Sixers Balls..”Iggy” like us…

So Iggy does like us. This comes a day after he said that he did not really care if the fans booed him or not. He also said a couple of weeks back that the “past 2 years have been the toughest in his playing career.” Well, that was about Collins.

The bottom line is that he was solid player here. He could do a little bit of everything on the court. The Sixers tried to tell us that he was a franchise player early on in his career. Obviously, he was not.

Dre always had an up/down relation with the fans here. Most pure basketball fans liked him, while the casual fan did not. He went out on high note here so I think he will get cheered. Then again…

Here is the thank you letter from him..courtesy of


I would like to take the time to thank you and all your devoted sports fans for the passion, loyalty and spirit that you gave to me during my eight seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Thanks as well to the 76ers organization, who gave me the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream of playing in the NBA and provided me with a great front office of dedicated people to work with. I would also like to thank all the coaches, trainers and teammates that I was blessed to compete along side and build lasting relationships with here.

Tonight I begin a new chapter in my career but I will always share my accomplishments with the city and the organization and I thank you both for all that you have done for me.


Andre Iguodala

Smart dude. He used his website instead of a billboard. Racking up them web hits…


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