Sixers Ball…Short term fix?..”Chunk” puts it perfectly…

Now what? Bynum is nowhere close to coming back. He does love his “Grey Goose Vodka” before games though. My bad, I am not supposed to say that. Inside stuff peeps. Man, this Bynum crap has sucked all the excitement out of the season so far. So I will ask the question again. Now what? The Sixers say they have a plan for life without Bynum. Let me take that back. They never had Bynum. Here is DiLeo’s quote..

“We’re anticipating he’ll be back at some point,” DiLeo said. “We hope he will be back. We have plans for the future if he is not back with us, but we are anticipating this is a short-term thing. We want to plan on him for the long term.” via Tom Moore of

Let me try to read in between the lines here. The Sixers are looking for quick fix. Maybe, I am reading it wrong. I did go to Catholic school for 12 years. Let’s pretend I did read it right. So who is out there for the short-term?

If you are looking at the free agent ‘Big-Men” there is very little. Eddy Curry? That’s funny. Kenyon Martin? Martin should just retire already. Hey, Tony Battie is out there. Sorry, bad joke. The one guy that sticks out is Chris Anderson.

The “Bird-Man” could be interesting. He is an energy player that fans would fall in love with. He is a good rebounder and shot blocker. Last season he averaged 4.6 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in just 15 minutes a game for the Nuggets. He is 34 years old, but still can bring that energy. There is always room on a team for energy players.

Trading options? Well, I don’t see them doing anything big as of right now. The Sixers have to be careful about a trade. The one positive thing about this Bynum mess is that they will have plenty of cap room to play with next summer (leaving Bynum out of it for now) with Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Al Jefferson, and Paul Millsap leading the way for the “Big-Men”. There is no way in hell, that Howard is leaving LA though. I just don’t see it..

I mean Varejao of the Cavs (leads the league in rebounding 14.9 rpg) could be available. But he is making 8.3 million this year and has 3 more years left after this season. No thank you, to that. Jason Maxiell? The Pistons are not going anywhere and his contract is up at the end of this season. He is making 5 million this year. Maxiell is a high-energy guy as well. So for the short-term free agent the winner is Chris Anderson. For the short-term trade the winner is Jason Maxiell.

I am tired just as much as you are about the Sixers bringing in mediocre players over the years. BUT this time it would make sense, CAP ROOM people. The thing that sucks the most right now is that Jrue and Evan are playing very well. Now if only we had a “Big-Man”.

Screw it, just go out and trade for Josh Smith…This is how I really feel about the “Short-Term” fix anyway..




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