Andy’s Day Care…Eagles/Panthers..Quick Hits..


The Foles era had a roaring start (sarcasm). The best thing that I saw from Foles was that audible he called at the line by HIMSELF. I never thought I would see an Eagles QB do that. Seriously... He hit Cooper on that quick three step drop on the outside, when the blitz was coming from up the middle. Well after that there was not much anything from him. He was rattled for most of the game because of the O-Line. Foles went 9-24 for 84 yards in the second half. Ouch..

“Big Red” did not help out Foles either by having him drop back 50 plus times. Andy also did not help himself out with having McCoy still in the game with about 2 minutes left. Big Red’s excuse was, “Trying to win the game”. Ummm, you are down 31-6 with 2 minutes and YOU are RUNNING the BALL. Come on bro, you were trying to kill the clock and get the hell out of Washington. Weak…


– Offense overall ranking (14th)

– Passing (15th) and Rushing (11th)

– 3rd down conversions (15th). They are 56-145 (38.6%)

– Defense Overall ranking (14th)

– Against the Pass (12th) and Against the Run (18th)

– 3rd down conversions against (10th). Opp are 45-125 (36%)


– Offense overall ranking (22nd)

– Passing (18th) and Rushing (16th)

– 3rd down conversions (22nd). They are 44-122 (36.1%)

– Defense Overall ranking (22nd)

– Against the Pass (17th) and Against the Run (19th)

– 3rd down conversions against (18th). Opp are 52-136 (38.2%)

The Bottom Line…

Panthers are awful. I feel bad for America that they have to watch both of these teams. Cam’s numbers are way down. He has only 9 passing TD’s this year and only 4 rushing. Last year he had 21 passing TD’s and rushed for 14. It doesn’t look like he will get any where close to those numbers. By the way, what the HELL happen to DeAngelo Williams? Man, he has been awful this year. He is averaging 3.4 yards a carry. Actually, the Eagles could be just what the doctor ordered for him…

Panthers 24     Eagles   14


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