Week 10..Little Angry Elf vs Dark Helmet..Their NFL Picks!!

I was starting to think that Angry Elf was becoming big-time. He was on such a hot streak a couple of weeks ago. Well that is gone. He has now gone back to back weeks with a record of 1-2. By the way, thank God he stopped picking Dallas every week to win. I think it’s obvious that he is Cowboys fan. Dark Helmet got his name right!


Dark Helmet          Little Angry Elf

14-12-1                         14-11-2

Dark Helmet..

First off I will not pick the NFC East for at least a month,they are tooooo inconsistent & making me look bad in the process…NOW on to the picks!


Rams (+12) – The Niners to me are overrated and inconsistent on offense at times. This is a divisional game against a tough Jeff Fisher led Ram team. So this game will be close.


Bears (-1.5)– The Bears which have been abusing their opponents lately face possibly the best team in the AFC,the thing is the Bears are home where they usually play well. I see Cutler & Marshall connecting pretty much all day. Bears should take this close one.


Steelers (Under 42)- The Chiefs are just horrible on both sides of the ball. The Steelers are just getting it together midway through the season  which means this game should be handled easily by the Steelers at Heinz Field. DARK HELMET signing off….

Angry Elf..


Jets +6- I think reality has finally kicked Seattle in the face and will lose a squeaker to the Jets to fall to .500. Look for the Jets to pound the ball .

Jets and Seahawks over 37-  It may seem crazy but I see several turnovers by both teams leading to easy points the other way. both defenses are also a little overrated.


Saints +2.5-  The Saints have found their stride and its time someone ruins this Falcons undefeated run. If anyone can do it why not Brees and this quick strike offense. I can’t see anyone goin undefeated again for many years like the Dolphins and Patriots did so I will be going against the Falcons every week until they lose.

Contributors.. @block_TLP and @fawkingpawsy     Brian Lockett and Brandon Bramanti


4 responses

  1. skiptebowbramanti | Reply

    now im really upset. dark helmet went 1-2 last week! hes 14-12 which is behind me not in front!!!!!! man what a low blow to the angry elf. his groin area is throbbing now. ps dark helmet i thought u were down with over unders? lol good luck time to flex my muscles this week

  2. Lol listen here ock, I will not have another losing week again! And I liked my under/over chances this week….I had to do it lol…goodluck champ!

  3. skiptebowbramanti | Reply

    hahaha im done letting u catch up!! i still dont understand ur mystery record must be a obama conspiracy against the caucasian american

  4. Def a conspiracy against u lol..ur 1-2 again!! But I’m 0-1 right now w/ the Bears trailing so its looking like another tough week for us…the NFL is crazy this yr..I’m convinced.

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