Sixers Balls…We got our answer about Bynum..

This was not the news I was looking for. We all were wondering what the hell was up with Bynum. Well, we finally got the answer. Bynum will not play until sometime after Christmas.  You can just say he won’t play until 2013.  Here is the Sixers statement…

 Remain “cautious” in projecting a return-date for the big man, and are “carefully listening to the team of medical professionals who are closely monitoring the healing of Bynum’s knee.”

Worried about giving out an 100 million dollar contract are you. Sixers go on to say..

After a visit with Dr. David W. Altchek of New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery and a new MRI, Bynum was permitted to resume low-impact exercise for two weeks, followed by three weeks of conditioning on an anti-gravity treadmill. If these steps are completed without any setbacks, Bynum will be able to return to basketball-related activity, which would be December 10th.  via cbsphilly

The Sixers also said that it would take Bynum 1 to 4 weeks to get back in playing shape..See you in 2013! By the way, great timing on this Sixers. We were not depressed enough around here with our sports..About that time for Amaro to make a splash..


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