Sixers Balls..Andrew Bynum update…Well, maybe..

All has been quite in ‘Bynum’s Land”. Not going to lie it makes me a little nervous. It’s obvious that the Sixers want him as close to 100% as possible before he steps back on the court. Seriously though, no update on him? We have not heard a DAMN thing about him for a couple of weeks now. Bob Cooney of the Daily News wrote about it yesterday. Here is some of what he had to say…

Since we were told on Oct. 24 that all updates on the health of Andrew Bynum would come through DiLeo, I asked him whether he could give an update. I was directed by him to ask public relations director Mike Preston. When asked, Preston said there is no update, so DiLeo wouldn’t be talking. It was the second time during the week reporters asked about the health of the Sixers’ prized possession (the Inquirer’s Bob Ford asked in New Orleans), only to be quickly told both times “no update.”

A little odd considering how this new ownership has been very open with things. Owner Adam Aaron is all over twitter answering questions. Cooney continues..

Now, the ownership has completely dropped the ball in regards to Bynum. The whole situation, with him suffering a bone bruise during a workout before training camp to perhaps being able to practice before the season to not giving regular updates is just wrong. If ownership wanted pats on the back – and it deserved them – when acquiring Bynum, it at least should be up front enough to answer the questions fans want answered about his injury. The only way fans get those answers, of course, is through the media. So what if he is slow recovering from his injury? What’s wrong with saying so? What is wrong with telling the fans the truth?

Cooney is dead on with this. Why would you stop being open all of a sudden? Are they scared of backlash if Bynum is hurt more then they thought? Listen, we knew that Bynum has had injury problems. We Sixers fans knew about the risk in getting him but we still loved the move. You took a shot at changing this franchise that has been stuck in medocricity for a long time. There is no shame in that. Cooney ends with..

Sure, more behind-the-scenes stuff probably goes on than we will never know. And Bynum is looking to get a huge contract, so getting on the court when he is not feeling totally healthy would be a big risk for him. But we don’t know anything, because that’s the way the owners seem to prefer handling this situation.

We’ll let you know as soon as we find out, as soon as ownership realizes that the fans not only want to know what’s going on, they deserve to know.

Well said there Bob. Well said. His article is a must read…


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  1. jumpingpolarbear | Reply

    Always risk involved when it comes to injured big guys. Hope Bynum will be 100%, because he is a beast when he is healthy!

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