Eagles…An Eagles Die Hard Debut

As a fan of Philly sports I think we all at one point or another have said “dude, I can play better then that”. Especially this Eagles season you gotta think you might be able to play because you know you would play with more heart than these guys. Well one Eagles fan is going to get that chance tonight. Vinny Curry has been a life long Eagles fan and grew up in central Jersey.

He was drafted in the second round by the Birds but hasn’t been active for a game this season. The main reason he hasn’t seen the field is due to depth on the D-line but the other DE’s have been less than impressive. Curry will be one of seven rookies to play in tonights game. Others rookies who were drafted after the second rounder have already contributed to the team and Curry has been vocal about wanting to play. “I’m pretty sure the fans want to know where their [second-round] pick’s at,” Curry said. “I’m wondering the same thing. But it’s damn sure not a talent issue. They have their guys set already. Ankle sprain in the summer, that’s all I could think of.”

Curry and 49ers running back LaMichael James are the only two second round pick that have yet to see playing time. It may be tough for Curry to step in this late in the season and make a big impact. Especially with how badly this team is and no one is sure how many plays Vinny will get. Curry has expressed his excitement about getting to play this week and I think most fans are equally excited to see him play. Hopefully he can be a spark for a team that badly needs a fire lit under its ass. So from one Eagles fan to another I wish Vinny the best of luck.



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