Philer Up!..Ruf for Granderson? N.Y. writer thinks so..Score one for the Bloggers..


The one thing that I learn since becoming blogger is that any time a journalist gets a chance to bash a blogger they do. I personally love when journalists say, “Bloggers live in their parent’s basement”.  Yup, I have two jobs and a mortgage.  They got me on that one..

I only bring that up because a NY Daily News writer Jon Harper, wrote a column the other day saying that the Yankees should trade Curtis Granderson straight up for Darin Ruf. Now if a “blogger” brought this up it would be like there goes another “dumb-ass” blogger. It’s sad to think that people actually think this guy is an “expert”. By the way, this dude really is serious about it. Here is a quote from him..

Granderson makes a lot of sense for the Phillies, who desperately need power, as well as a center fielder, and they’re still very much in a win-now mode, trying to cash in before their high-priced starting rotation gets too old.

Granderson’s long-ball stroke (84 HRs the last two years) would play as well at Citizen’s Bank Ballpark as it does at Yankee Stadium, and it might help rejuvenate that aging lineup.

Ruf, meanwhile, is a promising young righthanded hitter who put up big numbers as MVP of the Double-A Eastern League, hitting .317 with 38 home runs and 104 RBIs, as well as a 1.028 OPS, and then had an impressive brief stint with the Phillies in September.

At age 26, Ruf is not really a phenom, having developed his power gradually after being a 20th-round pick out of Creighton. The Phillies are converting him from first base to the outfield, and scouts believe he can play a serviceable left field.

The Phillies might be reluctant to deal one of their few highly-touted prospects, but some scouts, pointing to his high strikeout total (102 K’s in Double-A) aren’t sold that Ruf will be able to put up big numbers against major league pitching. And Granderson could be a long-term answer in center for the Phillies if they’re willing to commit financially.


I am just tired of hearing that bloggers are the “Poor Man’s” journalist. Bloggers work hard and most do it for free or very little money at all. They do it because the love it.  You want to know why news papers are struggling?  Guys like Harper and Marcus Hayes (could not resist) are writing for them. Score one for the Bloggers…

By the way, I hope the Yankees are dumb enough to do this trade…..


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