Sixers Balls…Some early thoughts and numbers

Well, after a rough back to back (the Knicks bullied, bitched slapped, bent the Sixers over their knees), the Sixers start their first road trip of the year tonight against the Hornets.  I was pumped up to watch Anthony “The Brow” Davis but he is out with minor concussion. Davis has looked good in the early going even though he has only played 2 games so far. Davis is averaging 14.5 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.5 blocks. The kid can play..

I know its only 3 games in but I figured to give some breakdown of some players just because I feel like writing something about the Sixers. No, I am not John Mitchell and his trends after just one game. So leave me alone. Here is some numbers and a little break down of some players..

Evan Turner… He is shooting 28% from the floor and is leading the team in rebounding with 8.7 rebounds a game. It’s not looking good for my “man-crush” early on. His body language is awful and he looks completely lost. Stop bitching Evan, play some DAMN ball…

Jrue Holiday… He is averaging 19.3 ppg and averaging 8.7 assists. He is shooting 53% from 3-point land. Jrue is playing at a high-level; unfortunately he is the only one.

Thad Young… He is shooting 52% from the field and is averaging 14.3 ppg. Thad has played well so far. He will always bring that energy. The bad thing is that he has only been to the “charity strip” just 6 times so far. Thad my man, please stop shooting “fade-aways”. Please…

Nick “Swaggy P”… He is shooting 26% from the floor and is shooting 30% from “down-town”. Ummm, this dude just loves to shoot the DAMN ball. I mean from anywhere…

Spencer Hawes… He is averaging 8.7 ppg, 8 rebounds and 1.7 blocks. After the opener where he looked like the new fan-favorite he has not done much. Also after the opener I saw someone write about the “six things to love about Hawes”. Yup, someone really wrote that..

As a Team…

Shooting-  (93-250) 37%                      Opp- (111-249) 44%

Three-point land-  (23-64) 35%          Opp- (28-77) 36%

Foul shooting- (47-57) 82%                 Opp- (35-48) 72%

Never a good sign when you are taking more three-ball’s then free throws..


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