Week 9..Little Angry Elf vs Dark Helmet..Their NFL Picks!!

The Little Angry Elf’s hot streak has come to an end. After going 8-1 in his last 9 games he went 1-2 last week. Overall, he is still pretty solid over the past 4 weeks (9-3). I love how he calls out Dark Helmet this week and he refers to himself in the “Third-Person”.

I think Dark Helmet was hammered when he made his picks this week. He called himself “Dark Knight” and he also said that the Giants and Steelers have a combined 4 rings. Actually, that would be 10 rings combined “Mr Knight”. He did go 2-1 last week somehow..


Dark Helmet          Little Angry Elf

13-10-1                         13-9-2

Little Angry Elf..


 Lions -5.. I feel the Lions are finally getting it together. the Jaguars are terrible and pretty sure id take Alabama over them too. Jags just have no tale or coaching and should be a fun week for Detroit in a laugher.


Bengals +4.5.. Falling in love with Dalton to A.J Green. Don’t feel like Denver defense can slow them down. Manning has been playing out of his mind but  I see him having a little hiccup this week against a pretty solid Bengals team.


Cowboys +4...Being undefeated brings a lot of pressure and I think this week will see an average Falcon steam lose. The Cowboys are overrated but are still a competitive team who should pose a problem for the Falcons who are yet to beat a winning team this season. Should be a fierce battle but Dallas will make enough plays in the end to survive. 34-30 Dallas.

 As a bonus pick the Angry Elf wants to take a stab at Dark Helmet’s heart and take whoever the Jazz (NBA) play next! That would be the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday Night..

Dark Helmet..


Bears (-3.5)…Brandon Marshall will continue being effective. Nobody on the Titans can stop em, only his QB Cutler can. I see the Bears taking this one still.


Giants (-3) …4 rings between them. Should be a tight game. I will never bet against Eli, he’s too good late in the game to go against him in a one possession type of game which I see happening here.


Eagles (+3)…I see Vick go back to what he does best and that is run wild when he needs to. The Saints have been playing pretty good over the last few weeks, but the Eagles & Vick needs this win more than ever. I see them taking this one in NO on MNF.   DARK KNIGHT SIGNING OFF….

Contributors.. @block_TLP and @fawkingpawsy     Brian Lockett and Brandon Bramanti


6 responses

  1. Mannn u know I meant that Roth & Eli combined for 4 rings & u could of fixed the Dark Helmet thing…u sold me out!!!! I was rushing tho lol

  2. Hey chump…goodluck w/ your picks…my Jazz will win on Monday too boi!

    1. skiptebowbramanti | Reply

      lmao good luck man. this week im going to return to perfection. figured i was showin off there past few weeks and threw u a bone last week!! figured id let u catch up a lil bit 😛

  3. Haha…watch me work young!!!

  4. Another 1-2 week bro…where’s my competition?!?!

    1. skiptebowbramanti | Reply

      i had better week then ur 1-2. im 2-2 grizzlies beat those jazz. yea angry elf covers all sports. u hear me philly tugger im a 4 for 4 guy!!

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