Sixers Balls…Who starts next to Bynum?..Part 3..Lavoy Allen..

There might be another player Doug is looking at to start next to Bynum, but I really don’t care. I am going with three players that are vying for the power-forward spot. By the way, I am sitting here writing this post and watching a preseason game between Chicago and Memphis. One of the announcers for the Bulls just called Nazr Mohammed “crazy” Nazr after he made a tip -in. Yup, that Nazr he is crazy. Well, there is a first for everything..

With that said, the last player up is Lavoy Allen. Lets begin…


I just flat-out loved what I saw from him during last year’s playoff run, especially against the Celtics. Say what you want, KG even at his age was still playing at a high-level last year and Lavoy went toe-toe with him. Even ESPN gave Allen some love. He had the biggest jump in their rankings out of any player. He was Mr. Irrelevant last year #500 and he was #232 this year. Allen’s game is a nice complement to Bynum. They also both can be physical on the defensive end. Allen also has a nice pick and pop game. Hey man, Lavoy was at his best in the biggest time of the year..


Was last year’s playoff performance real? It really did come out of nowhere. Lavoy in 25 games last year did not even see a single minute of a game. So what gives? All of sudden he looks like a solid starting power-forward? Maybe, it was a nice little hot-streak he was on during the playoffs. He does have the tools to be a starting PF though. He needs to show that he can do it more than just in a 7 game stretch.

Chances of Starting?..

Listen, I would take him or Thad over Hawes any day as my starting power-forward. For some reason I think Allen can play. I know I am basing my opinion on a 7-10 game stretch but I was that impressed. If it was up to me Lavoy would be my starting PF.


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