Andy’s Day Care…I have become numb. I never thought that would happen..

This is all new to me. During Monday night’s game I found myself not getting mad at the 99 yard “Pick-Six”. I did not get mad about how Vick was sacked a 100 times or how the Eagles turned the league’s worst “D” into the league’s best “D” over night. I found myself not even cheering as Brandon Graham (all I can think of Earl Thomas and Pierre Paul when I say his name) forced a fumble or when D-Jax ran his way to a 77 yard TD just a couple of plays later.

I had nothing. This team has made me numb. I never thought that would happen to me. For the love God, my basement is covered with Eagles shit. Yes, I will call it shit for right now. I am just tired of Vick. I am tired of Andy and how he just keeps making the same mistakes (play-calling and time management) over and over. It’s Groundhog’s Day every “GOD DAMN” week. OK, maybe I am not totally numb. I am basically there though.

Maybe we should bring back Juan Castillo? That was the last time the O-Line could block someone, when Juan was the O-line coach. As for the defense, they all look like shit. There is no bright spot other than having Mike Patterson coming back to the team.

Jason Babin, Mike Vick, Andy Reid, Marty Mornhinweg, Nnamdi and Cullen Jenkins, you can all leave Philadelphia now. I probably left someone out.

Just for fun let’s recap the past 2 weeks…

  • Vick came out after the loss to the Falcons two weeks ago sounding like a beaten man. Basically, asking “Big Red” to bench him.
  • Then you have reports that Foles will start against the Saints.
  • Then reports come out that Vick is starting again.
  • You can throw in a player’s only meeting.
  • Vick switching back to his visor. (That helped)
  • Babin calling out fans on twitter.
  • Reid gives his approval of Vick as the starter.
  • Vick blames the “Media” for some of the Eagles issues. (Awesome)
  • Marcus Vick flips out on twitter about wanting his brother traded, then apologies. (Funny as hell)
  • Roseman secretly got a contract extension back in June for 5 years that nobody knows about. (Sneaky bastards)
  • Vick is named the starter against the Cowboys.
  • Herremans likely out for the rest of the year. ( Time to hold an open tryout to the public)

Hold on for a second. Let me catch my breath. Alright, I am cool now.. I saw someone tweet that this year’s team is paying for 14 years of frustration. I would say that is half-true. The Eagles are 3-5. That has nothing to do with the past; especially when you hear in every interview from the players that they have the talent to win. I would say that the talent is overrated. No excuse peeps. No excuses..


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