Philer Up!…Not Our Beloved Chooch. Well, Maybe..

Not going to lie, I am not really that surprised by this. Don’t get me wrong I love Chooch, but becoming a .330 hitter at 33 years old makes you think something is up. I guarantee that most of the ball players are taking something. The drug that Ruiz tested positive for was Adderall.

Adderall is a anamphetamine commonly used to control attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The drug helps you focus more. Some people close to me think I need to take these pills. Whatever… Just recently there were NFL players that tested positive for the same thing Richard Sherman of Seattle, Eric Wright of Tampa Bay and Jermaine Cunningham of New England. Here is Chooch’s statement..

”I am sincerely regretful for my mistake in taking a prohibited stimulant,” Ruiz said in a statement issued by the Major League Baseball Players Association. ”I apologize to my teammates, the Phillies organization and the Philadelphia fans. I will serve the imposed 25-game suspension to begin the season and I look forward to returning to the field and working toward bringing a championship back to Philadelphia in 2013.” via FoxSports.

Ruiz can play during spring training though. Here is the Phils statement..

“The Phillies fully support Major League Baseball’s Drug Program. We are disappointed by the news of this violation of the program. We will support Carlos in an appropriate manner and move forward to achieve our goal to play championship-caliber baseball in 2013.”

Chooch hit .325/.394 obp with 16 homers and 32 doubles in 114 games last season. All I am going to say is that Chooch had to steal these pills from Victorino. Vic definitely has ADHD or ADD. He has one them ADD things…


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