Sixers Balls…..Bynum news/Collins will be hanging around for awhile.

It was media day  for the Sixers today. So obviously, the players/coaches were giving interviews and taking pictures for the wonderful Philly media. I wonder if Marcus Hayes was there? He is the best (sarcasm).

The best picture of the day was Bynum and Kwame Brown together. Kwame looks fat as hell.

Remember it was Brown who taught Bynum everything he knows. Kwame in a interview a couple of months back..

I taught him everything he knows. I told him if you can score on me, you can score on anyone.

Sure you did Kwame, sure you did..

The Sixers did announce that they are shutting down Bynum for 3 weeks. He just had Orthokine therapy in Germany in late September. They are calling it a bone bruise. Basically, they are just playing it safe with Bynum for right now. I think he will be fine but Collins day say that Bynum might not play at all in the preseason.

Nobody is more disappointed than Andrew. He is so champing at the bit to come in here & live up to all the expectations.”  He’s 7-foot-2, 300 pounds. That’s a lot of torque on those legs.” He might not play at all in preseason.

OK, maybe I am worried a little now..

The Sixers also announce that they are bring back Doug Collins for another season. They exercised the coach’s option for the 2013/14 season, according to the team’s director of public relations Michael Preston.

#Sixers Owner Josh Harris announces team has picked up option on Coach Collins’ contract for ’13-14 season.

We all knew that Doug was not going anywhere. This ownership is in love with him. It also looks like he might move right into the front office when he is done coaching, according Tom Moore of

On a side note, I would like to inform you that I will be writing for  I will be helping them out with Sixers coverage. So if you love my grammar here you will definitely love it for them.


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