MLB…MVP Debate

Miguel Cabrera has stepped into rarified air this season. For the first time in 45 years there is a Triple Crown winner in Major League Baseball and I’m glad it was Cabrera who finally ended the drought. Cabrera is one of those players who for as good as he is he’s seemingly under appreciated on a national level. Even this astonishing accomplishment hasn’t received as much coverage as it is due having had to compete with a heated wild card race and the presidential election.

People are even still debating whether or not Cabrera should be MVP. He is competing with rookie phenom Mike Trout who I love and who had an MVP worthy season but in my opinion Cabrera is more deserving of the award. Although Cabrera out performed Trout in average(.330), RBI’s(139) and HR’s(44) Trout led the majors in steals (49)and runs(129) scored. Trout’s average and HR totals were impressive as well, batting .326 and hitting 30 bombs. If you want to count defense Trout had only 4 errors compared to Cabrera’s 13 but Miguel moved back to third base to help the team after the acquisition of Prince Fielder.

The main statistic that is driving the debate a relatively new one called WAR which stands for Wins Against Replacement. It is a stat that is supposed to represent a players all around contribution to a teams success. Trout’s WAR was 10.7 the highest in the majors while Cabrera’s was 6.9. These are the type of stats made as an attempt to look deeper into the game but in that attempt these saber nerds forget to use there eyes.

If Trout does win MVP it will not be the first time the Triple Crown winner doesn’t also win MVP. In 1931 the MVP award was introduced and there were nine Triple Crown winners after that only five have also won MVP. Chuck Klein of the Phillies fell victim to this along with Lou Gehrig and Ted Williams twice in 1942 and 1947. Miggy is an MVP caliber player but has yet to win one.

Every year Cabrera has consistently hit for power and average. In his ten year career only twice has he not reached 30 homers and one of those years was his rookie season in which he played 87 games. His rookie season is also the only year he failed to reach 100 RBI’s and also one of only two seasons in which he didn’t play at least 157 games. With all that being said he is only 29 years old. This is the year Miggy deserves to win.


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