Andy’s Day Care…Eagles/Falcons..Quick Hits..

So you have an undefeated team coming into town. On the other end you have a talented team that just can’t put anything together. There are many reasons for that Vick (turnovers), O-line, play calling (Big Red), and late 4th quarter break downs. So what did the Reid do over the bye week to help out the Eagles?

Well, he fired a guy that had no experience since high school on the defensive side of the ball. I actually felt a little bad for Castillo. As we all know, Andy should have never put him in that spot in the first place. Hello, Todd Bowles… Moving on..

Matt Ryan (home town boy) is quickly becoming one of the best QB’s in the game. He might be already. He is fourth in the NFL with a 98.8 QB rating. He has also thrown for 1756 yards 14 TD’s and 6 picks. Asante Samuel is looking forward to this game big-time. He actually thinks he is going to get cheered. Just for thinking that he will likely get booed..


– Offense overall ranking (15th)

– Passing (20th) and Rushing (14th)

– 3rd down conversions (13th). They are 36-87 (41.4%)

– Defense Overall ranking (8th)

– Against the Pass (10th) and Against the Run (11th)

– 3rd down conversions against (3rd). Opp are 23-79 (29.1%)


– Offense overall ranking (23rd)

– Passing (15th) and Rushing (30th)

– 3rd down conversions (5th). They are 34-75 (36.5%)

– Defense Overall ranking (17th)

– Against the Pass (8th) and Against the Run (23rd)

– 3rd down conversions against (21st). Opp are 30-72 (41.7%)


The Falcons have not beaten a winning team yet. They needed to rally late to beat the Panthers and Raiders at home. 6-0 is still 6-0 but Andy has never lost a game coming off the bye.

It should be fun to watch DRC and Nnamdi go against White and Jones. The one thing that will help out the Birds this week is Todd Bowles and his brand new scheme. There is no film on his scheme obviously. Mike can you please hold on to the ball this week? I think ‘Big Red” stays undefeated after the bye..

Eagles 24  Falcons 17


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