Sixers Balls…Who will start next to Bynum? First up Spencer Hawes…

There are two positions up for grabs on this team shooting-guard and power-forward. Some might think that there are three positions up for grabs. Sorry, my “Man Crush’ Evan Turner will be the starting small-forward.  I don’t care what anyone else thinks. So there’s that.

With that said, I figure to give the pros and cons of each of the players that are vying for that spot next to ‘Sir’ Bynum. Yes, Bynum is knight now. Well, he is my knight in shining armor. The players that I would be referring to are Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen and Thad Young.  So first up is Spencer Hawes..


When it comes down to it Spencer actually has the best skill set to play next to Bynum. I hate even saying this but Hawes is a solid high-post player. When the Sixers half-court offense was at it’s best last year it was because of Spencer. They would run the offense through him having players run back-door cuts off of him, making good use of his passing skills. He was also decent with the pick and roll. He does have a solid jumper for a big-man. And with Bynum around he is only going to get better looks. Bynum controlling the low-post and Hawes controlling the high-post. Something about Spencer controlling anything does not seem right. I feel dirty just saying that.


Well, how can say this nicely? Hawes is “Mr. Softy’. I do love the vanilla cone dipped in chocolate that he carries. He gets pushed around to easily down-low. After that 20 game mirage he put up in the early part of last year he came back down to earth. I never seen any other seven-footer try to shoot “floaters” so much. At least try to dunk it, Spence. I don’t care if you miss it; just go strong at the rim. The biggest concern is on the defensive side. Most power-forwards now a days are very athletic and have a small-forwards skill set. One of the better examples is Josh Smith. Do you want Hawes guarding Smith?  No thank you to that.

Chances of starting?

I would say hell no. Obviously, it is not up to me and Doug thinks Hawes can be more like Pau Gasol.  He funny..It seems that Hawes has the inside track as of now.

Until next time, you stay classy Philadelphia..


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