a talented team that just can’t put anything together. There are many reasons for that Vick (turnovers), O-line, play calling (Big Red), and late 4th quarter break downs. So what did the Reid do over the bye week to help out the Eagles?

Well, he fired a guy that had no experience since high school on the defensive side of the ball. I actually felt a little bad for Castillo. As we all know, Andy should have never put him in that spot in the first place. Hello, Todd Bowles… Moving on..

Matt Ryan (home town boy) is quickly becoming one of the best QB’s in the game. He might be already. He is fourth in the NFL with a 98.8 QB rating. He has also thrown for 1756 yards 14 TD’s and 6 picks. Asante Samuel is looking forward to this game big-time. He actually thinks he is going to get cheered. Just for thinking that he will likely get booed..


– Offense overall ranking (15th)

– Passing (20th) and Rushing (14th)

– 3rd down conversions (13th). They are 36-87 (41.4%)

– Defense Overall ranking (8th)

– Against the Pass (10th) and Against the Run (11th)

– 3rd down conversions against (3rd). Opp are 23-79 (29.1%)


– Offense overall ranking (23rd)

– Passing (15th) and Rushing (30th)

– 3rd down conversions (5th). They are 34-75 (36.5%)

– Defense Overall ranking (17th)

– Against the Pass (8th) and Against the Run (23rd)

– 3rd down conversions against (21st). Opp are 30-72 (41.7%)


The Falcons have not beaten a winning team yet. They needed to rally late to beat the Panthers and Raiders at home. 6-0 is still 6-0 but Andy has never lost a game coming off the bye.

It should be fun to watch DRC and Nnamdi go against White and Jones. The one thing that will help out the Birds this week is Todd Bowles and his brand new scheme. There is no film on his scheme obviously. Mike can you please hold on to the ball this week? I think ‘Big Red” stays undefeated after the bye..

Eagles 24  Falcons 17

El Diablo’s choice for your Weekend pleasure is…Troegs Mad Elf Beer..

He is baaaack!! El Diablo was on a bye last week. He said since the Eagles were on the bye it would be a perfect time for him to get a new hat and grow mustache. He did just that..

El Diablo’s choice of beverage for your weekend is …Troegs Mad Elf.

His reasoning..”Shit is like liquid gold”. Well, then…Here is the review.

Contributor:   Pat Hickman   @pathickman

Andy’s Day Care…I might be done with Vick…

I am not going to lie I am tired as hell of Mike Vick. I am tired of the turnovers. I am tired of his inconsistencies of reading the blitz. For example, in the Cardinals game safety Kerry Rhodes was up at the line ready to blitz. Vick said, “Yes, I saw him at the line.” OK, then.. Why not bother to look again to see if he is actually coming? The result, a 90+ yard fumble return for a TD. The dude is a turnover machine. He has 30 fumbles (12 fumbles lost) and 28 picks in his Eagles career.

Listen, I know that the O-line is a hot mess right now. Would I like to see Foles? Yes.. Is he the answer to the Eagles problems offensively? I have no clue. I also no that “Big Red’ and his playing calling is a major issue as well. I think we can all agree that the Eagles need to just throw away the play action play call for the first play of the game? For the love of God, everyone in the world knows you are not running the ball. It’s the same DAMN play you have run for about ten years straight.

Of course I write this after Vick has shown improvement reading the blitz.Sheil Kapadia of breaks it down..

 In the last three games (while the offense has still had plenty of issues), the Eagles have done damage against the blitz. Just look at the numbers. Vick is 29-for-42 for 405 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions against extra pressure. That’s a 69 percent completion percentage and 9.6 yards-per-attempt.

OK, fine. He is improving some. But how long will that last? In the first three games Vick completed only 18 of 46 passes for 337 yards against the blitz and did not throw a TD or a pick.  Last season he threw six touchdowns to 11 interceptions (via.. Bleacher Report). His completion percentage was at just 56.7 and his passer rating of 65.5 put him between the NFL’s worst against the blitz.  Can we say that Vick has finally solved the blitz? Most likely no…

I have heard people say that Vick needs to run more, that the Eagles are using him wrong. They are trying to make him a pocket passer. Let him be the player he was for the Falcons.  The thing is Mike is not the same player he was in the ATL. Teams are not as scared of him running as they used to be. He simply does not have that elite speed anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, Mike still can make plays with his legs but players are catching him more.

For example, he has rushed 41 times for 205 yards; average 5.o yards a carry (a career low) this year. His career average is 7.0 yards a carry. He averaged 4.0 yards a carry in 2009 but he played briefly in his first year as an Eagle. I am telling you Vick running is not the answer.

So what is the answer? The answer should be for Vick to finally learn to how be a pocket passer. I personally think he will never be one. The O- line is an issue but even when Vick has time he still makes bonehead plays. I love when he throws the ball up in the air when he is about to get hit. I guess he figures someone will catch it.

The bottom line is that Mike is 32 years old. If does not get it now he most likely never will. The funny thing is that I hope he proves me wrong. I will give him this he is one of toughest dudes I have ever seen. Man, he can take a hit..

Sixers Balls.. Everywhere you look there is no love for the Sixers/Turner another year..


I truly thought that the Sixers would finally get some love around the NBA. I was wrong with the NBA GM’s and now you can put in Sports Illustrated in there as well. This week’s SI is the NBA preview edition and they have the Sixers finishing 4th in Atlantic, 8th in East and the Knicks in the conference finals.

I really just don’t understand it. Don’t get me wrong I love the underdog role, as Philly fans we embrace that role. I just find it very odd that the Sixers acquire the second best “Big-Man” in the game and they add players who can finally knock down an open jumper, though still no love.

One of the things that don’t make any sense to me is that all of the so-called “experts” are on the Knicks bandwagon. Am I missing something? They still look like the same old team to me. All “O” and no “D”.  Melo, Amare and J.R. Smith as your leaders? Sorry, that is not going to work..

The oddest thing for me is that the one guy I can not stand is the only one on board with the Sixers. That would be Skip Bayless. Seriously, I hate agreeing with this guy.  Half of the time he is talking out of his ass.  I should really say about 90% of the time he is. Hopefully, I am not starting to think like he does. OK, now I am scared.. Here is a quote from his twitter account.

DWade says Heats’ 1 weakness is lack of height. Eastern Conference newcomer they should be most worried about: 7-foot Andrew Bynum.

Did I say that I hated Skippy Boy?

By the way, the Sixers exercised the fourth year (6.7 mill) on Turner’s contract.