Sixers Balls..I am trying to calm myself down..

The lost against the Bucks on Monday night was one thing but losing to the Pistons? Oh, hell no. Collins said after the game that the team got deflated after shooting poorly. Really? 29% is just shooting poorly? Shooting poorly is like shooting 35% for a game or 38%. When you shoot below 30% against a team that was 0-8 that is PATHETIC Doug.

The biggest problem with team is that they are a jump shooting team. What does a jump shooting team need? A big-man that controls the block and spreads the floor for them to fire away. They built this team around Bynum and obviously he is not playing. Hawes is a pick and pop guy. He gets pushed around if he goes below the foul-line. Lavoy has lost that edge he had in last years playoffs. I thought he would have been better around the basket. Kwame Brown. Enough said. So all that translates into bad shooting(stating the obvious).

Another thing is that they just don’t get to the rack enough.Not many guys can create off the dribble on this team. If they are not shooting well they are screwed. They just don’t ever get to the line. They are ranked 25th in the league in free throw attempts and as a team they are just shooting 40% which ranks them 29th in that category.That is why they rank 28th in scoring at 88.o ppg. Its early but its ugly.

Turner is officially a head case.”Swaggy P” will shoot from anywhere. Hey Swaggy, you need to get to the rim more bro. 29 three-point attempts to just 14 free throw attempts  is not going to cut it when you are shooting 32% from the floor and 27% from the three-point land. Time to man up.

I have read an article about how the bench lacks the energy it had in the past. Well, most of that energy is in the starting lineup right now. That would be Thad Young. I still feel that he should be coming off the bench for that simple reason. Its is very important to have a energy guy on your bench. I have to try to calm myself down a little bit here. It is only 8 games into a season and their best player has yet to suit up.

So we have seen some “highs” (Boston W) and some “lows” (Piston L) so far. Seriously, I feel like they have played a lot more than just 8 games. They have already put me on a emotional roller coaster because of my expectations for this team. Like I said before I just need to chill.  I believe that Bynum will make a huge difference for this team once he gets back.  Hopefully sooner than later. PRETTY PLEASE???? By the way, Bynum’s “Pimp-Juice” is alive and well with that hair style he is rocking..

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