Sixers Balls… Plus/Minus through the first 4 games…

Well, this has not been a pretty start. It really has been ugly as hell. But hey, they are 2-2.  Numbers don’t really mean anything this early on in the season but I was messing around checking out some stats and I found an interesting one, the plus/minus numbers. I actually, started laughing out loud to myself. I know its only 4 games in but this one player’s shit is off the charts..

Positive players on the court…

Holiday- +7

Thad- +17

Lavoy- +6

J-Rich- +7

Kwame- +2

Ivey- +3

Negative players on the court…

Turner- -5

Hawes- -16

Wright- -17

Wilkins- -10

Moultrie- -4

Wayns- -17

N. Young- -43

Now that is why I posted this, “Swaggy P” a minus 43. Wow, just keep firing away Nick. Awesome..


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