Sixers Balls..Bynum Update..

OK, maybe I am just a tad bit nervous about Bynum.  I think he should be fine but its just that the Sixers finally have prime -time player in his prime I just don’t want to see it get screwed up. I would likely cry and roll myself into ball for about a week. Seriously…

So we heard today that Bynum experienced some dis-comfort in his knee. I have discomfort just saying that.  Obviously, today was the target date for his return to practice. The Sixers have announced that he is out indefinitely. Here is some of what DiLeo had to say..

“It’s just a healing process,” general manager Tony DiLeo said. “When it heals, it heals.” “We are going to hold him from basketball related activities until he is pain-free,” DiLeo said. “He is improving so it is nothing new, but it is something that is not completely healed, so we are going to hold him out until he is pain-free.
“He is a big investment for our team so we want to be cautious and we want to make sure, especially at the beginning of the season that it is healed and we can put him out on the court at the right time.” via CSNPHILLY

Understood Tony. It makes sense. He is a big investment for this team and there is no need to rush him back.  Tony don’t you be a lying to me..

Here is some of what Bynum had to say..

“It is progressively getting better,” Bynum said. “I am not as sore. They are being cautious. The doctors, the team, we are all cautious because we want to avoid any kind of setback. That is where we are. I am being reevaluated and I will be alright.”

OK, I feel better… Bynum continued..

“I have carried a certain amount of swelling in the past but it has always resolved itself and I have always been able to play,” he said. “Last year, I was able to play every game after my suspension so I am confident that this issue will be resolved. Give it time to heal and it’ll be alright.” via CSNPHILLY

So as of now Bynum likely out for the opener. It was just the preseason but this team has shown chemistry already. Best case scenario, Bynum misses the first week or two. Worst case scenario, the sky is falling…


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