Andy’s Day Care..So Foles right?..(QB situation)

There is only one thing left to watch the Eagles for this year and that is Nick Foles. Seriously, there is no reason to have Vick play another game as an Eagle. I wrote about it before, Vick is 32 years old and he is what he is. His game is not changing and he is not the future of this team. I am not saying Foles is either but it’s time to find out what the kid has. Foles was not great but he was not that awful either.

He did do a good job against the Cowboys’ blitz. He had a  144.0 passer rating against the blitz, completing seven of nine passes for 87 yards and a touchdown. He also threw a “Pick-Six’ that was called back.

Listen, for guy that hasn’t had a rep with the first team since the preseason it was not that bad. He did get rid of the ball quick at least.(All quotes via

Here is what Andy’s was asked right after the game about if Vick was still QB of this team…

“We’ll see how that goes.” He added: “I have to see how Michael is first here.”

Then Reid was hit again with the question..

Mike is the quarterback, yeah. But he’s hurt right now, so I just have to see how he’s doing. Let’s take a little consideration for Michael here.”

I can understand that. Mike looked lost as hell when he was walking off the field. Here is another quote from Andy about Mike’s concussion on Monday…

 “We’ll go through the protocol here, I’ll just tell you it was a pretty good one.  “He’s resting right now,” Reid said. “This period, it’s very important that he rests.”

OK, I gotcha..So is Foles the new starting QB now? Andy’s goes on talking about Foles..

He did a nice job in keeping his eyes down the field when he was under the pressure,” Reid said. “There were a couple plays he’d like to have back. I thought he got the ball out on time. He handled the pressure well when it was in his face.”  

With all that said I have a feeling that Foles will start the rest of the year, though Andy did not come out and say it himself. OK, fine. I am wishing that he becomes the full-time starter even when Mike recovers from his concussion.  Like I said in the beginning there is NO reason to see Vick under center for the rest of the year or ever again. This team is not going anywhere. It’s about the future now and it is time see if Foles will be apart of it…


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