Sixers Balls…Why Bynum?… Why?!?!

Come on, done for the year? Really? This dude may never play a single game for the Sixers? I have seen him smiling and joking on the bench. Well, I guess I would be too, if I was making 16 million dollars this year. I really can’t believe there is a chance that he will never put on a Sixers uniform. This is depressing.

All of that joy and excitement for this season will be all gone if this report is true. The reports comes from Jason Wolf of Here are some of the quotes from his article..

One internationally respected orthopedic surgeon, who is not involved with Bynum’s treatment and has not seen his MRIs, told The News Journal that all of the information that has been released by the player and the Sixers points to a likely diagnosis of osteochondritis dessicans lesions. The surgeon said that if this is the case, there’s a small chance that Bynum’s knees could heal sufficiently on their own in time for him to return for the playoffs this season, but called that scenario “wishing on a star.”

I may start to cry..

“While they can heal non-operatively, they can take a long time [four to six months] to heal, and in adult athletes, frequently they will require surgical intervention at some point if there isn’t adequate healing within the first several months of treatment,” the surgeon said.

This is awful. Just awful. Here is a quote from Bynum..

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Bynum said Friday. “The doctors are pretty much saying I’m in a weakened cartilage state. And we’ll kind of wait, I guess. They’re not giving me anything real definite. I’ve just got to wait for the cartilage to get stronger.”

Well, all I can say at this moment is Happy Thanksgiving Sixers Fans..


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