Sixers Balls..NBA GM’s could care less about the Sixers..

Well, I would have thought that the Sixers would get some love from opposing GM’s. Not happening…In the annual GM poll the Sixers were only picked by two GM’s to win the Atlantic. The Celtics got 66.7% of the votes. Brooklyn and New York got 13.3%. The Sixers got 6.7% in the division voting.

You think that DiLeo was one of the votes? Nope, GM’s were not aloud to vote for their teams. I guess the Bynum trade did not mean a thing. Obviously, most GM’s think that the Sixers will finish fourth. Ouch..

I am not a believer in any team with Melo as their leader. I love D-Will but Joe Johnson? I guess most of the GM’s have not seen him play in two years. He is not the same player. Boston makes sense. I know they are an aging team but Rondo is top 5 PG and Garnett seems to have some game left in him. Pierce still can knock down tough shots.

The biggest surprise was when the GM’s were asked “Which one player acquisition will make the biggest impact?” Dwight Howard got 70% of the vote. Nash got 20% and Bynum received just one vote. Seriously? Bynum just received one vote? He is coming to a franchise that has been dying to have an impact player again.

Dwight might be the best center in the league but Bynum is the best offensive center and is no push-over on the defensive end either. Whatever..

They did show Collins some love though. He did finish third with 13.3% of the vote for best coach with in-game adjustments. Pop was first with 40% and Carlisle was second 20%.

Just more motivation. Philly loves to be the underdog..


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  1. […] that the Sixers would finally get some love around the NBA. I was wrong with the NBA GM’s and now you can put in Sports Illustrated in there as well. This week’s SI is the NBA preview […]

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